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What Makes Glass Flooring So Appealing? - AIS GLASS. “Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable’-Donna Karan.

What Makes Glass Flooring So Appealing? - AIS GLASS

Offering this ideal blend of form and function is one interior structure that has become popular in both residential and commercial structures – glass floors. It is with the evolution of interior design over the years that glass floors have shifted from a commercial to housing concept, and they have been incorporated in modern homes for a plush and classy look. The appeal of a glass floor lies in its visually pleasing design and practicality. Glass floors add a tint of elegance to the space and their mere addition elevates the space to a whole new level of royal.

If you are looking to transform your property without comprising with functionality and style, glass floor is a modern architectural focal point that is a must-have in your space. Discussed below are the reasons why glass flooring is so appealing. Visual Appeal – Unlike Any Other! Easy Maintenance Durability and Built. Why Incorporating Tempered glass in Bathroom is a Good Choice? - AIS GLASS.

Who doesn’t want their bathroom, their safest space to be a luxurious retreat?

Why Incorporating Tempered glass in Bathroom is a Good Choice? - AIS GLASS

A custom-designed bathroom full of pristine structures and surfaces – marble tiles, tubs, sinks, etc. – is one that is ideal for long soaks. Are you also among those who wish to renovate their bathroom from a run-of-the-mill bath to a truly safe haven? Then, your best bet is to choose a material that is exclusively designed with safety in mind – tempered glass. Ever heard of staying safe in style? uPVC Doors Vs. Traditional Doors: Designs That Everyone Should Know - AIS GLASS. Doors are, well, doors, or is it so?

uPVC Doors Vs. Traditional Doors: Designs That Everyone Should Know - AIS GLASS

Be it the front door responsible for making a stunning first impression or an ornate Georgian-style door that cheerfully opens up into the gorgeous backyard, doors play crucial aesthetic and functional roles. So much so that their design and utility have become a matter of grave importance for homeowners and designers alike. However, with the times, traditionalism in door designs is being preserved by adding contemporary preservatives – one such style option available today are uPVC doors. Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC) is a kind of plastic powder, which is first heated at a very high temperature. Once the substance is heated, it is injected into a mould and cooled down with the use of different cooling methods.

As the substance cools down completely, it becomes ready to be cut and assembled with other components to manufacture uPVC doors and windows. Traditional Doors vs. uPVC Doors: Who Takes the Cake? Classic French Doors. Glass Spiral Stairway for Elegant Interiors - AIS GLASS. Imagine floating up the stairs, instead of climbing them!

Glass Spiral Stairway for Elegant Interiors - AIS GLASS

It’s possible with a glass spiral stairway. A spiral staircase made up of glass is nothing short of a masterpiece, and what’s more, is that this structure is a great addition regardless of the size of your home. Glass stairwells make your interiors more elegant as compared to the traditional opaque steps. But, before adding sophistication through these structures, find out the type of glass best suited for spiral stairs. What Type of Glass Should I Use for Glass Spiral Stairway? If you are considering a shiny modern spiral staircase, you should opt for toughened or laminated glass with a minimum thickness of 27 to 30 inches. Facts About Toughened Glass - AIS GLASS. Usually, glass is perceived to be fragile and easily breakable, which is some shy away from using it in interior design.

Facts About Toughened Glass - AIS GLASS

However, toughened glass is an excellent solution to this as it has proved this perception to be a misconception by being a glass type that can easily withstand impacts, making it an excellent choice for your residential as well as commercial spaces. Before we dive into the world of interesting facts about toughened glass, let us find out a little about it. Facts About Toughened Glass - AIS GLASS. Acoustic Glass for Offices: A Sound Investment - AIS GLASS.

Workplaces, be it a corporate building or a home-corner, are spaces where noise and distractions, though unavoidable, must be considered unacceptable.

Acoustic Glass for Offices: A Sound Investment - AIS GLASS

After all, external noise interrupting important client meetings to confidential information being leaked through the walls is not something any employer or employee looks forward to. Moreover, high levels of noise on a consistent basis are proven to hamper worker productivity. Several studies conducted over the years show that there is a direct correlation between high decibels and low productivity levels.

Employees tend to face concentration issues, increased headaches, low levels of creativity and productivity, and blurry vision as a result of noise. This is simply the noise generated within the workplace itself; the situation can be way worse for those offices that lie on a busy street or near a construction site. As mentioned earlier, noise in its myriad of forms is unavoidable; so, is there no hope? 5 Points Should Consider While Buying Annealed Glass for Interiors - AIS GLASS.

In the world of architecture, glass has, undoubtedly, made its mark with its innovative abilities and superior fluid aesthetic appeal.

