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Paleo Breads, Crackers, Pasta

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Grain-free Sourdough Starter Recipe. Grain-free sourdough Archives. 5 Minute Fluffy Flourless Paleo Hamburger Buns - Paleo Gluten Free Eats. Cassava Flour Pasta Dough {Paleo & Nut-Free} – Health Starts in the Kitchen. Fluffy Nut-Free Bread with Cassava Flour. Paleo PITA Bread {AIP} - Predominantly Paleo. You might not believe this but I do not in fact live off paleo breads, pastas, and straight up carbs.

Paleo PITA Bread {AIP} - Predominantly Paleo

Well, today I may have taste-tested myself into carb bliss. But so you know, I am driven to write these sorts of recipes, not so they can replace nutrient based foods, but so that deprivation can feel smaller and smaller until it doesn’t have to exist at all. People approach the grain free lifestyle differently. For some omitting the “bad stuff” is the best approach. For others, substitution provides more of a successful plan. There is a lot of debate about Paleo “junk food” (like breads and desserts) – that it defeats the purpose of eating Paleo in the first place.

Well, here’s my two cents. Watch my YouTube video HERE… Ingredients: 2 teaspoons active dry yeast 1.5 cups warm water (around 100 degrees F) *** You can start with 1 cup and work your way up – your dough should be claylike when you finish adding ingredients. Save People approach the grain free lifestyle differently. Save. Cassava Taco Cups & Spicy Black Beans - Lectin Free Mama.

Cassava tortillas are both easy and delicious (check out my three-ingredient recipe), but even one tortilla can be too filling and too much starch for my keto readers.

Cassava Taco Cups & Spicy Black Beans - Lectin Free Mama

They’re also difficult to make crunchy without getting brittle. The solution? TACO CUPS. I am no food genius, but these are pretty darn clever, if I do say so myself. They are fun to make, kids love them, and they are the cutest thing to ever happen to tacos. This post contains affiliate links. Special Equipment & Ingredients There are two gadgets you need to make these successfully: one is not totally necessary, but will cut your prep time in half. Tortilla Press This is the debatably unnecessary gadget, but one my kitchen doesn’t function without.

You’ll use a slightly different method for making a taco cup round vs. a tortilla round. Muffin Tin You’ll be using the underside of a 12-cup regular-size muffin tin to make these. Cassava Flour Bread - Mom Foodie. Cassava Pasta {Paleo} I can’t even express how excited I am to have cassava flour pasta in my backcountry food repertoire!

Cassava Pasta {Paleo}

Pasta is such a great staple in the backcountry; high in energy-supplying carbs, and super easy to make. And you can make it in whatever shape you like – linguine, fettuccine, pappardelle, farfalle… go wild! And, well… PASTA! Cassava is a tuber (root) that is gluten free. It’s a strong source of vitamin C and carbohydrates, with a whopping 38g carbs per 100g flour (¼ cup). Cassava flour comes from the cassava root, also known as manioc, tapioca root, and yuca (‘yoo-kah’) root, not to be confused with yucca (‘yuk-uh’) root, which is a completely different plant (short rant: food bloggers and produce departments get the name wrong all the time. it makes me cray-zee). Although from the same plant, cassava flour and tapioca flour are not the same thing:Tapioca flour is a starch extracted from cassava root via washing and pulping.

Chewy, Crusty Boiled Paleo Bread. These authentic-tasting Paleo bagels have no gluten, grains or dairy, but you’d never know it wasn’t the “real thing.”

Chewy, Crusty Boiled Paleo Bread

Just a few ingredients, including almond and tapioca flours, are all it takes! No rise bagels I do happen to have a recipe for no rise gluten free bagels, and it’s long been a favorite of mine. It doesn’t take any advance planning, and the bagels rise beautifully in the oven alone. It’s called “oven-spring,” the rise that happens when yeast bread dough hits the heat of the oven. Mint chocolate chip mini donuts ~ Back Porch Paleo. Because it’s St.

mint chocolate chip mini donuts ~ Back Porch Paleo

Patrick’s Day and let’s be honest, it’s just fun to make food green sometimes! Hipped up these lovely, festive mini’s this morning to take to a farewell party for some neighbors that are moving…one guest is gluten free and one is dairy free…so these will be perfect! Used our standard donut recipe and made just a few adjustments, tada…they’ll be perfect for the party as well as perfect for guests that won’t know any different! These are not that super fake color of green…but get their mild’ish green color from using some liquid chlorophyll in the mix. Ya, they’re not overly super green, but it gets the job done for celebrating the theme of this day and they certainly do taste minty!! Enjoy and Happy St. Mini mint chocolate chip donuts paleo St. Credit: Directions Like this: Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter Recipe. How to Make Gluten Free Sourdough Starter (Excerpt from The Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking) (Also free of milk, eggs, yeast, soy, gums & chemical leavener The steps below might seem daunting just to make bread but with practice it becomes easy.

Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter Recipe

Here are the basic steps for Gluten Free Sourdough Starter: • Make Water Kefir (made from a culture) • Make Brown Rice Starter • Boost Brown Rice Starter with Water Kefir • Feed Brown Rice Starter with brown rice flour and water, 2-3 times a day • Use for pancakes, breads, muffins and pizza dough Info about Water Kefir: • Water Kefir is a tasty and potent fermented drink, full of natural probiotics and enzymes. Making pancakes will help you get the “feel” of working with a sourdough starter.

Paleo Soft Pretzels. Paleo Bagels - Paleo Gluten Free Eats.