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Best Infertility Center. Surrogacy is a safe option to have a child and it has a high success rate.

Best Infertility Center

But with all its benefits, parents need to be aware of the risks that are associated with surrogacy. Here are the risks that involve surrogacy: Infection Chances are that the surrogate could experience cramping or bleeding after the procedure. The surrogate might also have to inject herself with hormone injections that can lead to allergies. Transmission of Disease Sometimes biological parents do not undergo screening processes for genetic diseases. Safety A couple may ask their family members or close friends to act as surrogates. Brain rehabilitation specialist in India. At ApoKOS Rehabilitation, we’re backed by the experience of highly qualified doctors, dedicated therapists and advanced robotic facility to help patients return to their former lives in due time.

Brain rehabilitation specialist in India

The treatments offered to the patients during rehabilitation are as follows: Physical TherapyOccupational TherapySpeech and Swallow TherapyRobotics TechnologyCognitive and Behaviour TherapyBladder and Bowel Training Physical Therapy This is also known as rehab physiotherapy. It involves traditional rehabilitation methods along with cutting edge therapeutic approaches such as Manual Therapy, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Paediatric Rehabilitation, Cardio-pulmonary Rehabilitation, Robotics Technology, Neuromuscular Re-education Techniques, and Neuromuscular Pain Management with Electrotherapeutic Therapy. Occupational Therapy. Advanced Neuro & Ortho Rehabilitation Centre. Rehab Physiotherapy Treatment. What is rehab physiotherapy?

Rehab Physiotherapy Treatment

: After sustaining severe trauma or injury, patients can experience limited function as well as reduced strength to carry out their everyday activities. Rehab physiotherapy can enable a patient’s recovery post acute care phase and help them get back to their normal life. It involves assessment of the condition, identifying the causes, anticipating concerns and conditions, and using force and movements for rehab physiotherapies. Rehab physiotherapies provide therapeutic treatment in conditions where the movement and function get limited due to reasons including age, injury, or any other disease.Rehab physiotherapy also employs Clinical Electrophysiology techniques such as electrotherapy, apart from electrophysiological evaluation (EMG/NCV).

Enabling rehab physiotherapy: Cardiovascular & pulmonary physiotherapy Geriatric Rehab physiotherapy for elderly covers a wide area of issues related to aging. Neurological Orthopaedic Pediatric. ApoKOS Rehabilitation Centre. Speech and swallow therapy is a rehabilitation procedure conducted by speech-language pathologists.

ApoKOS Rehabilitation Centre

This is a comprehensive treatment of cognition, voice, articulation, language, stuttering, and swallowing disorders. Such disorders can be caused due to varied reasons like: Neurological conditions that arise from stroke, traumatic brain injury, parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.Geriatric conditions like dementia, alzheimer’s disease, and overall internal weakness.Paediatric conditions involving speech and language disorders.Other specific speech and swallowing conditions like stuttering, voice disorder, articulation disorder, and swallowing disorder. Advanced Neuro & Ortho Rehabilitation Centre. Spine Rehabilitation Program. Every spinal injury is different, and so is their process of recovery.

Spine Rehabilitation Program

Depending upon the patient’s clinical history after discharge from the hospital, their psychological stability and the willingness to re-learn basic motor skills, a customised rehabilitation plan is laid out in consultation with the doctors and therapists. At ApoKOS Rehabilitation, Hyderabad, India’s first integrated rehabilitation hospital with advanced robotic technologies, we use the following rehabilitative approaches to nurse our patients back to their old selves.

Physical TherapyOccupational TherapyWheelchair TrainingRobotics RehabilitationCounselling TherapyBladder and Bowl Training Physical Therapy This is also known as rehab physiotherapy. Occupational Therapy This treatment aims at promoting health and independence through regular simple occupational activities. Wheelchair Training Robotic Technology EKSO: This is a wearable suit that boosts strength, stamina, and mobility.

Counselling Therapy. Rehabilitation Programs We Offer. Rehab Physiotherapy Treatment. Advanced Neuro & Ortho Rehabilitation Centre. Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program. Rehabilitation Programs We Offer. Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program. Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program. Neurological Rehabilitation Program. Neurological rehabilitation in Hyderabad. Medical management services in rehabilitation. Medical management is an investigatory procedure to ensure that proper medical care, both physical and mental, is provided to the patients who are disabled, injured, or are recovering from illness and trauma.

Medical management services in rehabilitation

This procedure involves coordinated care oriented towards the patients struggling to recover and return to normal social life. Medical management is more like a rehabilitative facility provided to patients who are on their way to gradual recovery. This facility has two major components: Care Management – This is a situation in which the caretakers engage in maximum primary care to ensure the wellness of the patients.Care Coordination – This involves organising and integrating the essential resources that are used to support the primary care system. There are doctors and therapists who engage in structured care giving that helps patients gradually revert to their previously led normal lives as much as possible. Categories and degrees of spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injuries are of many degrees and can have extremely adverse effects on the body.

Categories and degrees of spinal cord injury

They result in different types of post-injury conditions. There are mainly two degrees of spinal cord injury: Incomplete spinal cord injury: This form of an injury results in the spinal cord being partially severed. The injured person is, however, able to retain some functional abilities. There are three major types of incomplete spinal cord injury: Anterior Cord Syndrome – Injury to the front portion of the spinal cord. Central Cord Syndrome – Injury to the central part of the spinal cord. Brown-Sequard Syndrome – Injury to one whole side of the spinal cord. Rehabilitation robotics & therapy for stroke.