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Why Do Heart Cells Turn into Bone? (SciShow 11/18/16) Why Do Bruises Change Colors? (SciShow 7/23/15) How Your Blood Type Protects and Hurts You (SciShow 2/13/17) What happens during a heart attack? (Ted Ed) Why Do Some People Faint At The Sight Of Blood? TOMO News (12/9/15): FDA approves device that can stop gunshot wound bleeding in 15 seconds. Newsy (4/24/14): Blood From World's Oldest Woman Suggests Life Limit. Newsy (12/22/13): First Artificial Human Heart Transplant Performed In France. Stuff You Should Know: Videos. Blood Scrubbing Nano Magnets (SciShow) Big Idea: Blood Transfusions (SciShow) What are Blood Types? (SciShow)

What Color is Your Blood? (SciShow) Blood Types (Mark Drollinger) Blood Type Genetics (Mark Drollinger) A Distillations Explainer: Hemoglobin. Would You Let A Robot Draw Your Blood? (Tech Feed 8/13/14) Stop Bleeding Instantly! (WARNING: Bloody Images. DNews, 5/17/13) Bill Nye The Science Guy: Blood and Circulation.