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What Really Happens to Your Blood After You Donate? (Seeker, Jan 2019) How This Device Safely Removes Blood Clots (Tech Insider, April 2018) Why You Can't Mix Blood Types (Tech Insider Jul, 2018) Why Do Some People Bruise So Easily? (SciShow, 05/2016) Take Two Leeches and Call Me in the Morning (PBS, 04/2018) The Key to an Artificial Heart ... and Open-Heart Surgery (SciShow, Feb 2018) Why Do Heart Cells Turn into Bone? (SciShow 11/18/16) Why Do Bruises Change Colors? (SciShow 7/23/15) How Your Blood Type Protects and Hurts You (SciShow 2/13/17) What happens during a heart attack? (Ted Ed) Why Do Some People Faint At The Sight Of Blood?

TOMO News (12/9/15): FDA approves device that can stop gunshot wound bleeding in 15 seconds. Newsy (4/24/14): Blood From World's Oldest Woman Suggests Life Limit. Newsy (12/22/13): First Artificial Human Heart Transplant Performed In France. Don’t Be Dumb: Blue Blood | Stuff You Should Know: Videos. Blood Scrubbing Nano Magnets (SciShow)

Big Idea: Blood Transfusions (SciShow) What are Blood Types? (SciShow) What Color is Your Blood? (SciShow) Blood Types (Mark Drollinger) Blood Type Genetics (Mark Drollinger) A Distillations Explainer: Hemoglobin. Would You Let A Robot Draw Your Blood? (Tech Feed 8/13/14) Stop Bleeding Instantly! (WARNING: Bloody Images. DNews, 5/17/13)