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Riya George

I am SEO Analyst working at iBot Solutions company which is a leading digital marketing company in India.Having 11 years of experience in digital world

Who should opt for a digital marketing training? And its advantages - Digital Marketing Training & its sphere. Internet Leads Training is the first of its kind institute that gives training in the digital marketing sphere with a wide range of SEO related courses to choose from.

Digital Marketing Training & its sphere

Our institute was the first to start training for those aspiring to build an SEO career or to be a digital marketing professional. The training expert of this institute is Mr. Jitto Jose, the CEO and founder of IBOT Solutions, one of the highly reputed digital marketing firms. With about 12 years serving more than 200 high profile clients like Jet Airways and Spice Jet, he undoubtedly has the best expertise in the digital marketing field. IBOT Solutions has also spent more than 8 crore rupees in digital marketing campaigns such as Google Ads, Facebook Advertising and many more of the like. Digital Marketing Training & its sphere.

Digital marketing world and its importance in business. WHY IS SEO SIGNIFICANT FOR YOUR BUSINESS? SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in developing a business and it is crucial for a webmaster to comprehend all the SEO strategies and techniques and apply the same while building a website for the business.


Meaning of SEO or Search Engine Optimization SEO is a brief set of techniques and strategies to be incorporated into a website by the website or blog owners, in order to optimize the perceptibility and visibility of the website in search engine listings, that is, to give the website top placement in search engine rankings. Besides this, SEO services can be of great assistance to improve the quality of content in the website and make it visitor friendly, with swift and smooth navigation. SEO constitutes various rules and principles, along with many stages in a process using controls. The Significance of SEO. Digital Marketing And Its Importance in Businesses by Riya George. By Riya George Web Analyst.

Digital Marketing And Its Importance in Businesses by Riya George

ADVENTURES OF DIGITAL MARKETING IN THIS MODERN ERA – iBOT solutions. In this age where people read newspapers on their mobiles phones and where the internet is the right of every individual, the position of print media is rapidly vanishing.


Adults and children both rely on the web. When you have a doubt about anything, you just Google it. Before you buy something, you go to Google for reviews. When a new movie is released again you go to Google to see if it’s leading. Such is the presence of the internet among us. Remember when you saw that cheesy pizza ad on your Facebook page with a coupon code for a major discount next to it, that you were tempted to buy it or maybe even bought it? Companies who need to thrive in today’s markets need to embrace digital marketing. Digital Marketing : Digital marketing a best dive for online business owners.

At IBOT Solutions we understand your business and its requirements.

Digital Marketing : Digital marketing a best dive for online business owners

Just by designing and developing a good looking website will not work until one can support it with a Digital Marketing strategy and at IBOT Solutions we provide you with quality services in Internet Marketing or Online Marketing for your business. Our Digital Marketing team understands your business needs and design a digital marketing strategy to generate a good and profitable business from your website.

As every business persons knows the importance of online visibility in the internet is very import for their business growth without which one can't exist in the business world. Every business has started taking help of Internet to come into online existence as people now first do search on internet for their requirements and online shopping all has become so common now-a-days. Best digital marketing service and training... Digital Marketing — Best digital marketing service and training...

SEO an important factor for online marketing by Riya George. Articles by Riya George Web Analyst SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about attracting customers, generating leads and business growth by bringing a business website in the first page of search engines result page.Today,search engines establish your sales and profit.

SEO an important factor for online marketing by Riya George

Digital Marketing — Choose the right SEO service providers for your... Digital / online marketing, SEO training providers at Cochin (Kochi), Kerala - Why we need to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a website? Whenever a new website for any products or brands is created the overall design and look of the website are the most important factors.

Why we need to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a website?

To draw potential clients or customers, a professional looking website design plays the key role. It only takes a few seconds or minutes for someone who is visiting the website for the first time to decide whether to stay on the website or not. But now-a-days the new businesses create their websites by giving a search engine friendly design. Which means the website loading time is faster and makes it easier for search engine to crawl through the website and find out the relevant keywords. Having quality content on the website and optimizing it with relevant keywords can make your visitors to stay. Make sure your website design is responsive and are friendly too with smart phones, tablets and other devices.

