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N - Arfan Naseer: The A-Z of Young Businesses. Naz: Con-Sequence Arfan Naseer, known as Naz, got involved in the wrong crowd, and was sent to prison at the age of 21.

N - Arfan Naseer: The A-Z of Young Businesses

Whilst in prison he decided to try and build a better future for himself, and took part in The Prince’s Trust Team programme. He now works with the hardest-to-reach young people, deterring them from a life of crime. At the age of five, Naz, fromBradford, was faced with the difficult task of both dealing with the death of his father, as well as being raised as an only child in a single parent family. As Naz grew up, the lack of any constant and significant male role models in his life took its toll. Naz became a gang member in his teenage years, and at the age of 21, he ended up paying the price when he was given a nine-year prison sentence for a drug-related offence.

In prison, Naz quickly faced up to his past, both reflecting on his mistakes and the consequences his actions were having. Naz said: Interested in setting up your own business? Find out how we can help. Redactor obiective turistice, Bucuresti, Proactive Hr Profile, Locuri de munca, Joburi, 05-10-2012, ID: 80839 - Streamer. The PR Pro's Guide to Twitter. The Social PR Guide Series is supported by Mynewsdesk.

The PR Pro's Guide to Twitter

Our online newsroom makes it easier to exchange news with key influencers, reach top of search engines and automatically update your social media channels. Twitter is an invaluable resource for the public relations industry. Whether your goal is to connect with reporters, improve crisis communication, find your next job, bolster professional development or offer a glimpse of a company’s inner workings -– 140 characters can go a long way. Just look at the following examples, highlighting five rich opportunities for PR pros on Twitter. Connect with Reporters A survey conducted in the fall of 2009 found that more than half of all journalists turn to sites like Twitter for story research.

Update your media lists with Twitter handles.Create private Twitter lists for each industry or client you’re working on to better monitor reporters’ tweets. Strengthen Crisis Communication Find Your Next Job Leverage Real-Time Professional Development. Social PR: 10 Ways to Do PR Better with Social Media - Search Engine Watch (SEW) Will the new public relations please stand up?

Social PR: 10 Ways to Do PR Better with Social Media - Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Hello, social PR! In a time of social media evolution and revolution, public relations professionals have a unique opportunity to reinvent themselves to ultimately deliver better results. The strategy: using social media-flavored PR to influence the search marketing ecosystem. First, let's look at today's journalist, one of the PR professional's primary targets. According to a recent survey by TEKGROUP International: More than 77 percent of journalists think it's important to be able to access a company's social media networks from its online newsroom. 45 percent of reporters say they use a corporate blog when researching a story. 25 percent of journalists visit a company's Facebook Page (up 10 percent from a year ago). 40 percent are looking to receive news or updates via Twitter. 105 Twitter Apps for PR. Twitter is no longer a little known platform for bloggers to communicate on.

105 Twitter Apps for PR

These days, even large corporations are realizing something many smaller businesses have known for a while . . . Twitter is a powerful PR tool. Making the site even more useful for public relations and networking are the myriad of third party applications that seem to be multiplying at an exponential rate. Rarely does anyone just use the website . . . now you can tweet from your iPhone, your desktop or even within your browser. These applications are quite valuable for anyone looking to promote their business and if you are in the market for something that will make business and publicity just a bit easier, then this list is for you! Crisis Communication Management. Crisis Communication Management General principles that can positively affect your actions and communication in a crisis situation: Bring the situation under control, if possible.

Crisis Communication Management

Always protect people first and property second. Analyze the situation to judge its newsworthiness. Don't create a crisis by jumping the gun. Crisis communication planning can help you deal effectively with those unexpected disasters, emergencies or other unusual events that may cause unfavorable publicity for your organization. Be prepared - Although emergencies by their very nature are unpredictable, it is possible to list and prepare for those potential negative scenarios that might occur during chapter activities. Before the crisis, successful communication will depend, in large part, on the preparations you make long before the emergency occurs. Having a system in place will allow you to deal with the situation at hand, and not waste precious time trying to decide how to communicate. After The Crisis.

Developing a PR Plan. For most businesses, the new year is a time for assessment, goal setting and strategic planning.

Developing a PR Plan

When it comes to PR, this is the time to set objectives and formulate a clear, defined plan that'll help your business achieve optimum results in the media. When planning your PR activities for the year, as a general rule, consider the full year ahead, plan for six months, and expect to revise after three months.