5 Points Should Consider While Buying Annealed Glass for Interiors - AIS GLASS

But, glass, as we know it today, has had its genesis from a special type of glass, which is known as the annealed glass. Let us find out all about annealed glass. A Complete Mirror Glass Buying Guide for Home - AIS GLASS. Often regarded as only grooming aids, mirrors are so much more than that!

A Complete Mirror Glass Buying Guide for Home - AIS GLASS

Nowadays, architects and interior designers are increasingly experimenting with home décor, and amongst the many things that have caught the fancy of architects and interior designers, mirror glass ranks among the highest. Nowadays, mirror glass is being utilised as a crucial decorative tool that can quickly transform the interior space of your home. History of Mirror Before the modern mirror glass as we know it came to be, mirrors, in general, have been around for quite some time. The very first mirrors were probably the quiet pools of water, where people first started looking at their reflections. The silvered mirror glass that is used around the world now first got its start in Germany almost 200 years ago. Reasons Why Everyone is Preferring Glass floor for Home - AIS GLASS. Glass floors or walkways are stunning additions to your interiors.

Reasons Why Everyone is Preferring Glass floor for Home - AIS GLASS

Sleek and elegant, these magnificent floors complement ultra-modern housing needs perfectly, be it in terms of functionality, aesthetic, or. However, the obvious concern remains – Is glass floor safe? Not only are these floors safe, they are finding an abundance of takers, thanks to how staggeringly gorgeous they make homes look.

Walk on Glass! Fret not! uPVC - ITS IMPORTANCE IN GLASS DOORS AND WINDOWS - AIS GLASS. Your home is a place to relax and unwind.


It keeps you away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life. It offers you and your family security and solace. Hence, when it comes to the interiors of your home, one should be very careful in choosing the right products. The right products will help you create an atmosphere that is comfortable and safe. They will also enhance your lifestyle and keep your family secure. So what should you invest in, in order to achieve the above? Glass Trends in Indian homes today - AIS GLASS. Looking at the new emerging India, we find that people are smart, well-informed and with a new-age outlook, they demand a contemporary lifestyle that’s in tune with global tastes and trends.

They strive for an improved and highly efficient lifestyle. As the technology has grown, it has fed largely into making their dreams, come true. Our surroundings largely influence our lifestyle. People are adopting smart architectural trends to spruce up their houses. Tips to Choose the Perfect Window Glass for Your Office - AIS GLASS. An ideal workspace should create an atmosphere conducive to concentration and productivity. An airy, cheerful, and lively environment is contagious and will directly reflect in the vigour and output of those working inside.

It goes without saying that nature has healing properties and its intrusion, especially while one is working is a must. Not only does it have calming effects on the human brain but is also responsible for enhancing productivity. Unique applications of Tempered glass - AIS GLASS. Buildings and glass share a special relationship. The various properties of glass make it the perfect material to be used in a variety of applications and spaces. Top Tips If You are Planning Post-lockdown Home Improvement - AIS GLASS. Like every other country, India is also currently under the tight grip of the novel coronavirus. Although the lockdown measures have been relaxed to some extent, the scenario is far from the old normal. Notwithstanding how boring and idle it may feel, the lockdown has a silver lining too – the amount of free time people get to enjoy now, if used wisely, can be a very productive time. One of the constructive ways to spend the lockdown is to plan out future home improvement.

Yes, business activities are currently slack; however, they will not be so forever. Having a clear idea of what changes you desire in your home beforehand will not only make it easier for the service provider to cater to your needs, but you will also see a much more desirable outcome. Ready but wondering how to go about it? Tip #1 Carry out an Exhaustive Home Inspection With the lockdown allowing some much-needed respite, now is the time to carry out a scrupulous home inspection. Cutting-Edge Technology for Safety – AIS Secure+ - AIS GLASS. In just a few months, COVID-19 has wholly altered our way of life, no matter where we live. As the novel coronavirus has ushered in unprecedented norms of living in the 21st century, social distancing has become the normal. Now, the world is slowly going back to normal, albeit with masks, gloves, and physical distancing. To keep their customers and employees safe, many industries are putting new measures and practices in place.

A common practice many are adopting is the increased use of glass in offices, shops, and other establishments. Safe and Sanitized Spaces with AIS Secure+ High-Performance Glass. Best uPVC Window Designs for Your Kitchen - AIS GLASS. With delicious meals and precious memories flowing in and out of it, your kitchen is probably one of your most favourite spaces within your home. Reasons Why It Is Advised to Have Frosted Glass Door for Your Entrance - AIS GLASS. You know what goes hand in hand – modern interior designs and glass. Nothing compares to the glimmer and glow architectural glass brings to structural design—the essence of glass blends form and function to facilitate communication with a living space. Different Ways How Low-E Glass Keeps You Cooler in Summer - AIS GLASS. Yes – it is that time of the year when everything seems to be melting away. Under the scorching heat of the sun, high temperatures have afflicted our comfortable living spaces and rendered them unbearable.