Digital or Internet Marketing a new dive for all business. As the world is becoming more technology savvy, people are taking help of digital marketing media to promote their business in every online media like Twitter,Facebook,Google+,Pinterest,etc.People now-a-days are using internet for their every needs and search it on the Google for their content,the content would be in the form of images,products,how-to-guides,about online education programs,etc.The content plays a very vital role in the internet market ,because a good content will always be loved by the people.Moreover today the concept of Internet Marketing helps to raise brand awareness among people.As this internet or online marketing is totally different from the traditional form of marketing.Traditional form of marketing like those in newspaper, TV ads,radio ads,pamplets,etc are not used much these days as everyone goes online for their requirements. increase the traffic to a website through organic seo or ppc ads.

Digital or Internet Marketing a new dive for all business

Online or Digital Marketing a new trend in the market. In today’s world a new trend for online or digital marketing is going through an uprising way.

Online or Digital Marketing a new trend in the market

We observe a global change in today’s world in the way people interact with brands, locate & discover products & services, are influenced by people and in-turn influenced by many people. Following are the reasons people go for online marketing. It provides wide and worldwide contacts.It is highly flexible to multitaskingWe can promote our products and services every time as it is online.It is simple and easy way to promote a business more conveniently & fastly.It focuses on market trends continuously for advertising.By promoting products & services through internet is cost-efficient also time-effective.We can easily get customers feedbacks and their taste.Positive modification to promoting and campaigns.

Internet-leads-training provides the following services:- Its time to make your website more mobile friendly on Google. In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the ranking factors are considered more to come in the top position of the search engine, it has become mandatory to make the website mobile friendly, because Google is going to rank the websites which are mobile friendly websites.

Its time to make your website more mobile friendly on Google

As Google has recently announced in their central blog about their search rankings for mobile searches. So the websites which are mobile friendly sites will get better ranking results in the search engine result page. As Google updates its search algorithms consistently new rules are coming out everytime after the new updates from 21st of April 2015,Google has announced to rank higher the mobile friendly websites so more people now are going for making their websites mobile friendly if you haven’t made it yet make your website mobile searchable.

App Indexing: Now Google is using the mobile apps for indexing. So if your website is not mobile friendly yet make it mobile friendly as earliest as possible. Like this: Digital Marketing — SEO Services and Training in Kochi, Kerala. InternetLeadsTraining: Good SEO training will lead your business to heights! Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO is a process or can say it is a technique by which one can improve the ranking (online visibility) of a website in the search engine result page. The more or frequently a website is displayed in a search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc the more visitors will come and therefore gets more traffic to the website. In SEO, for promoting a website to other sites will increase the number of links,it is one of the tactics of internet marketing.

Create and share visual ideas online. Get your brand identity building with seo training cochin. Success of any long term business is mainly depended on a SEO process.Because majority of people now-a-days are using search engines for finding any services or brands Therefore,it is very important to increase your online visibility through proper SEO techniques.InternetLeads Training will offer you with the most effective SEO services.Here,the expert will provide you with the detailed keyword research and analysis that will define your website perfectly and will have online visibility. Our expert team will also help in generating a good content for your website which is very much important in inbound marketing which will help you to build a good brand identity for your services / products.Inbound marketing mainly involves three things :

Why one should go for digital marketing training? - InternetLeadsTraining: Digital Marketing a very strong campaign for successful businesses. Today the digital marketing has become the best medium for marketing your products or brands and services. As everyone now-a-days takes the help of internet for promoting their products it has become a compulsory media to market the products through online marketing mode. Be it a small or medium or large business, the concept of digital marketing is a strong and proven marketing method to help businesses to achieve their goals and result.

The concept of strong digital marketing campaign is to reach the right customers and get their interest in our business. Now almost every businesses are their in the digital marketing field and has been a successful with the campaigns. For some new businesses and new startups, the concept of digital or internet marketing is very new idea, in this digital media marketing world the main thing to consider is the goal of the business and then understand the requirements of the customers their needs and taste.

