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Mirror Jewelry Armoire. Barn Door Entertainment Center. Reader submitted photo Thank you Amber Tosh for building and sharing her Barn Door Entertainment Center - This is actually a very simple build - just a large bookshelf really!

Barn Door Entertainment Center

With barn door hardware on the front. Barn Door Hardware Options There's many different options for the barn door hardware - in all different price ranges. Tractor Supply Barn Door by My Repurposed Life Pipe Track and S Hook Barn Door by That's My Letter Drawer slides (use 24" full extension) hidden behind the door by Kristen Duke Whatever you do decide, please choose a method that glides smoothly, as these are big doors!

And one more comment I have to make - this project is huge! How to DIY Shiplap Walls on the Cheap! Beadboard Cabinet. Since we don't have a garage or any really good place to keep our tools, they end up all over the house while we're working on a project.

Beadboard Cabinet

So, we decided to build a cabinet that would look nice in our house, and also house our tools. We chose the armoire plan because it has plenty of space. This project took us forever, so it's hard to really estimate the actual working time. We began working on it back in June, then we were evacuated because of a forest fire.... By the time we got back into our house and we were organized again it was the end of July.... and now finally the end of August it's finished. We modified this cabinet by using 1/4 inch beadboard backed with 1/4 plywood for the doors. Estimated Cost $125 approximately? Estimated Time Investment Weekend Project (10-20 Hours) Type of Wood Pine, plywood, and beadboard Finish Used Sanded, then painted the outside with a quart of "creamed coffee" oops paint, and painted the inside with a sage green paint from Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Simplest Armoire. Thehappyhousewife. DIY BUILT-IN BOOKCASE REVEAL (AN IKEA HACK) – Studio 36 Interiors. I’m in the middle of giving my home office a makeover, and one of my biggest priorities for the room has been to add some built-in storage. It’s important to note that our home office sits at the front of our house and is basically the first room you see after entering the foyer. Thus everything in it is very visible… including the messy bookshelves that we had going on in there… before Our office also needs to be a very functional room for us. We store a lot of things in there and use the room for working and printing regularly, so we needed a way to store all of our stuff in a tidy and presentable way.

Enter the built-in bookcase! We have a long alcove along one wall that was just screaming for built-in storage to be placed there. I knew from the beginning that this was going to be a DIY project for me and my hubby because it’s quite expensive to have a contractor or carpenter install custom made built-ins. I finally figured that the best solution was Ikea! The design the install. 1001pallets. Crystal Mobile Crystal Point Bohemian Mobile Quartz Point. The T-Shirt Rug. The tshirt (t-shirt) rug is probably the hardest, definitely the longest, and absolutely the most rewarding handmade project I’ve ever undertaken.

The T-Shirt Rug

This tshirt rug uses around 80 t-shirts, cut into 14,000 1″ x 4″ strips, dyed into various shades of green then latch-hooked to a 36″ x 60″ mesh rug canvas. Sound complicated? Not really, it just requires some time. :) Here are my tips, tricks, and recommendations for anyone wanting to learn how to make a tshirt rug. Materials and Tools Latch-hook Rug CanvasRug canvases come in various sizes or can be cut into any shape. T-shirtsT-shirts come in several different thicknesses and sizes. How many t-shirt strips for a t-shirt rug? Count the number of squares in the mesh canvas on two adjacent sides. Example: 40 squares wide, 40 squares tall40 x 40 = 1,6001,600 / 2 = 800At approximately 175 strips per large t-shirt, you’d need 4.5 shirts. Rotary CutterEvery crafter should own a rotary cutter. Fabric DyeI love Rit-Dye’s liquid fabric dye. Fabric Dying. How to Make Bookshelves.