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Home. Anevay - Specialists in Outdoor Technology. Anevay, originally known as Camping Solutions, was founded in 2003.

Anevay - Specialists in Outdoor Technology

The director, John Henderson, has years of experience with humanitarian aid agencies and started developing much needed products to be sent out to disaster zones. These products needed to be of a high quality as they were being tested to the limits in a variety of disaster situations, and were essentially life saving devices for the people receiving them. Word of our products got out and we were overwhelmed by the public demand for them. So we opened up our online store and the orders came flooding in. 4ltr Dutch Oven Bushcraft Camping Western Gift Box Set. These great looking western style box sets come complete with every thing you need for the perfect camp cook out.

4ltr Dutch Oven Bushcraft Camping Western Gift Box Set

The wooden box is strong and sturdy with thick rope handles on either end and the Ronnie Sunshines logo branded on the lid. There is also room inside to store other items and the box can double up as a camp seat or table. Box Size: 54cm Wide, 30cm Deep, 21cm High. Total Set Weight 14.8kg The Cast Iron Dutch Oven is great quality, pre seasoned & heavy duty with an anti slip notched carry handle they have three legs and a rimmed lid this is so you can pile hot coals on the top to make the perfect Dutch camp oven.

Dutch Ovens are perfect for stews, casserole and can be used for baking and roasting over camp fires or placed in the hot ashes, also great for use on BBQ's or at home on the hob or in a conventional oven. Pre Seasoned 4 ltr Dutch Oven Size Weight: 5 kg Capacity: 4 litre Internal Width: 23.5 cm Internal Depth: 10 cm. Anglo Arms. Steve's Wholesale. CH Tool & Die. The Poor Man’s Case Tumbler - Cast Bullets For Beginner And Expert. By Jeff Brown (New Zealand) All right then (strategic pause).

The Poor Man’s Case Tumbler - Cast Bullets For Beginner And Expert

So here’s the facts that contribute to the dilemma (second pause). I do my fair share of shooting. A considerable amount of this shooting is carried out utilizing cast bullets. The combination of the residue from burnt powder, cast bullet lubricant, sizing lube, general dust and grime and repeated shooting make my cartridge cases very grubby. Case tumblers are dinky pieces of equipment that use a mildly abrasive buffing media (usually crushed walnut shells) to polish away all the foreign material that builds up on cartridge cases.

You see….basically I am frugal with my money. Antipodean Technology If I am too mean (mean = cheap in New Zealand joe b.) to buy a case tumbler the next best option is to build one. Enter Craig. The Reload Bench Home Page. ADI Powders Handloaders' Guide. Outdoor Stoves. Dixie Gun Works muzzleloading, blackpowder and rare antique gun supplies. LIVING IN THE WOODS! 19TH CENTURY LIFESTYLE! QC CANADA! Ravenlore Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills. Home. Primitive Technology, Traditional Skills and Hand-Made Tools. Scandinavian Goods from Greenman Bushcraft. Flintknapping with Karl Lee - Primitive Technology UK. Nettle cordage Improving Technique. Bushcraft Stuff - Survival for all - learn bush craft.

How to Make a Primitive Funnel Fish Trap that keeps on giving. Passive trapping versus active hunting is almost always preferred in a survival scenario.

How to Make a Primitive Funnel Fish Trap that keeps on giving.

Not only does trapping typically require less energy, but it also enables one to focus on other important survival tasks such as shelter, fire, water, foraging and signaling. Passive fish traps are among some of the oldest documented relics from indigenous cultures all over the globe. Stone weirs built many hundred years ago in rivers and low tide areas still exist today. Funneling fish for easier capture was a strategy used to put food on the table in almost every primitive culture. While different trap designs exist, there is one design that seems to be universal – the woven funnel trap.

There are essentially two parts to the funnel basket trap: the body and the inverted cone cap. It all starts with building the main trap body, which is typically in the shape of large cone. Bespoke Buckles, leather products, brass ware, vehicle restoration components from Abbey England UK. Solar Cooking. Wind-Powered Oil Press Makes Homemade Oils an Easy Breezy Task (Video) © Dave Hakkens From sunflower to walnut, linseed and pumpkin, making your own edible oils using hand-cranked oil presses can be a tedious (but satisfying and money-saving) task.

Wind-Powered Oil Press Makes Homemade Oils an Easy Breezy Task (Video)

But add a little wind energy, and it's that much easier; as one can see with Dutch designer Dave Hakkens' wind-powered oil press which uses a simple assembly of components to make fresh, homemade, cold-pressed oils. Check out the video (apparently the bottle in the vid took about 60 nuts to create): Windoil by Dave Hakkens from Dezeen on Vimeo. © Dave Hakkens © Dave Hakkens Makes all that earnest hand-cranking on other oil-making videos quite unnecessary.

I made an oil pressing machine which works only on wind energy. As you may know, cold-pressed oils are not produced via heating to high temperatures; heating the ground paste up will produce more oil but alter the oil's nutritional value and taste, so oftentimes foodies will swear by cold-pressed oils -- even better if it's made by the wind! Bushcraft Products, fire piston, bow drill, hand made drill, flintsteel, firesteel, flint steel, primitive fire lighting, flint knapping kits, knife making kits, possible pouch, leather belt pouch, char cotton, bushcraft tin, survival tin, leather,