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Top 75 Eco Ideas in November. By: Jaime Neely - Published: Nov 25, 2014 • References: The most popular November 2014 eco ideas reflect the growing interest across all industries to deliver environmentally friendly options for consumers.

Top 75 Eco Ideas in November

As more and more consumers become conscious shoppers, it is no longer the obvious green products that consumers are looking for. Electric and hybrid vehicles continue to emerge with what seems to be every brand in the industry releasing its own eco-friendly model. Cars like the Tesla Model S P85D, which rivals the McLaren F1 in performance, as well as the Lamborghini Asterion, are revolutionizing the ways consumers perceive the electric car. Once interpreted as inconvenient and awkward, the electric car is now reaching new speeds and adopting sleek appearances. Packaging is also evolving in eco-friendly ways that many could never imagine. The Eco Trend Report features more examples of the top November 2014 eco ideas. Design Academy Eindhoven archives. Pharrell Williams and G-Star RAW transform ocean plastic into denim.

Musician Pharrell Williams has worked with Dutch fashion brand G-Star Raw to create a denim collection made from waste plastic scooped up from the ocean.

Pharrell Williams and G-Star RAW transform ocean plastic into denim

G-Star RAW made the garments in the RAW for the Ocean collection from materials created by Bionic Yarn, which transforms recycled plastic into textiles. "Working with G-Star was an obvious choice, because they have a legacy of pushing the boundaries of fashion and denim forward," said Williams, Bionic Yarn's creative director. "Bionic Yarn is a company built around performance, and denim is the perfect category to show the world what Bionic Yarn can do. Everyone has jeans in their closet," he said.

Collections for men and women include jeans, shirts, coats, jumpsuits and hats all made from the recycled denim. Non-denim sweatshirts and hoodies are printed with messages explaining the idea, as well as other positive slogans. An illustrated squid has been used as the motif for the range and features on some of the items. Plastic bottles woven with wicker form Chimbarongo light for PET Lamps. Milan 2014: designer Alvaro Catalan de Ocon has created a range of wicker lamp shades woven with old plastic bottles by artisans in Chile for his PET Lamps project (+ slideshow).

Plastic bottles woven with wicker form Chimbarongo light for PET Lamps

Alvaro Catalan de Ocon and the PET Lamps team combined reused plastic bottles with traditional craft to create a second range of lighting called Chimbarongo, which hung from vines in the courtyard of Spazio Rossana Orlandi for Milan design week. Named after the Chilean city close to Santiago in which the craftspeople who made them live and work, the lamps combine strips of recycled plastic bottles with local artisanal wicker weaving skills.

"The whole city is involved in working with wicker," said Catalan de Ocon. "They normally do traditional and not very nice things but we went there and worked together for one month. " Discarded plastic drinks bottles are adapted by chopping off the bottoms, then cutting the sides into thin strips up to the neck. Recycled marble dust used for homeware range by Francesca Gattello. Waste material from the mining and cutting of marble has been used by Italian designer Francesca Gattello to create a range of simple homeware.

Recycled marble dust used for homeware range by Francesca Gattello

Francesca Gattello worked with Rosso Ramina, a small Tuscan ceramic company, to come up with a novel way to reuse the waste material produced when refining raw marble into household items. The result is Calcarea, a collection of objects based on marble's most important chemical element: calcium. Each item features a two-tone colour palette designed to emphasise the raw material and hand-scored grooves on the lips and bases. Waste House by BBM - "UK's first permanent building made from rubbish" Used carpet tiles clad walls that are insulated with junk, including floppy discs and toothbrushes, in this building designed by East Sussex studio BBM as a research facility and design workshop for the University of Brighton's Faculty of Arts.

Waste House by BBM - "UK's first permanent building made from rubbish"

Situated on the University of Brighton's campus in the English seaside town, the Waste House was designed by BBM director Duncan Baker-Brown together with undergraduate students. It was constructed by apprentices from social housing maintenance provider Mears, as well as volunteers and students from City College Brighton & Hove. The architects claim that the Waste House is the UK's first permanent building constructed from rubbish and Baker-Brown, who is a senior lecturer at the university, said the facility is intended to demonstrate appropriate applications for unheralded materials.

