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Outsource Data Collection for Killer Data-Driven Marketing. Outsourced data collection helps marketers meet the increasing need for personalization, and learn everything they can about their customers. It is the only way marketing efforts of any company can succeed. Without data, or with help of dirty or inaccurate data, you are marketing blindly and anticipating your target audience or persona. In absence of clarity, your marketers will keep on pulling data from a single source. If your organization does not know what is data collection, or how to do it, or when to do it – then switch gears now. Avenues like social media, emails, site usage, purchases, feedback forms, and even data of unsubscribed customers – all of these offer valuable insight as to whom you are marketing to.

Do not plan marketing strategies based on what you think your customers want when you can certainly give them precisely what they want? Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Data Cleansing Services. Data comes in many forms and all of them are messy.

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Data Cleansing Services

It can be missing data, unstructured data, or data that lacks regular structure. At times it is incorrect, inconsistent, and incomplete; data should be outsourced to cleanse before processing it to improve the quality. Leading players irrespective of the industry they belong to including Retail & Ecommerce, IT & Services, Real Estate & Transportation, Manufacturing or BFSI; have realized the importance of outsourced data cleansing services. They are a witness to the impact that offshore service providers can make in shaping their business model and the future of their enterprise. Garbage in — garbage out, the phrase has been in existence since decades, but it means a lot now than ever before.

Automatic Data Processing and Analysis; Right Time to Buy In the Opportunity. March 19th, 2018Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Data Processing Automatic data processing is used by companies’ big time, but unlike previous years, it is no more an activity carried out for operations on data, especially by a computer, to retrieve, transform, or classify information.

Automatic Data Processing and Analysis; Right Time to Buy In the Opportunity

Transformation has impacted the entire data processing cycle right from types of data processing and method of data processing. Processed data is further used for data analysis process and results are presented in form of images, graphs, tables, vector files, audios, charts, forecasts, business profile or any other desired format – based on data processing methodology used.

Data processing has gone a step further and made data processing jobs more intense and skillful. For selling products; why image quality should be better than product quality? Product photographers and their expertise in product photography plays a more than important role both in marketing and sales if you are venturing in a product based business, & that too eCommerce.

For selling products; why image quality should be better than product quality?

However; the best of the best product photographer at times is not able to deliver product pictures or images that are not only visually attractive but also relatable, and for which they need assistance from professional product photo editing experts. Especially with merchants looking out to encash the boom in eCommerce this Christmas, through sales of cakes and pastries and cookies and what not; it is important to understand that, the quality of images should be far better than the product itself. In order to ensure that a worthy product is not ignored by potential buyers, product photographers should follow these basic techniques. These days food photography is a hot topic as it has evolved big time from being mere for great recipes and writing.

Driving Business Growth through Data Insights. Today unstructured data is generated across a multitude of organizations; this unstructured data is growing at a faster pace than the pace at which it is consumed.

Driving Business Growth through Data Insights

It is not possible for a human to manually surf through, understand and extract insights from unstructured data and communicate them across various channels. Computers can access and read through this data, however for computers, gathering data insights is not really possible. All the information that is cluttered or scattered across files, and across platforms, is unstructured for a computer. This unstructured data can be present across emails, snail mails, hand written documents, letters, on tweets, message boards, in forums, voice mails etc. to name a few. When valuable data is scattered across various mediums and across different platforms, it is a locked value, and cannot be utilized effectively to drive business growth. How Outsourced Data Entry Service Providers Capture Data from Smart Technologies?

Managing Large Data Sets: Companies don’t need more customer data – they need the ‘right data’ Organizations don’t need a lot of data; they just need the “right data.”

Managing Large Data Sets: Companies don’t need more customer data – they need the ‘right data’

By Chirag Shivalker. Data Processing Solutions Turn Real-Estate Data Challenge into Opportunities. Over years, real estate landscape is experiencing a rapid and dramatic transformation.

Data Processing Solutions Turn Real-Estate Data Challenge into Opportunities

The competition is getting steeper. A majority of real estate companies are struggling hard to stay relevant in the market. Moreover, with the constant fluctuations in the market, property managers and real-estate agents find it difficult to take well-informed business investment decisions. Unlike early years, modern-day realtors cannot rely on instincts to take a critical business decision. Optical Character Recognition and The Digitization Wave.

Optical Character Recognition, popularly abbreviated as OCR technology, is very relevant to the concept of paperless office and the wave of digital revolution.

Optical Character Recognition and The Digitization Wave

The basic idea of OCR however is not new. Don’t you read and recognize characters? The OCR/ICR machine has evolved to from the same basic concept of tracking – matching and identifying. The Practice of OCR – Optical Character Recognition Well the OCR technology definitely has its implications on your business as it will help you convert handwritten papers into digital documents, and hence make information storage and access easy. 4 Types of Companies Should Address Data Quality Issues Immediately. How Data Collection is Changing Market Research Industry Landscape? Market research industry is struggling with conventional methods of conducting research. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning is dominating almost everything, and hence the need of improvement is not restricted simply to research methodologies. Web Research for Market and Business Intelligence: Paid vs. Free. Dedicated Ecommerce Catalog Management: A Good Leverage to your Online Store!