What Are Tempered Glass Windows? - AIS GLASS. Welcoming and stylish – that’s how your fenestrations must be. However, overlooking safety concerns for aesthetic needs can be extremely unwise—this is why tempered glass windows must be your ultimate choice. Available in a variety of designs, they are safe and secure for both residential and commercial uses. Privacy Glass Solutions: Myths & Facts - AIS GLASS. We all safeguard our privacy with the utmost care. Needless to say, the times we’re living in, demand additional efforts to preserve our private spaces. Think – peeping toms and prying spectators – trying to invade your personal space when they shouldn’t, and you’re left with a sense of terror. Why Privacy Matters? In contemporary times, privacy violations are becoming rampant. If you’re constantly on the edge while inside your homes, offices, or cars, something is not right and must be changed.

This is why privacy matters are significant today. Taking Care of Home Window Glass in Summer - AIS GLASS. Dishes getting scrubbed until they sparkle, clothes getting washed until they look brand new, and floors getting mopped to reflect as a mirror while windows receive the blind eye – this is the sad story of almost every home. No wonder, instead of giving a clear view of the gorgeous world outside, these vital openings display the layer of dirt that testify of negligence and lack of maintenance.

Regular maintenance of your home window glass will not only increase the efficiency and longevity of your windows but also spare you unnecessary hassle and costs. Tempered Glass: Why Do I Need My Home Windows Tempered? - AIS GLASS. What to Do If Window Glass Cracks? - AIS GLASS. A small crack can lead to big accidents; accidents, which can be prevented by making smart choices. Common Automotive Glass Repair Issues - AIS GLASS.

Any damage to your automotive glass, whether it be a chip or a crack, can be a major nuisance, both in terms of visual appeal and safety. Damaged automotive glass can not only impair your visibility but when left unattended, it can quickly expand into a bigger, much graver problem – yielding of your car’s roof! If your car’s automotive glass has been damaged, there is no better way to deal with it than to get it handled right away by a professional. Things you need to Know about Tuffen Glass - AIS GLASS. Things you need to Know about Tuffen Glass - AIS GLASS. Different Applications of Mirror Glass - AIS GLASS. Glass Inspired Architectural Marvels of the Decade - AIS GLASS. Glass Patios for Extended Balcony and Roof Panels: How it Adds Value to Your Residential Project - AIS GLASS.

Applications of Laminated Glass in High-Security Areas - AIS GLASS. How Do You Manage Efficiency of Work With Day Light - AIS GLASS. High-Performance Glass for Energy Efficiency - AIS GLASS. AIS Swytchglas in Offices: Bolstering Privacy & Productivity - AIS GLASS. Tips to Select Window Glass for Your New Home - AIS GLASS. Managing Wind on a 100-Floor Building - AIS GLASS. AIS announces winners of the 1st AIS Glass Design Olympiad - People, AIS, AIS Glass Design Olympiad, Design Olympiad, Asahi India Glass Limited, Mala Singh, Prem Nath, Prem Nath Of Prem Nath And Associates, Divyanshi Gupta, Chaitanya Joshi, Bharati Vidyap. AIS Felicitates Architects and Designers of Tomorrow as it Announces Winners of the 1st AIS Glass Design Olympiad.

AIS Felicitates Architects and Designers of Tomorrow As It Announces Winners of the 1st AIS Glass Design Olympiad. AIS Felicitates Architects and Designers of Tomorrow As It Announces Winners of the 1st AIS Glass Design Olympiad - India Education Diary. AIS Felicitates Architects and Designers of Tomorrow as it Announces Winners of the 1st AIS Glass Design Olympiad. AIS Felicitates Architects and Designers of Tomorrow as it Announces Winners of the 1st AIS Glass Design Olympiad - Press Trust of India.

Why Fire-Resistant Glass is Knocking Down Walls - AIS GLASS. Heat Resistant Glass Uses in Commercial Building - AIS GLASS. Benefits of Switchable Glass Partitions in Offices - AIS GLASS. Why Choose Frosted Glass Partitions for Your Office - AIS GLASS. Design Your Space With A Stylish Range of uPVC Windows and Doors - AIS GLASS. INCORPORATE PRIVACY IN YOUR SPACE WITH PRIVACY GLASS SOLUTIONS.