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HSC AOS - Discovery

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At your library. Discover Discovery – a guide from a 99+ student. Hi Everyone, For those who don’t know me, just a short intro to myself: My name is Mei, I am a 2013 HSC graduate who got the HSC All Rounders award, having attained band 6s and E4s in all 12 units I did for my HSC, gotten an ATAR of 99.20 and a mark of 93 in English.

Discover Discovery – a guide from a 99+ student

With the new introduction of a new area of study, I want to deconstruct the discovery rubric and give current HSC students some guidance and new understandings of just the infinite possibilities the rubric provides, hopefully to stimulate their own thinking about how the discovery rubric can be related to your own prescribed and related texts and in creating your own discovery creative. As such, I have selected a significant part of the rubric, where I highlighted the selected parts in bold, and under each section, I wrote some personal analysis extending that particular section on discovery.

HSC: English. HSC 2015: First in Course English Janek Drevikovsky, First in Course in English Extension 1, English Extension 2, German Continuers, German Extension and Latin Continuers 2014, gives his tips for doing well in your HSC.

HSC: English

Discovery is the new 'Area of Study' for all English students in 2015. The concept provides rich opportunities for students to explore how ideas are conveyed through their English texts and broaden and deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them. It is designed to be a voyage of discovery for students themselves. There's a diverse range of prescribed texts related to discovery that includes Shakespeare's The Tempest, the poetry of Robert Frost and of Rosemary Dobson, Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything, Tara June Winch's novel Swallow the Air, the film Life of Pi, and Simon Nast's documentary about the Antarctic photography of Frank Hurley. Discovery: the new Area of Study for HSC English by Michael Murray. The NEW Area of Study: Discovery - Matrix Education.

Once My Mother. English Video 1 - HSC Coach. NSW HSC Area of Study: Discovery - Some related texts. The annotations below are for texts presented by Helen Sykes to three sessions at the Whitlam Library, on the 19th, 20th and 25th November 2014.

NSW HSC Area of Study: Discovery - Some related texts

Those who attended the sessions were given the following handout, which highlighted the types of text presented. Note: In the handout that was given to teachers on the 19th and to students on the 20th, T. S. Eliot's poem 'The Journey of the Magi' was included in the list of related texts. While this is certainly an interesting exploration of the concept of discovery, it cannot be used as a related text as it is a prescribed text for HSC English.

Choosing related texts Note:you cannot use as a related text any text that is prescribed for the HSC, even if it is prescribed for a course different from the one you are doing. An Overview of the Texts This overview lists the texts under types. Some picture books Dragonquest by Allan Baillie and Wayne Harris. It's a Book by Lane Smith. Luke's Way of Looking by Nadia Wheatley and Matt Ottley. 'Mrs. Some poems. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Angels & Demons - ROME, GALILEO and the ILLUMINATI. AOS Discovery. Discovery - Guides at University of Sydney. AUSTLIT & Black Words AUSTLIT is the Australian Literature Gateway database.

Discovery - Guides at University of Sydney

It references Australian literature published in both print and electronic sources. The database includes both creative and critical Australian literature and references the work of many Indigenous writers in a subset called Black words. Use the advanced search feature to scope your search to Black Words if required. Austlit now includes "In the Classroom" a resource specifically for teachers. A+ Education A+ Education is an indexing and full text database that provides access to information on all aspects of Australian education with coverage from 1978 onwards. MLA Modern Languages Association International Bibliography The Modern Languages Association International Bibliography indexes scholarly works on literature, literary theory and criticism, genres, linguistics and folklore, in English, French, German, Italian and other languages.

Project Muse Novelist (not available from the University of Sydney Library) HSC Area of Study: Discovery Research guides at State Library of New South Wales. Tutor Tales. Pinterest - HSC AOS - Discovery. Inside Break: Discovery. HSC AOS Discovery Assignment. HSC English: Overview of Discovery. Karen Yager - Creative Writing for HSC Discovery. Larry Grumley - HSC Discovery essay writing.