4 Types of Companies Should Address Data Quality Issues Immediately. How Data Quality is Important to Your Company’s Bottom Line? January 25th, 2018Posted by Chirag Shivalker | Data Processing Data quality is the key element to the continued progress and success of any business, is what most of the companies know.

How Data Quality is Important to Your Company’s Bottom Line?

And, enterprises also know, that poor quality of data is wreaking havoc on their revenues. Bad data wastes time, increases operation costs, weakens decision-making process, irritates customers and lose faith in the brand; ultimately worsening the execution of any type of data strategy. It is an eye opener – your data has a credibility problem. Errors, wasted time, and lack of trust – not for free Worldwide, bad data cost companies 23% of their overall revenue$20,000/employee cost to bad data16% to 32% wasted effort dealing with dataCompanies throw away 20% of their revenue dealing with data quality issuesThe total cost to the U.S. economy: an estimated $3.1 trillion per year.

Customer Data Analytics to Uberize Retail Landscape. Drones flying in the skies to deliver packages to customers, is how technology based on data and analytics is likely to impact retail industry and consumers both – in near future.

Customer Data Analytics to Uberize Retail Landscape

New ways and means of understanding the customers are emerging and both, online and offline retailers are embracing this data first strategy. These retailers are trying their level best to match customers to products and services. Retail is increasingly becoming a data driven business and is going digital creating many more data capture opportunities. With every click, tap or touch, every swipe, search or share – consumers are creating information. How Data Quality is Important to Your Company’s Bottom Line?

Banks and Financial Institutions Fear Data Aggregators are Eroding Their Competition. Launched in 2007 as one of the very first online consumer platform that aggregated financial data from several different services, succeeded in attracting more than 1.5 million users in just two years.

Banks and Financial Institutions Fear Data Aggregators are Eroding Their Competition

Looking at its success, there were others who followed the footsteps and raised millions in venture capital targeting the investment end of the data aggregation spectrum and providing healthy competition to human financial advisors. Though this success was the beginning, soon these data aggregators hit unprecedented roadblocks. Banks, brokers and a wide plethora of financial institutions started getting hesitant in allowing these aggregators to access their data.

They now fear that customers and competitors can conveniently see and compare interest charges and various other sensitive personal financial details. Measuring Document Management ROI is NOT at All a Tricky Business. How Companies Use Online Marketplace Dashboard to Gauge Performance? 6 Best Practices for Designing Dashboards for Businesses. One of the biggest challenges for designing effective and actionable dashboards is accurate data management by expert data processing teams. And all this is to obtain “good” data. A company is required to collect a substantial amount of data from a wide plethora of sources which fit in the dashboard requirements. The accuracy of data also plays a critical role, as if it is not accurate, any and every conclusion that is derived could be biased or skewed. Which are the Major Data Entry Services that can be Outsourced? June 8th, 2016 | Data Entry | Pritesh Chauhan With business sphere getting highly data-driven, enterprises are striving to effectively address data entry requirements.

Data entry and data processing, being long term and ongoing processes, requires dedicated efforts, adequate man-hours and continuous availability of human resources. Since, in-house data entry and processing might not always be viable for enterprises to set-up a separate infrastructure or hire dedicated resources, many companies outsource data entry requirements. These data entry service providers are equipped with efficient and enabled data entry professionals, possess executional capabilities & project delivery experience, and account management skills backed up with adaptability and scalability.

Top 7 Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry (Infographic) 5 Amazing Ways Data Visualization can Improve Your Business. In today’s business world, there is an abundance of information and data. With technology today, the amount of data being created is growing exponentially as people and business are increasingly connecting online. Because of the massive amount of data available, businesses are becoming more number driven in the decisions they make and in providing results to stakeholders. Organizations use countless metrics to keep track of their sales and customers, from their order history, value, and size to geographical location, gender, and age. However, the majority of this data just sits in spreadsheets, where it is no use to anyone.

7 Tips for More Effective Data Visualization. Digitizing Paper Documents is More Important than Digital Transformation of Business. A lot of people say they want to digitize their business: But what exactly do they mean by it? Retail industry can use predictive analytics to get market, business and millennial intelligent. The concept of personalization has been quite simple for those hundreds of thousands of customers and the retailers who sell to them, but somehow it gets complicated when it comes to millennials.

Dirty Data Is OK, How You Cleanse It Matters. Factors that Affect your Data Quality and What Make Data Cleansing a Mandate. 4 Pillars Of Trusted Data Analytics. 10 Things Data Modelers Should Understand to Enhance the Value of Business Data. Predictive Data Preparation Makes Analytics A Success. Linear Models Don’t have to Fit Exactly for P-Values To Be Accurate, Right, and Useful - AnalyticBridge. Web Research for Market Intelligence — Paid Vs. Free. Internet has been the greatest source of information, rather free information, for people to use. They can find answers to their needs on a wide plethora of topics, and all this even without moving away from the desk or making phone calls to dig out more on to it.

