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Veille technologique - AngularJS. Javascript/jQuery. Handlebars.js: Minimal Templating on Steroids. HTML5 Canvas Tutorials. Reveal.js – The HTML Presentation Framework. Géolocalisation en HTML5. Tutoriel issu de ma présentation à la KiwiParty 2011.

Géolocalisation en HTML5

La géolocalisation fait partie des API gravitant autour de HTML5 (Geolocation API Specification) et des nouvelles fonctionnalités introduites par la mobilité. Ses usages sont nombreux et souvent corrélés avec des bases de données de renseignements géographiques : Plans/cartes, calculs de position et d'itinéraires Renseignements locaux en mobilité (points d'intérêts proches) Résultats contextualisés sur les moteurs de recherche Méta-informations jointes aux photos/vidéos De quelles informations a-t-on besoin pour se géolocaliser ? Dans l'espace, trois coordonnées sont nécessaires : Une quatrième coordonnée peut être prise en compte pour les puristes : le temps.

L'API donne aussi accès lorsqu'il y a déplacement à la vitesse et à la direction (en ° par rapport au nord géographique). De quels moyens dispose un navigateur pour se géolocaliser ? Disponibilité de l'API ? L'API repose sur l'objet geolocation membre de navigator. Confidentialité. Stockage des données locales : Web Storage. Nous connaissions les cookies.

Stockage des données locales : Web Storage

Maintenant nous disposons de Web Storage (ou DOM Storage) pour stocker des données locales. Faisons un tour du propriétaire ! Stockage des données dans le navigateur Web Storage est une solution adaptée aux besoins actuels de stockage de données variées, dans le navigateur. 12 Books Every JavaScript Developer Should Read – JavaScript Scene – Medium. I’m a big fan of JavaScript books.

12 Books Every JavaScript Developer Should Read – JavaScript Scene – Medium

Being a long-time learner of JavaScript, I’ve had the pleasure of reading a great many of the popular JavaScript books on the market. These days I tend to skip the ones targeted to rank newbies, but I still read a lot of books intended for JavaScript developers with a little experience. Zero to One: How I mastered JavaScript and how you can too - Hashnode. The State Of JavaScript Developer Survey. The magical disappearing UI framework. PhantomJS.

Jspdf - Generate pdf from HTML in div using Javascript. SUPINFO, École Supérieure d'Informatique. JSPDF, une solution HTML5 coté client, est une librairie open source qui permet de générer des documents PDF depuis son site web.

SUPINFO, École Supérieure d'Informatique

Il est compatible sur les diffférents navigateurs Internet tels que : Chrome, Firefox (3+), Safari (3+), Opera et IE (6+). Il fournit plusieurs fonctionnalités afin de créer divers éléments pour les pages PDF. Elle est disponible en téléchargement gratuit depuis le site officiel de la librairie jspdf. Une fois la librairie téléchargée, il suffit d'inclure le script jspdf.js dans la page html, avec la balise <script></script>, comme ci-dessous : Il est aussi possible de l'installer via les gestions de paquets. bower install jspdf npm install jspdf Une utilisation basique de cette librairie, est de créer un PDF avec du texte et de le sauvegarder. var pdf = new jsPDF(); pdf.text(25, 25, 'Hello world!

') La fonction new jsPDF peut prend plusieurs paramètres, tels que : Are You A 10x JavaScript Developer? We’ve all heard the term “10x Developer” before.

Are You A 10x JavaScript Developer?

And if you haven’t up until this point, consider yourself lucky. As the legend goes, some developers are 10x more productive than their peers. Meaning a single 10x developer could potentially replace a whole team of 10 other developers. Most of us however, have come to associate this term with these three types of jerks: Edit fiddle. Dojo Toolkit. Structurer ma première application NodeJS. Reveal.js. Qu'est ce que JWT Contenu Signature vs chiffrement Retour d'expérience Un standard pour transmettre des clés/valeurs sécurisées standardisées ou non. eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9. eyJCZW5qYW1pbiI6Ik1pcm9uZXIiLCJyb2xlcyI6WyJhZG1pbiJdfQ.


JS-Republic's Blog - A Technical Blog around JavaScript by JS-Republic. GitHub - jollivetc/debugJS at toursjs. JavaScript 30 — Build 30 things with vanilla JS in 30 days with 30 tutorials. GitHub - ryanmcdermott/clean-code-javascript: Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript. - Learn professional JavaScript tools with Tutorial Videos &amp; Training. JavaScript.

How My 10-Year-Old Learned Javascript – Hacker Noon. 230 Curated Resources and Tools for Building Apps with React.js. This post will curate the best resources, tools, libraries, and articles that will help you learn to build production applications with React.js.

