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RiskSave Compliance is an award-winning investment management and regulatory compliance firm that provides financial services. One of the leading RegTech experts, RiskSave offers financial compliance services and regulatory services in the UK. Get in touch with us today to know more.

Why Companies Rely on Outsourced Compliance? Compliance Outsourcing: Why It’s Key To Regulatory Strategy. As every year passes, compliance is becoming increasingly complicated especially with the various updates and changes to tax laws and employment laws that organisations must contend with.

Compliance Outsourcing: Why It’s Key To Regulatory Strategy

This compliance function requires more skills, experience and knowledge, as a result, there’s a growing need for organisations outsourcing some of their compliance needs. Especially the need for compliance outsourcing increases with the growing regulatory complexity that the compliance teams need to understand and navigate. Let’s go through a scenario to understand the need for compliance outsourcing.

If you are a business owner you are obviously bound by regulations like HIPPA or FINRA. This means you are responsible to maintain the compliance and keep the data you are collecting from your clients safe and secure. In the worst case scenario, if a hacker gains access to your network which can lead to stealing of sensitive information and even puts your company at risk. Why You Need To Outsource Your Risk and Compliance Activities. Client Categorisation Guide for Compliance Services.

To protect investors, MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) requires investment firms to be authorized and to comply with various regulatory requirements including those concerning to how the business is conducted and what practices are followed by them to remain compliant.

Client Categorisation Guide for Compliance Services

Regulatory requirements for the business should reflect each aspect clearly, since MiFID recognizes that investors have different levels of knowledge, skill, and expertise. And all this can be easily done with the help of client categorization. This aims to improve current legislation by introducing further transparency into financial markets which extends to increasing the protection on the part of investors. For financial service providers like banks, this directive has added increased complexity that serves clients by introducing new classifications for both clients and products alike. Client Categorization The treatment will be different for each category, in terms of: Why FCA Regulation is Important For Your Business?

FCA Regulatory Umbrella. FCA Regulatory Umbrella for Business. Security and Compliance Best Practices for Fintech Companies. Financial Compliance Services in UK. KID Key Information Document. Business Compliance: More Complicated Than You Think. 4 Ways To Achieving Compliance for Your Business. The Pros and Cons of Appointed Representative Services.

To know about the positives and negatives of appointed representative FCA, people first need to know what is FCA and how does it channel.

The Pros and Cons of Appointed Representative Services

FCA is a government body that focuses on leashing financial facilities-based organizations. Subsequently either a company appoints a representative company to take relevant permissions or do it through the inbound team. If one has to compare self-representation or taking representative services, the help of demonstrative facilities falls heavy even if it has its cons. Being stuck in the race of competitors and continuous upscaling, companies do not stress much on the compliance aspect of running a financial entity. As said earlier chosen representatives FCA has both cons and pros but the question is which side of the coin is heavier? Pros Surrounding Selected Representative Services Builds Up Your Organization An investing entity or financial one have their goal circulating in day to day activities.

FinTech Revolutionized Technology Cost Friendly Affair. Financial Services Compensation Scheme. When looking at different financial services such as banks, investment firms or insurance companies, we are often told, as a way to attempt to make us feel safer, that “You will be covered by the FSCS”.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

But what exactly does that mean? This article will briefly go through what the FSCS is and how the coverage it provides is triggered. What is the FSCS? Top Benefits of FCA Regulatory Umbrella Service. In order to know what the FCA regulatory Umbrella is, first people need to delve into books of FCA.

Top Benefits of FCA Regulatory Umbrella Service

Financial Conduct Authority is an entity that holds the interest of customers investing in the financial industry. Consequently, it tends to dive into an organization’s working and take- out loopholes but how can one really pass through that strict nature and surveillance? If you can fill on the compliance needs of your financial institution it's good but you can also take the help of the FCA supervisory umbrella. There are some service providers who have learned to provide Regulatory service most of their life, being experienced they know what they are doing. Why Regulatory Hosting Services Are Key for Emerging Investment Businesses. The Investment industry is a backbone for any country and the backbone should remain straight always.

Why Regulatory Hosting Services Are Key for Emerging Investment Businesses

We can see a great transformation of financial constituents by the introduction of hosting services. The investment Sector is slowly taking its form into technology therefore making a lot of ease to lots of people on a daily basis. Appointed Representative FCA for Financial Services. Top 5 Major Compliance Issues for UK Companies. Why FCA Regulation is Important For Your Business? How to Reduce the Compliance Risk in a Remote Workforce? Over the past few months many businesses have changed their operations due to the global pandemic Covid-19.

How to Reduce the Compliance Risk in a Remote Workforce?

Whether they earlier had employees to work from home as needed, hired in-office staff, hired remote staff or had only remote employees, including implementing work from home policies more and more companies are embracing this trend. Along with the benefits of working remotely, there are a few complications too in terms of compliance. With the changing work environment and shift to working remotely, businesses are facing new security challenges as it is harder to prevent all types of fraud, including securing remote workforces. An unsupervised work environment is ideal for some schemes in particular. Though, there are risks associated with fraud and bribery have always been present. Compliance for Financial Services: All You Need to Know. For the past few years, compliance and regulation have been a growing concern for many industries, especially for financial service regulatory compliance has always been a challenge.

