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Rizwan Qadir is a content marketer with 12+ years of experience. He provides guest posting and link building services. He writes on technology, digital marketing and SEO.

Pakistan honored by Conde Nast magazine as World #1 Travel Destination - So, how about packing those bags and booking ’em flights?

Pakistan honored by Conde Nast magazine as World #1 Travel Destination -

Yes, you read that right, Pakistan is the world’s top travel destination according to Conde Nast travel mag. Imagine if you buy the crap fed by our foes, what you’d be missing out on! Karma’s a bitch! While US, UK among others, are issuing travel advisories for travelling to India, travellers from across the world are flocking to Pakistan for a glimpse of some of the most scenic views on Earth and meeting some of the most amazing people on Earth.

For a sneak peek, enjoy this short, 5-minute documentary by Emerging Pakistan. And if you still cannot have enough, this is Ahmed Amimi’s 6-minute tour of Pakistan. On behalf of all Pakistanis and TopStories, we welcome you to Pakistan! Like this: Like Loading... Related Haqeeqat TV discusses Travel Advisory for India by US Haqeeqat TV is key source of insider information in Pakistan. December 15, 2019 In "News Vlogs" Pakistan's Top Travel YouTube Channel Review: Huub Vlogs. Police is Looking for the Prime Minister's Nephew over the Lawyer Hospital Attack Case - In latest stories from Pakistan, Hassaan Khan Niazi, the prime minister’s nephew, is found to be involved in the heinous PIC attack by lawyers.

Police is Looking for the Prime Minister's Nephew over the Lawyer Hospital Attack Case -

Hassaan, who is also an advocate, is presently wanted by the police, which has reportedly raided his residence up to five times, but has still been unsuccessful in arresting Hassaan. It also bears mentioning here that Hassaan’s father supports PMLN, the leading opposition party. On Wednesday, 11 December 2019, lawyers had a violent clash with doctors in Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC), Lahore. Prior to these clashes, the doctors at PIC had not given proper treatment to a few lawyers, as per the claim of the legal community.

The matters escalated quickly between the two parties after a subsequent video surfaced of the doctors mocking the lawyers. The lawyers reacted to this development, and some 400 of them went to PIC Lahore for protesting against the doctors of the institute. Outside PIC Lahore, the police vans were torched. Like this: - A review of Pakistan's top stories. Is Link Building for SEO still Valid in 2019? Link building is still one of the most important facets of SEO.

Is Link Building for SEO still Valid in 2019?

It requires a diverse set of skills, including content marketing, programming and psychology skills to build high quality links that can improve your website ranking in Google and drive traffic to your website. This guide discusses how to build quality links. Basics of Link Building Quality backlinks impact your website score more than any other factor.

Google itself has acknowledged that backlinks, alongside content and RankBrain are their three top ranking factors in their algorithm. Why are Links so Important even in 2019? Before its Penguin update, Google accepted low quality links as well. Important Facts about Quality Links Not all links are valued equally in the eyes of Google. Conclusion So yes, in short, link building is still very valid for SEO in 2019. If you're struggling with your website traffic, then I'd strongly recommend you to check out my guest blogging services on Fiverr. Top Reasons Why Your Emails are Marked as Spam – Rizwan Qadir. It’s possible for your emails to be marked as spam even though you’re not a spammer.

Top Reasons Why Your Emails are Marked as Spam – Rizwan Qadir

This usually happens when your emails mimic the behavior of spam mail. Many different factors can cause your emails to be manually or automatically flagged for spam. These factors can broadly be grouped into three distinct categories: Your email looks like spam.You could be sending emails from a domain that has poor reputation.Your email servers or IPs have a poor reputation. If your email is getting marked as spam, then it’s highly likely that you’re violating a number of principles in these categories. Spam Trigger Words in the Email Subject and/or Body The use of certain keywords also known as spam trigger words in your email could be the most common reason your mail goes to spam.

Click hereNot spamPrizeCancel at any timeCongratulationsGuaranteeAmazingBuyMoney back guaranteeLotteryPurchaseOrder nowBest OfferPromise Image/Text Ratio Missing Alt Text in Images Users Marking Similar Mail as Spam Shortened URLs.