230 Curated Resources and Tools for Building Apps with React.js

This 6000 word post will take you from getting started with React, through UI design, routing, testing, deployment, and continuous integration. Explore appendTo’s React Courses Getting Started First off, let’s start at the very beginning. Defining Child Routes · : Angular 2 Training. Angular 2 - #ToursJS. Angular2 - How to use highcharts with angular 2? Angular Material - Introduction. Angular CLI. - Learn professional JavaScript tools with Tutorial Videos & Training. John Papa: John Papa. Tutorial: Tour of Heroes - ts - TUTORIAL. Our grand plan for this tutorial is to build an app to help a staffing agency manage its stable of heroes.

Tutorial: Tour of Heroes - ts - TUTORIAL

Even heroes need to find work. Of course we'll only make a little progress in this tutorial. What we do build will have many of the features we expect to find in a full-blown, data-driven application: acquiring and displaying a list of heroes, editing a selected hero's detail, and navigating among different views of heroic data.

The Tour of Heroes covers the core fundamentals of Angular. We’ll use built-in directives to show/hide elements and display lists of hero data. We’ll learn enough core Angular to get started and gain confidence that Angular can do whatever we need it to do. Run the . The End Game Here's a visual idea of where we're going in this tour, beginning with the "Dashboard" view and our most heroic heroes: Above the dashboard are two links ("Dashboard" and "Heroes"). Clicking the "Back" button would return us to the "Dashboard". Here's our app in action. Angular 2 powered Bootstrap. Angular 3 is hot on the heels of Angular 2.

Fresh from the long-awaited release of its Angular 2 JavaScript framework in mid-September, Google will release Angular 3 in a few short months.

Angular 3 is hot on the heels of Angular 2

Expected in March, Angular 3 will focus on improved tooling and a reduction in generated code, said Rob Wormald, of the Angular core team and a developer advocate at Google. It will feature a template compiler that provides feedback in an IDE on errors in a template, and it will generate 25 percent less code, thanks to improved compilation and changes in the framework's underlying mechanics. While more than two years passed between the April 2012 introduction of the 1.0 line and the Sept. 15 debut of the rewritten Angular 2 framework, Angular 3 gets a much-accelerated release schedule.

Wormald promised a new major version twice a year from now on. "This is just semantic versioning in action for us and it means that we will every six months have a predictable release schedule," he stated. Prerender - AngularJS SEO, BackboneJS SEO, or EmberJS SEO. Warning: Angular JS is Killing Your SEO Efforts. Who said javascript was easy ? – Hacker Noon. Here’s a few tricks and traps that javascript beginners should probably know of.

Who said javascript was easy ? – Hacker Noon

If you’re already an expert, feel free to read this with a knowing look. 1. Did you ever try to sort an array of numbers ? Javascript sort()uses alphanumeric sort per default. So [1,2,5,10].sort() will output [1, 10, 2, 5]. To properly sort an array, you can use [1,2,5,10].sort((a, b) => a — b) Easy solution, provided you knew there was a problem in the first place :) 2. new Date() is just wonderful. Angular 2 Datepicker - Plunker. Getting Started With Angular2 Using Docker Compose. Update 2016/11/13: The git repository that goes along this article has been updated for the latest post-release version of Angular, which is 2.1.1.

The original article used 2.0.0-rc1, and that version can be found at the corresponding tag. AngularJS is a popular javascript framework that can help to mitigate complexity on the front-end of your web application. Développer avec Angular 2, Vim et Docker. Angular 2 commence à faire des émules. C’est un fait. How to develop Angular 2 applications easily with Docker and angular-cli - Teracy's Blog. Everyone who is new to Angular 2 usually has many difficulties to get started with it, even with the getting started article from the Angular 2 official documentation. That’s the reason why angular-cli is created to ease the pain. angular-cli is a great CLI tool, however, it takes a lot of time to get it working by installing nodejs and angular-cli. Luckily, we’ve created docker-angular-cli project to build a Docker image so that anyone could use it right away for any Angular 2 projects without the hassle of installing nodejs and angular-cli.

This guide will help you get started in the most easily and convenient way. It’s assumed that you don’t need to master Docker but only require that Docker is installed on your machine and you could follow the instructions below. 0. Angular: Angular 1.6.0 released. AngularJS 1.6.0 - rainbow-tsunami Release Announcement Continuing our development and support of Angular 1, we are announcing the next significant release, 1.6.0, which has been in development since May this year. In this release we have added a number of useful features that should improve the developer experience and we have tightened up the security of Angular 1 even further. We have also removed a handful of deprecated features that makes the codebase easier to maintain and in many cases improves performance.

Angular 2 Tutorial: Create a CRUD App with Angular CLI. This article on building a todo app with Angular CLI is the first in a four-part series on how to write a todo application in Angular 2: In each article, we’ll refine the underlying architecture of the application and we make sure we have a working version of the application that looks like this: By the end of this series, our application architecture will look like this: The items that are marked with a red border are discussed in this article, while items that are not marked with a red border will be discussed in follow-up articles within this series.