Compliance for Financial Services: All You Need to Know

Now considered a boon to their success by many, in the past, it was viewed as an inexpensive inconvenience and unnecessary obligation pushing financial organizations to establish policies according to compliance and put their systems in place to avoid any frauds from happening. Though it has been evident that with the right and knowledgeable compliance expert and services they will help you lay the right policies and set the procedures that ensure transparency which can be a significant cost-saver in the long run. That being said, many companies have come to understand that managing compliance is a tool that requires financial resources and expertise that can give them an edge in the market. For risk management: Knowing your client: Benefits for businesses being compliant:

Benefits of Compliance Management for Your Business. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='Benefits of Compliance Management for Your Business!

Benefits of Compliance Management for Your Business

' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_1964685'></script><p> From <a href=' For <div class='visually_embed'><iframe width='1' height='1' style='width: 1px ! How Regulatory Hosting Services Work For Your Business? PRIIPs KID: Major Changes in 2020. Within the current tsunami of regulations that asset managers are undergoing, PRIIPs KID stands out among the most challenging among all.

PRIIPs KID: Major Changes in 2020

Project and risk managers are constantly heading the efforts to successfully comply with these in the next few months are well aware of the risks involving compliance and interpretation of the regulatory text over the last two years has been arduous, to say the least. Despite the latest clarification, providing the guidance it remains extremely complex and not crystal clear to create a single document or product for consumers when it comes to the real-life application of the same.

With years of debate and tweaking of the technical standards, PRIIPS regulation for KID has never really settled to a point where all the stakeholders were happy or even only mildly unhappy. A Small Business Guide To FCA Authorisation. Download Skip this Video Loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds.. Top 10 Compliance Challenges in 2020. UK Crypto-Currency, FCA, and Money Laundering. What do you need to know? What is a cryptoasset? Cryptoassets are defined by the FCA as secured electronic representations of value or contractual rights that use a type of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and is able of being transferred, stored or traded electronically.

A cryptoasset can take various forms, from a cryptocurrency to a security token or e-money tokens. The FCA further explains that certain cryptoassets are regulated while others are unregulated, this is important as anyone looking to conduct regulated activities will be required to be registered and authorised by the FCA. The inclusion of cryptoasset activities to the scope of MLRs will mean that some firms that already fall under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) will fall within the scope and will have to register with the FCA for cryptoasset business activities. What is the scope of the new Regulations? Consequently, not all cryptoasset business will be regulated. Appointed Representative: The rewards of Regulatory Umbrella. As a business managing everything out and obtaining a direct FCA authorisation can be a rigorous and lengthy process. Smaller and new businesses often find it easier to sign on with a regulatory umbrella as an Appointed Representative to carry out all the financial activities, including dealing in investments, management of assets.

But if they plan to go for direct authorization the fund’s managers must be directly authorised by the FCA unless they become an appointed representative. Most organizations understand the importance of regulatory compliance which helps in preventing unethical conduct and violations of the law. As it is necessary and sucks up valuable time, efforts and resources too. So some firms sensibly enter into an appointed representative relationship because of the nature of their business. Blockchain Regulatory Innovation Centre. With roots in the FinTech revolution, we are a firm with an appreciation for the power of disruptive technology at our heart. We now focus on financial regulation and ensuring that firms have a stable base on which to build a successful business. Within the BRIC we will assist with the following: Technology: Support and DevelopmentCompliance: Polices, Processes and EvolutionOutsourcing: Best Practice and RelationshipInnovation: R&D tax credits, grants and entrepreneurial consultancyRegulation: Hosting and Direct (where possible)

Priips KID - Key Information Document. FCA Authorisation: A beginner’s guide. Here we look at the most crucial early step in setting a financial services firm. Obtaining FCA authorisation or licence to operate. Regulatory Umbrella Services. How to Reduce the Compliance Risk in a Remote Workforce? The Increasing Importance Of Compliance To Regulating Finances. When it comes to businesses and corporate management it is not just about setting up the initial idea for a business. Blockchain Regulatory Innovation Center. Innovation in Asset Management. An explantation of how at RiskSave we use Innovation Analysis to support Alternative Investment firms. Financial Services are hugely important to the British Economy and innovation can help it remain so.

Support for London’s vibrant ecosystem of smaller asset managers in the UK is more important than ever with the market becoming increasingly dominated by the largest players and the relentless rise of passive investment. The effect of recent volatility and economic shocks will compound this. Full Suite Outsourced Compliance Service. Top 10 Compliance Challenges in 2020. Everything You Need to Know About Key Information Document.

The KID or Key Information Documents are designed to help investors with the aim to facilitate retail investor’s understanding of the products being offered and support the comparison with other similar investment products more easily. Why is Compliance Management Good for your Business? Priips KID - Key Information Document. Compliance Outsourcing: Why It’s Key To Regulatory Strategy. Outsourced Compliance Services by RiskSave. Financial Compliance Services London. FCA Regulatory Umbrella Services.