"It's about proving that you can build something with other people's stuff, and that you can make a permanent building out of rubbish," Baker-Brown told Dezeen. Philippe Starck creates stools made from recycled materials for Emeco. Milan 2014: Philippe Starck has developed a counter stool and bar stool to complement the Broom Chair he designed for American furniture brand Emeco using a material predominantly made from industrial waste.

Philippe Starck creates stools made from recycled materials for Emeco

Starck created the original Broom Chair for Emeco in 2012 to showcase the properties of a new wood-plastic composite developed to utilise resources discarded by lumber factories and industrial plastic plants. The material is produced from 75% waste polypropylene and 15% waste wood fibres that are ground and compressed into pellets before being mixed with glass fibres and melted so it can be injected into a mould. Emeco has introduced stools in two heights – a bar stool and counter stool – that are produced using the same simple one-piece "mono-block" construction as the original chair. The injection-moulding manufacturing process results in strong, rigid forms and the stools are produced using the same green, orange, white, yellow, dark grey and natural hues as the Broom Chair.

Hotel Shabby Shabby's pop-up rooms included a recycled riverside cabin. This cabin made from scaffolding is one of 22 temporary hotel rooms that popped up around Mannheim, Germany, as part of the Hotel Shabby Shabby event for the city's Theater der Welt festival (+ slideshow).

Hotel Shabby Shabby's pop-up rooms included a recycled riverside cabin

The Hedonist was designed by Portuguese architects Nuno Pimenta and Frederico Martins for the Hotel Shabby Shabby event at Mannheim's Theater der Welt 2014 festival. In the event, selected entrants from around the world were asked to build temporary cabins in unexpected locations around the city using found or recyclable materials and a strict €250 budget. The Hedonist was conceived as a miniature ad-hoc homage to the architecture of Mies van der Rohe overlooking the River Neckar, built with timber pallets, wood beams, corrugated fibreglass and steel scaffolding.

"In the transparent cube, you sit at the tributary of the River Neckar where it flows into the Rhine with a view on to the BASF factory," said the event organisers. "At night, the curtains can be drawn. Presenting Patagonia's Recycled, Reclaimed Clothing. Patagonia’s new collection places recycled and sustainable materials front and center.

Presenting Patagonia's Recycled, Reclaimed Clothing

With undyed cashmere, sweaters are made with less chemicals and remain tinted with browns and grays as “nature intended them to be.” The cashmere wool is harvested by hand in Mongolia through NOYA Fibers, an organization that pushes for sustainable practices in cashmere goat raising. Patagonia also salvages cotton scraps and swatches from garment factories already destined for the landfill. These small pieces of cotton are then deconstructed into fibers and remade into fabric. Rustic Atmospheric Bars : New York style loft. This friendly and rustic New York-style loft bar conjures the feeling and look of the city's back alleys instead of the refined coastal bar in Manly, Australia, which is where Donny's Bar is located.

Rustic Atmospheric Bars : New York style loft

Calling the beachside suburb home, Donny's Bar was designed by Sydney studio Luchetti Krelle using a whole lot of mesh wire, exposed brick and wood panels, worn leather chairs, a network of pipes and dark, atmospheric lighting. Using recycled materials like chain-link fencing to make up the majority of the palette, this intimate New York style loft bar serves Asian-style tapas and dumplings. "The rustic quality of the timber contrasts with a shiny copper rectified top and perfectly mitred timber lining boards weaving diagonally across the lower ceiling and walls," says the design team at Luchetti Krelle.

Tiny Enchanting Forest Homes : Forest Home. This forest home is tucked away in a Canadian cedar forest.

