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Be Different...Act Normal: Extender Slip Tutorial. Home Made Sweat Shirt Re-Do – Verbena. Some of you may remember the last post I did about a sweat shirt re-do I did about a year ago.

Home Made Sweat Shirt Re-Do – Verbena

I didn’t post a tutorial about it because I just saw an inspiration picture that I wanted to make, and went ahead and did it. Most people that left comments wanted a tutorial, and I went ahead and made another, trying my best to take pictures along the way. The finished product! Angry chicken: little red jacket. My (Better Easier Faster) Way To Make Little Boys' Suspenders (And The Tale Of An Etsy Copycat) 191. Read All About It! Newsboy Cap: Free Pattern + Tutorial. Being invited by the ever-creative Dana to participate in Celebrate the Boy month gave me an opportunity to revisit one of my favorite topics: my 6-year-old son's head.

191. Read All About It! Newsboy Cap: Free Pattern + Tutorial

I've traced the story back to labor: I checked into the hospital when I was 6 cm dilated, at which point the doctor remarked that, based on my baby’s head size, the baby would weigh at least 8 pounds. I was stunned and scared! Hours later I was surprised not only by my baby’s gender (BOY) but also by his 8-pound baby head on a 6-pound baby body. Mmmm hmmmm. After the initial head pointiness from that trip into the outside world, my son’s head bounced back into admirably round form. I will always remember his first store-bought driving cap, allowing me to Celebrate the Enormous Head. Pillowcase nightgown tutorial. They are so easy it’s embarrassing so I thought I would just write out what I did with some of my super fantastic hand drawn pictures instead of making you wait until I feel like making another pair, which might be until the weather gets a lot warmer.

Pillowcase nightgown tutorial

A little lame but hey… here goes! They are basically a modified pillowcase dress made out of knit. Easy peasy. The two I made were about a girls size 10 so my directions are based on that. Tweak away for bigger or smaller sizes. Now you mark the armscye by measuring about 2 1/2” from the outside edge toward the center and 5” down from the top. *If you want to make ruffling easier you can sew gathered strips of 4” wide fabric to the bottom of the front and back pieces here and sew them together when you sew the sides up. Fold the armscye edges under toward the inside 1/4” and then another 1/4” and sew along the outside edge. Fold the top neck edges down 1/4” and then another 1” and sew close to the edge for the front and back. How to Make your Very Own Cape. Updated September 16, 2017 Fairies, hobbits, superheroes, villains, queens, princesses and the like all need a cape to complete the outfit.

How to Make your Very Own Cape

Lucky for you that a cape is easy to make. What You'll Need 1-2 yards of fabric (depending on how long you'd like it), any color of your choice. Bolts of fabric have different widths, though, so the wider your bolt of fabric, the more flow the cape will have. Once you have all your materials, we can get started. Lay your yard of fabric out on a large space. If you want an extra-droopy hood and larger cape, measure the hood as 35" x 20" instead.

DIY: Wrap-turned-Scarf. DIY wrap dress tutorial. Twist it, drape it, tie it… one dress, countless ways to wear it, and we’re here to show you how to sew it!

DIY wrap dress tutorial

Portia Lawrie has designed this convertible wrap dress tutorial for a clever multi-style frock that makes party dressing a doddle. Things I Made. Happy Friday Everyone.

Things I Made

This is little DIY I did for Meredith, over at her amazing blog, Welcome to Heardmont. Meredith and I have been blogging friends since our blogs were weeeeee little babies. She and her husband just returned from Paris and WOW, did their trip look spectacular. They are also re- doing their home, and taking us though every step. You definitely need to check out her Blog. Panty Tutorial: How to Sew Underwear. This tutorial will take you, step by step, through the process of making underwear that fit you perfectly and look great too.

Panty Tutorial: How to Sew Underwear

You can click on any of the photos in each step to enlarge them (which will make reading the text on some of them much easier). Please use this pattern for personal use only, and feel free to link back to this post. Moms AWARE - Friendly Fabrics for Toxic-Free Fashion. In 1881, the Rational Dress Society challenged the fashion industry of its day.

moms AWARE - Friendly Fabrics for Toxic-Free Fashion

The Society protested against dress that "either deforms the figure, impedes the movements of the body, or in any way tends to injure health. " Seeking to do away with constricting and deforming garments such as corsets, the Society sought to insure each person would be "dressed healthily, comfortably, and beautifully. " How are we doing today when it comes to our health and fashion?

Our modern clothing industry is a $7 trillion enterprise utilizing more than 8,000 synthetic chemicals. Are we sacrificing our health in the name of fashion yet again? According to the U.S. The environmental watchdog group Greenpeace International released Toxic Threads: The Big Fashion Stitch-Up in 2012. All of the brands included in this study had one or more products that contained detectable levels of NPEs.