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Gravity doesn't exist for this guy
Throwing boiling water in -30C in Yellowknife, NWT
Shooting A Super Soaker At -45F [VIDEO]
210 ft rope swing over a lake that's 230 ft high
Microsoft Surface Demo @ CES 2008
Imagine The Future: Microsoft Surface Demo [VIDEO]
The disappearing car door
A Day Made Of Glass: Corning’s Vision For The Future With Specialty Glass At The Heart Of It [VIDEO]
Future Design Laptop ROLLTOP (Being Developed)
Melting rock with sunshine
Hand balancing
Gyroscopic self-leveling pool table on a cruise ship
Conservation of Angular Momentum Demonstration
Gyroscopically stabilized CD player in microgravity
Bicycle wheel gyroscope
This is impossible..
Amazing balancing of sticks
Balance, Strength, Endurance & Concentration - Cirque de Soleil's "Quidam" Dvd
Tides explained by MinutePhysics
55 gallon steel drum can crush
Seeing Earth 'in' space, not 'from' space
World's largest rope swing
NASA straps a little camera to a rocket booster
What would it be like to travel inside a black hole? [VIDEO]
How to see around corners
Underwater missile launch
Science Experiment: The mystery sound
Ultra slow motion bottle breaking
Powerful abacus
Awesome motivation
Some awesome things
Paper plane trick
Crazy cube illusion
Visible shockwaves from eruption at Eyjafjallaj kull
Optical illusion: Impossible motion
Slow Motion: Golf ball hitting steel
Experiment: What happens when a dump truck going 50mph hits a military-grade concrete barrier? [VIDEO]
Xion Protective Gear: Flexible protective padding for rigorous activities
Lockheed Martin F35 ejector seat trials
Levitation physics
Pool filled with non-newtonian fluid: cornstarch and water
Giant water balloon bursting in super slow motion
Rising Tone vs. Sand
American Chopper vs. The Metric System: Why mechanics should not work in inches
Ruben's Tube: Classic physics experiment
Planet, sun, star comparison
Model boat floating on sulphur hexafluoride, a very dense gas
Did you know there were this many satellites in orbit? [VIDEO]
The big picture of the Milky Way
Pendulum waves
Sulfur hexafluoride blooper
Wingsuit Base Jumping At Its Finest [VIDEO]
The marshmallow problem
Lego V8 engine turning at 1440 RPM
Amazing technology
Safest table saw
Blue laser on a glow-in-the-dark ball
Yoshimoto Cube