Tiny Enchanting Forest Homes : Forest Home

The home was originally a 160-foot gypsy wagon that was built in the mid-2000s, built primarily from recycled materials. The home at the time cost $100 from a wrecking yard. It is an organically structured home that has curved walls and arched ceilings. It has everything you would expect in a modern home like a sleeping area, small kitchenette and a desk. It also has a 1970s picnic tabletop that serves as a one-of-a-kind round window at one end of the structure. This tiny forest home would serve as the perfect retreat for anyone just looking to get away somewhere different and secluded. Retro Recycled Bicycle Art : bike seat art. Austrian designer Andreas Scheiger has a knack for turning old two-wheelers scraps into charming bike seat art. This project is called ‘Upcycle Fetish’ and Scheiger transforms seats and handlebars into useful hanging racks. Scheiger got this nifty idea over at a local flea market and wanted to create a way to repurpose bicycle parts into something else.

The final project resulted in practical home decor with a vintage rustic feel. These hanging pieces double as wall art, possessing a bull-like feature to it. They can be hung individually or together in a small collection to create a useful wall with a Texas-vibe in home decor. Literal Unlocking Accessories : Keyring. By: Amelia Roblin - Published: Mar 9, 2014 • References: josephbegley The term "keyring" is typically used to describe loop into which you can thread several door openers. When it comes to Joseph Begley's Keyring, the word literally describes the product as a key that may be worn as a ring. The designer collects real door keys with which to make these unique accessories. The jagged items are gently bent so that they can curl comfortably around the wearer's finger. For a bright and shiny look, Begley finishes the manipulated metal with silver, gold, black gold or platinum. Cheap Solar-Powered Watches : Q&Q. Watchmaker Q&Q, a division of the Citizen Watch Company, has launched its SolarSmile watch to the global market.

The SolarSmile watches are solar-charged by energy from the sun, and can in theory work perpetually as they never need to be wound, charged or have batteries replaced. These Q&Q watches are equipped with the same technology that is used in Citizen's high-end Eco-Drive watches to let them function perpetually. Made from partly recycled materials, Q&Q's SolarSmile watches are waterproof to a depth of 164 feet. On a full charge of solar energy, these watches can run for three and a half months without seeing the sun. All you have to do is set the time on the watch and forget about it. The Q&Q SolarSmile watches can be purchased online for just $40 with free shipping. Abstract Fabric Artwork : conceptual art. Art creator Elodie Antoine recently created several fabric-themed conceptual art pieces that look seemingly like everyday objects.

Antoine's art pieces are inspired by inanimate things from daily life. Antoine uses different types of flexible fabrics and textures such as felt, wool and cotton to reconstruct things like lipstick tubes, dress shirts and teeth in a surrealist manner. Social Good Themed Shops : socially conscious retail. For the time being, New York City based shop Story is focusing on socially conscious retail. The store takes on themes every month or two, before completely tearing down and building up a new store with a different idea, similar to the way magazine issues run. Currently, Story is about social good. Curating from a number of ethically sourced and environmentally friendly brands, Story is selling socially benefiting products like coffee and clothing.

An example is Toms Roasting Co. coffee cart, a project by the shoe company that will provide one person with clean drinking water for every cup of coffee purchased. Paper Wine Bottles : cardboard wine bottle. Cardboard seems to be the material of the hour and these cardboard wine bottles are the latest in a long list of products using the versatile material. Paperboy Wines is getting rid of the classic glass that most wine bottles are made of, in favor of the more eco-friendly option, cardboard.

The big pro when it comes to cardboard is that it's recyclable. Whimsical Recycled Lighting : wicker lamp shades. Using trash to create art is nothing new, but using trash to create stunning wicker lamp shades is definitely a new concept -- and it looks stunning. Air Duct Vertical Gardens : Biowall by Purdue University. As homes become smaller and more closed off from the outdoors, inventions such as the Biowall by Purdue University are necessary to ensure the welfare of the dweller is not compromised. As noted in the 70s when astronauts got sick in sealed space capsules since the air wasn't being recycled properly, the same can happen even on earth.

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