In this first part, you’ll learn how to: Two-way Data Binding in Angular by thoughtram. Contents are based on Angular version >= 2.x unless explicitely stated differently. If there was one feature in Angular that made us go “Wow”, then it was probably its two-way data binding system. Changes in the application state have been automagically reflected into the view and vise-versa. In fact, we could build our own directives with two-way data bound scope properties, by setting a configuration value. Angular >= 2.x doesn’t come with such a (built-in) two-way data binding anymore. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t create directives that support two-way data binding. Using Angular 2’s Model-Driven Forms with FormGroup and FormControl. Free Course Getting Started with Angular 2 Angular 2 is the shiny new framework that comes with a lot of new concepts.

Learn all the great new features. There are two ways to build forms in Angular 2, namely template-driven and model-driven. In this article, we will learn about building model-driven form with validation using the latest forms module, then we will talk about what are the advantages / disadvantages of using model driven form as compared to template-driven form. . # Introduction. Reactive Forms in Angular by thoughtram. Contents are based on Angular version >= 2.x unless explicitely stated differently. Just a couple days ago, we’ve updated our article on Template-driven Forms in Angular, as the APIs have changed for the better in the second release candidate.

We think it’s time to talk about model-driven and reactive forms on our blog. This article builds on top of the knowledge we’ve gained in our previous article, so you might want to take a look at it in case you haven’t yet. The goal of reactive/model-driven forms While template-driven forms in Angular give us a way to create sophisticated forms while writing as little JavaScript as possible, model-driven forms enable us to test our forms without being required to rely on end-to-end tests.

In addition, it’s important to understand that when building reactive/model-driven forms, Angular doesn’t magically create the templates for us. Angular 2: Connect your custom control to ngModel with Control Value Accessor. UPDATE 2016/08/10:Now supports Angular v2.0.0-RC5 with Angular Modules and the current Template Driven Forms module. So you are starting to flex your new Angular 2 muscles and have built the mother of all custom form controls.

I mean that thing can do everything except make coffee… And then the moment comes to extract and use it as a separate component in your application. You plug it into your HTML form with ngModel and a name, thinking your work is done and as your browser refreshes you start seeing all sorts of errors appearing on the console. As it turns out, your journey is far from over and today we will take a look at what Angular2 expects from you if you want to build components that can talk to ngModel. Passing data to and from a nested component in Angular 2. Angular decided to drop the '@', '&' and '=' in version 2.0. If you don't know what they do: good for you! To me, the @&= concept was among Angular 1's worst choices. Angular 2 Complete Course - Sections 1 &amp; 2. Angular 4 Beta Version Is Out. Forum : Angular2 tutoriel.

Salut à tous, Angular2 est le dernier framework en date de Google permettant de réaliser des interfaces et applications web réactive. J'ai décidé de vous faire partager mes connaissances autour d'une suite de tutoriels. Angular 2 de A à Z - Partie 0 – Nacim Idjakirene – Medium. Learn Angular. ANGULARJS se connecter à MYSQL - et autres ressources by manuzed78. Angular2: Installation et apperçu. Nous allons utiliser un serveur nodejs sur le port 3000, si vous êtes derrière un firewall sur un serveur de test, ouvrez votre port: VueJS ReactJS et AngularJS2. Comme beaucoup je travaille de plus en plus sur du JavaScript et l'utilisation d'un framework Frontend est devenue indispensable.

How to develop Angular 2 applications easily with Docker and angular-cli - Teracy's Blog. Angular2 - ng-bootstrap: Is it correct to implement a custom NgbDateParserFormatter to change the format of the input value on NgbInputDatepicker? Get Started with Angular 2 - Course by @johnlindquist. What’s new in Angular 2.3 and 2.4? - Ninja Squad. Using Observables · : Angular 2 Training. How to build Angular App with Observable Data Services - Pitfalls. Weather API- OpenWeatherMap. Fetch API. Custom preprocessing. Moment.js. Console API Reference   ReactiveX. JSONPlaceholder - Fake online REST API for developers. How to Use JSON Data Fields in MySQL Databases. JSON Web Tokens - JSON, le stockage léger et pratique de données multitypes.

How to Convert MySQL Rows into JSON Format in PHP. JSON Tutorial. Utilisation Json comme base de données. A Gentle Introduction to Javascript Test Driven Development: Part 1. Livre eloquent JS. JavaScript - JavaScript. JavaScript books by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer. Asm.js. Superhero.js. JS: The Right Way. GitHub - getify/You-Dont-Know-JS: A book series on JavaScript. @YDKJS on twitter. HugoGiraudel/SJSJ. Zero to One: How I mastered JavaScript and how you can too - Hashnode.

SurviveJS - Introduction. SurviveJS - Introduction. Javascript the good parts. Learn ECMAScript6 by doing it. Introduction à ECMAScript 6 : Le JavaScript de demain - Wanadev. Bootstrap · The world's most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end framework. Bootstrap Live Customizer v3.3.7. All Free Bootstrap Themes & Templates - Start Bootstrap.

Getting started. Bootstrap Studio. jQuery API Documentation.