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Ritika Soni

Ritika is a professional career counselor with more than 7 years of experience in the ‘study abroad’ space. She completed her master's degree in Psychology in the United States of America.

7 Elements of IGCSE Academic tutoring. The role of an Academic tutor is to help students learn the process for problem solving, build their confidence and content knowledge.

7 Elements of IGCSE Academic tutoring

While a lot of tutors have the ability to influence a group of students, there are some key points to be kept in mind while taking up personalized one on one tutoring. Communicate Communication is one of the keys to success. Non-verbal communication is as important as verbal communication. How to Apply for a PhD Abroad 2021 Successfully? Applying for a Ph.D.

How to Apply for a PhD Abroad 2021 Successfully?

Degree Abroad It is important to note that for a Ph.D. from abroad with the scholarship you should excel in the general GRE and the subject GRE because many universities require the latterYou must tell the universities the specific area you wish to specialize in after you are sure when to apply for Ph.D. Learn All About the GRE Exam Pattern 2021 at Manya Education. About the GRE Subject Test The Subject Tests gauge undergraduate achievement in six specific fields of study and is often required for admission into a master’s degree program.

Learn All About the GRE Exam Pattern 2021 at Manya Education

GRE subject test scores are used by admissions or fellowship panels to supplement undergraduate records, letters of recommendation and other qualifications for graduate study. The scores provide common measures for comparing the qualifications of applicants and aid in the evaluation of grades and recommendations. The Biology and Psychology tests yield subscores that can indicate the strengths and weaknesses of an individual student’s preparation. The subscores can also be used for guidance and placement purposes. 5 Crucial Points for MBA Admissions Success in 2021. If you are planning to study for MBA overseas, preparing early will increase your chances of admission success in the college for your desire.

5 Crucial Points for MBA Admissions Success in 2021

MBA is a popular business management program that attracts thousands of students across the world each year, inviting applications to international universities across North America, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and other prominent countries. Putting in research efforts on the MBA admission requirements, other than the obvious ones like good scores, can give you valuable insights and set you ahead of other applicants. There are three categories of students who apply for MBA program – undergraduate students, professionals, business owners, and international students.

Manya - The Princeton Review Announces the 3rd Edition of the Virtual Global Admissions Fair'21. SAT Online or Classroom Sessions. This is like asking whether to eat apples or oranges.

SAT Online or Classroom Sessions

To answer this question, it needs to be understood that the aspirant has to decide based on his or her preferences and comfort levels. On the other hand, a tutor’s experience in handling SAT online coaching or classroom sessions is another factor to be considered. All You Need to Know about the 2021 International Education Fair. Virtual Global Admissions Fair’21, 3rd Edition. Global Admissions Fair’21, 3rd Edition This is a virtual event that will provide you with an opportunity to meet the top universities representatives and our education partners.

Virtual Global Admissions Fair’21, 3rd Edition

You can get personalized counselling, profile analysis, answers to all your queries related to visas, latest policies & university updates, post study work rights, job opportunities, standardized tests & admissions requirements. So, if you are looking to study abroad to realize your dream of quality and fruitful overseas education that will propel your career in the right direction, this is the event you should attend. Block Your Seat Study Abroad Destinations. Enroll for Princeton Review FREE GRE Practice Test with Manya Education. 10 Tips to Achieve a Solid Score on SAT. GMAT: Build Your Own Study Schedule. Preparation for the GMAT is often compared to running a marathon as it requires exploration, deliberate practice, self-assessment from time to time, continuous growth, and regular refinement.

GMAT: Build Your Own Study Schedule

Without a concrete plan, it is almost impossible to reach the desired target score. Furthermore, since every individual’s learning style is unique, a common plan might not be a great solution. It is critical to build your own GMAT Study Schedule, customized as per your needs & style and is instrumental in bringing the coveted change. Before you start creating a study plan, do ponder upon the following points. It will be better to put them on a piece of paper to create an outline.

Top 7 Last-Minute Tips to Help You Ace the SAT Exam. 1.

Top 7 Last-Minute Tips to Help You Ace the SAT Exam

Know about the SAT test Knowing the SAT exam pattern and SAT exam syllabus will help you to make a clear study plan. 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your MBA Application. Your MBA application is not just a representation of your achievements but is also the first level of communication with the university admission officers.

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your MBA Application

Students spend a lot of their time preparing for qualifying tests such as GRE/GMAT to score good grades, however, equal consideration is required in drafting the MBA application. It is the basis of the application, the admission committee at universities decides whether a candidature is good enough to be taken to the next level or not. Not Planning Ahead Scoring good grades to qualify for MBA is half the work done. Your chances of being accepted at a University depends a great deal on your application too. 5 Benefits of Online GMAT Coaching You Can't Afford to Ignore. Have you decided to pursue an MBA education abroad?

5 Benefits of Online GMAT Coaching You Can't Afford to Ignore

Like many aspirants, you would have known that it's essential to crack the GMAT test to realize the MBA dream. For all of you who feel motivated enough to prepare on your own for the test, here's a catch. While it's true that you would do a fair share of research on GMAT syllabus, GMAT pattern and can also have a preparation plan according to your other commitments, these might not give you an insight regarding several nuances of the exam such as how the scoring algorithm on the GMAT works. How to Score 320+ in GRE in 30 days? Owned by Educational Testing Service (ETS), the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a test taken by aspiring students who want to study for a Master’s program abroad. The test is designed to measure the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills of the test takers. On an average 320 is considered to be a good GRE score.

