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How startups can deal with competition from a strategy and Marketing standpoint
Par Mano Malu (chroniqueur exclusif) - Présidente de Mano Consultant La compétition. En tant qu’entrepreneur, on en a peur. On la surveille. Et c’est vrai il est primordial de connaître son marché et ses compétiteurs afin de se bien positionner. Peur de la compétition Peur de la compétition
There are lots of good reasons to abondon a project Having a little competition is not one of them
Forget about your competitors just focus on your customers
I’ve noticed a tendency of some early stage tech companies to be excessively distracted by what their competitors are doing, or what they think they are doing. Understanding the landscape and differentiating your product – or approach to the market - is of course essential and there could be a number of areas of head-on competition. Competing for key words on Google as key distribution channels are examples of these. Great Entrepreneurs focus on their mission rather than their competitors Great Entrepreneurs focus on their mission rather than their competitors
Laurent Pantanacce: Excellente phrase de Gille...
Last weekend I was at SxSW to give a talk on Startup Pivots at the Lean Startup event held there. It was an excellent event put on by Eric Ries and Dave McClure. All the stars of the game were there; I was honored to be included. I have been trying to decrease the number of startup events that I speak at and attend this year so I can focus all my energy on Performable. Despite this I couldn't turn down the opportunity to share tacos and margaritas with my friends down in Austin. While I was there I experienced something that has happened to me many times before. Indifference is the true Startup Competitor Indifference is the true Startup Competitor
You never want to be completely alone at what you do. Competition is good for everyone.
Competition validates you. It creates a category. It permits the sale to be this or that, not yes or no.