Digital Marketing — Digital Marketing importance in today’s era. InternetLeadsTraining – SEO Training in Cochin(Kochi),Kerala « Learn Digital Marketing Course – At ILT. By riyageorge on October 27, 2015 Internetleadstraining is a venture of iBOT Solutions Company – A Complete Digital Marketing Firm,is located in Cochin(Kochi),Ernakulam,Kerala.It is one of the best SEO Training Institute in Ernakulam and offers digital marketing courses which includes excellent SEO training.It helps the clients with their requirements with atmost satisfaction,it enriches the clients with many various Internet Services like Online Marketing,Email-marketing,Social Media Marketing,Social Media Optimization,PPC Campaigns,Online Reputation Management(ORM).

Our SEO training in Ernakulam covers the entire topic that is used in the industry and prepared according to the rules of search engine.The SEO Training Program which we provides includes the following topics : Google Adwords and Analytics training in Kochi, Kerala. SEO and SMM training in Kerala – Online Marketing. In today’s world, Marketing has become a very important factor of every business. As everyone started using internet for their requirements business owner’s also started advertising their products or services through online mode. Marketing now-a-days has become the backbone of every companies, with good marketing strategies one can lead a good and successful business. Business owners advertise their services through online by promoting their ads in Facebook page, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc websites. All this social media sites are used to promote their things to large number of people in a very short period of time. Everyone wants their website to appear in the first page of the search engine.

So have you every thought that why your websites isn’t coming in the top position of the search engine? Off Page SEO Tips for new beginners and bloggers - Digital Marketing by Riya George. By Riya George Web Analyst. Best SEO Services providers at InternetLeadsTraining in Kerala. To get Search Engine Optimization(SEO) done for your website, one needs to hire a SEO expert services, as these expert would have very good knowledge ,expertise & experience in using these Digital Marketing techniques at a greater heights so that they will get the instant result for their website. Have you ever thought about hiring a SEO expert?

InternetLeadsTraining: PPC Campaigning Are the Best Practices to Promote Your Website. Digital and Social Media Marketing Training at Cochin, Kerala. — What is the main difference between traditional... Lead Generation Methods to Boost Your Business – #Digital Marketing. Digital marketing - SEO Training & Tips for new bloggers , beginners. Digital marketing. Digital Marketing : PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising. Grow your business with digitalmarketing @InternetLeadsTraining. Leading Internet Marketing Providers in Kochi, Kerala – ILT. Why Digital Marketing is a must for your business? Of all the mediums, internet has drastically altered marketing for various brands and businesses. In today’s world, it would not be fallacious to quote that internet rules the roost as compared to other channels of marketing. Over the years, online marketing has emerged as the top medium of brand communication simultaneously reaching out to a broader target audience.

An online marketing campaign utilizes the strategies at the lowest possible cost, maximizes sales potential and generates a good ROI (return on investment) to the brand owner. The most affordable way to learn Digital Marketing – At ILT. According to current statistics there are around 75 million internet users in India and the numbers are counting at a very fast pace. India has acquired the third position after the USA and China of largest number of internet users in the world. Digital Marketing : iBOT’s Digital Marketing training program – At a Glance. Learn Digital Marketing from ILT. ILT - Digital Marketing Training / Courses at Cochin, Kerala - NIBM – the most feasible option for online MBA.

Leading Digital Marketing Company in Kerala (Kochi) By Riya George Web Analyst iBOT Solutions is the Kerala’s leading digital marketing company based in (), Kerala.Having more than 10 years of experience in industry. It is one of the leading Google Partner Certified company in Kerala.It is the first company in Kerala which has spent more than 8 crores on Google Adwords being the highest spent over digital agency in Kerala. Ibot Solutions is one of the fewest Google Certified partners in . We all are completely aware that no business got success without experiencing the odds and breakdown at various phases of business development.Where we are standing right now is the pool of competition. We have office in , , , and . We associate with the leading e-commerce company eBay for email marketing related campaigns.

For more about iBOT and its services, you are most welcome to contact us. Website link: Digital marketing training for corporates in kochi. We often think the main benefit of learning is that we get a degree or credential. As we get wiser, we realize there are many more benefits than this.

Knowing the benefits will help and inspire you to plan your own training tactics and programs, and to motivate others to participate. A Strong Footprint for Every Business Startups. As we all know that today's world is rapidly becoming a digital world. People all are getting connected with each other with the help of internet media alone.