15 Inspiring Indians Who Studied Abroad and Made It Big - Manya Group. Higher education in the US continues to be valued globally. Number of students searching for US universities & relevant courses is steadily increasing and more so after the announcement of the probable immigration reforms by the Joe Biden administration. As reported by Economics Times (Nov 12, 2020)- post US elections 2020, indicate favourable immigration reforms by the newly elected government.

9 Ways to Finance Your MBA Program in the United States - Manya Group. Though an MBA degree from the US can certainly help in advancing the career path, many students do find it difficult to manage the initial tuition fees & other costs. The fee alone can reach as high as $140,000 for a full-time program in a good US B-school. The majority of the State universities in the US are also expensive for doing an MBA program whether it is in-state or out-of-state. However, here are the top 9 ways that will help you in managing your finances efficiently while pursuing an international MBA program in the US. Business School Fellowships. How to Study Abroad in Canada. Canada is an ideal destination for higher education studies; it is sought by almost half a million applicants from all over the world. The icing on the cake for Indian students who aspire to study in Canada is that a recent educational strategy set up by the Canadian Ministry of Education stresses on expanding the number of foreign students.

This means that international students are now more than welcome in Canada than ever before. Check Out The Section Wise GRE Exam Pattern. GRE measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills that are necessary for success in higher education. The GRE Syllabus is composed of three sections – Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. ETS, who develops the GRE gives an overview of the syllabus covered in these three sections which helps us to understand the content and skills required for the GRE.

Top 10 MBA (Marketing) Programs in the United States. Get Comprehensive GMAT Online Prep Courses at Manya Education. Looking for the Best Online GRE Preparation Courses? How to Build an ACT Study Plan. How to Prepare for the GRE Exam? How to Boost SAT Verbal Score. How to Boost Your GRE Sentence Equivalence Score. Get the Best SAT Online Preparation from Manya Education. Study Abroad at the Best Universities in Canada. Looking for AP Coaching Classes? Get Comprehensive ACT Preparation at Manya Education. 4 Key Tips to Help You Ace the ACT. ACT vs SAT What's Right for You. Why you should take an IELTS Practice Test - Manya Education. Things to Consider When Switching Between ACT and SAT. How to Increase Your GRE Quant Score - Manya Education. MS in Business Analytics in the USA - Manya Education. Manya Education: One of the Leading GRE Online Coaching Institutes. Manya Education Helps to Plan to Study Abroad in the UK. Manya Education: Leading Coaching Institute for Online SAT Preparation.

Manya Education: Best USA Education Consultants for Study Abroad Programs. Choose The Best Online GMAT Coaching - Manya Education. What is the Best Way to Prepare for the IELTS Exam? IELTS Writing Tips & Tricks. WHY STUDY IN SINGAPORE? U.S. News & World Report Announces the 2021 Best Colleges Rankings - Manya Education. Top Reasons to Form a GRE Study Group - Manya Education. A Simple Guide to Understand the SAT Exam Pattern.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing for the GMAT Exam. MBA Abroad vs MBA in India. Looking to Study Abroad in Canada? Visit Manya Education. Join Manya Education for ACT Preparation Courses. Choose the Best SAT-ACT Bridge Courses All Over India. Study in Germany: The Complete Guide To Your German Dream! - Manya Education. Webinar: Study Abroad Franchise Opportunities With Manya Education. Want to Study Abroad in Australia? Improve Your SAT Score with Manya Online Coaching Programmes. Study in Australia - Higher Studies in Australia for Indian Students. Looking for a SAT Preparation Coaching Institute? Get Manya’s Expert Advice on Study Abroad UK. Top GMAT Grammar Rules You Must Know. Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering SAT Vocabulary.

Best IELTS Listening Tips and Tricks. Study in the UK without IELTS. Australian Student Visa Requirements for International Students. MS in Business Analytics in Canada - Manya Education Blog. Visit Manya Education for SAT Online Coaching Preparation. Should you retake the GMAT Exam? - Manya Education. Trump Suspends the H1B Visa: Will it Affect Students? No! - Manya Education. Why Study Abroad Aspirants Must Attend the Virtual Global Admissions Fair’20 - Manya Group.

Manya – The Princeton Review Launches Global Admissions Fair With Universities Representatives From Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and US. Manya Education: Trusted Coaching Institute for Study Abroad USA Programmes. Are You Planning to Study Abroad in Canada? Should you retake the GMAT Exam? - Manya Education. Why Study Abroad Aspirants Must Attend the Virtual Global Admissions Fair’20 - Manya Group. How to Prepare for the GMAT Exam? How to Study in Australia on a Budget? Looking to Join GRE Preparation Online Coaching Programmes? Are You Planning to Study Abroad in the US? Choose the Best GMAT Online Prep Courses All Over India. Want to Study Abroad in Canada? Best Online SAT Preparation Coaching by Manya Education. SAT vs PSAT: Key Differences You Must Know - Manya Education. COVID-19: What Students Studying Abroad Need to Know - Manya Education. Best GRE Preparation Coaching with Manya Education. GMAT Preparation with Best Practices at Manya Education.

IELTS Online Preparation: Tips to Score a Higher Band - Manya Education. Structured IELTS Preparation Program with Manya Education. Best Cities in Canada for International Students - Manya Education Blog. Start Online SAT Preparation with Manya Education. Get Comprehensive GRE Online Prep Courses at Manya Education. GMAT Online Exam: How to Use the GMAT Digital Whiteboard. GMAT Preparation Tips for a Working Professional. Download E-Books for GMAT Preparation by Manya Education. Join Manya Education for GMAT Preparation. Visit Manya Education to Enroll for GRE Preparation. GRE Test can be taken from home amid Corona Crisis - Manya Group. International Universities Admission: How will COVID affect Your Application Process? How the world is fighting with covid 19.