However, with emergence in the gigantism of information source, fake news sites also have popped up simultaneously. This makes it all the more important to decide which all information should be pulled from the internet with DIY approach, and when is it that you need professional market research. Accurate, up-to-date information about a company for a variety of business and competitive intelligence goals is something that no organization, business or a company can operate without, such as: Why More Data Does Not Guarantee Better Business Decisions? — 5 Reasons. Why Market Researchers Run Sample Size Calculations Before Data Collection? Choosing the number of observations or replicates to include in a statistical sample is sample size determination as we all know. It happens to be one of the most important features of any empirical study, where the aim is to make inferences about a population from a sample.

With only 5% chance of your sample results differing from the true population average, means you can attain 95% confidence level. Margin of error can be estimated, or as you may say the confidence interval, is given by 1/√N. Companies Should Outsource Web Scraping or Use Web Scraping Tools? HabileData’s Document Processing Services for Transportation & Logistics.

HabileData's BPO Solutions for Retail and Ecommerce Industry. Human Intervention Turns Ecommerce Data Challenges into Opportunities. How to Find Required Information to Create Ideal Customer Profile? Infographic: Why Data Cleansing is Important to Your Company? When to Categorize Continuous Predictor in a Regression Model? - Data Science Central. What are the legal restrictions and the fair practices for real estate property image editing? Retailers Should Use Predictive Analytics to Blend Instincts with Facts. Data Does Not Guarantee Better Decisions, But Better Decisions Start with Data. Data Cleansing Solutions that Grow Your Business. Using Social Media For Predictive Data Analytics Is In Its Infancy. Companies Should Use Data on Hand to “Out-Think” Their Competitors. Infographic: Do you Trust Your Data? 10 Steps To Data Analytics Maturity.

Why Statisticians and Market Research Firms Determine Sample Size Before Data Collection? Companies are Spending More Money to Degrade Customer Experience. Who are the top service providers who provide bulk image background remove service? Real Estate Image editing: Master your Strengths, Outsource your Weakness. How Data Modelers Define and Determine Organizational Data Needs & Goals? Data Modeling - Turns Data into Opportunities. Web Research for Market and Business Intelligence: Paid vs. Free. Audience is The Future Business Model, Data Analytics Can Improves It. People Analytics is Transforming HR into a Data-Driven Function.

Data Visualization; Everything about Presentation of Data in a Pictorial or Graphical Format. Customer Data Analytics to Uberize Retail Landscape. Infographic: Do you Trust Your Data? Best Practice Customer Profiling and Its Five Elements. Why Outsource Image Editing to Hi-Tech BPO Services India? Market Research & Not that Leap of Faith Will Help Your Business Succeed. Client Profiling is not A Persona, But A Customer's Journey. Companies Can Gain Strategic Advantage By Leveraging Advanced Analytics. Retailers: Provide Personalized Customer Experience or Go Extinct. Data and Analytics; Don’t Trust Numbers Blindly. What happens if your company does not choose outsourcing? Smart Businesses Opt for Document Process Outsourcing, How About You? Real Estate Data - Is it an opportunity or a challenge? How can Data Analytics Shift Healthcare Industry from Volume to Value-Based Care? How Data Mining Pumps Up Organizational ROI; If Done Right. How data cleansing makes customer lists accurate and valuable?

How Data Analytics clubbed with Data Processing plays a Pivotal Role for Your Organizations? Data analytics seem daunting; how could data processing help it succeed? Data Analytics Not A Luxury Anymore; It’s Gone Mainstream. Statistical Modeling; Selecting Predictors is a Challenge for Data Scientists. Spreadsheet Reporting is Powerful; But Does It Meet Needs of a Customer Centric Business? Harvest Data from Websites; But How Ethical is Web Scraping? Few Amazing Benefits of Outsourcing Data Processing.

Data Analytics Is Not For Datasets Full Of 'White Noise' Jewelry Image Editing & Retouching; Budgets keep Expectations Realistic. Why a creative magazine design layout services is very beneficial? Effective information governance protects your enterprise data worth trillions! Real Estate Data – Is it an opportunity or a challenge? 7 Reasons Why Your Company Should Outsource Web Scraping. Habile Data — How Data Mining Pumps Up Organizational ROI; If... For Companies, Data Analytics is a Pain; But Why? Data Cleansing; Customer Lists Are Only As Valuable As Their Accuracy. How can Data Analytics Shift Healthcare Industry from Volume to Value-Based Care?

Can Your Company Survive without Outsourcing Data Entry? Data Mining Pumps Up Organizational ROI. Data Cleansing; Customer Lists Are Only As Valuable As Their Accuracy. Data Collection is the Key to Opinion Mining for Social Intelligence. Data Collection by Smart Customer Connections, Don’t Be a Stalker. How to Find a Reliable Data Entry Service Provider; Where to Outsource? Automated Order Processing Manages Customer Retentions and Relations.