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How to Evaluate a Personal Care Home for Seniors. When looking for potential assisted living homes for your senior loved one, the first thing you need to know is they come in many shapes and sizes.

How to Evaluate a Personal Care Home for Seniors

That’s why it is important to know how to determine which one will be the right home for your senior loved one. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when evaluating a personal care home of Stone Mountain Georgia Ask the management if you can see their state evaluation survey results and license verification.Check the safety features installed around the facility and ensure that they work properly. This can include grab bars in the bathroom, well-lit hallways and emergency exits, and working call buttons.Observe how the staff interact with the residents and vice versa. Ways for Seniors to Relieve Stress. As we live life each day, we can’t help but face things that will get us stressed.

Ways for Seniors to Relieve Stress

Stress can either be positive or negative. For negative stress or distress, health problems like stomach problems, depression, anxiety, and more can ensue, especially when stress is left unmanaged. Senior Care Tips: How to Maintain Healthy Lungs. Due to their age, seniors often need medications to maintain a healthy body, keep illnesses away, or keep the symptoms of chronic disease in check.

Senior Care Tips: How to Maintain Healthy Lungs

In fact, some seniors are prescribed multiple medications just to keep them healthy. To ensure that your loved one won’t have to rely 100% on medication or need round-the-clock medication assistance in Georgia, help them maintain healthy lungs now. How Seniors Benefit from Living in a Care Facility. For seniors and their families, transitioning into care facilities or assisted living homes can be an overwhelming and difficult experience.

How Seniors Benefit from Living in a Care Facility

However, it’s also the beginning of a new journey that provides exciting adventures and enriching experiences for older adults. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.Older adults have unique nutrition and fitness needs. Preparing meals, performing household tasks, and organizing transportation to physical fitness classes can be difficult. By residing in an assisted living facility, seniors maintain a healthy lifestyle with ease. COVID-19: Managing Mental Health Amid the Pandemic. Seniors aged 65 years and older are among those considered the most at risk for COVID.

COVID-19: Managing Mental Health Amid the Pandemic

To prevent the spread of the virus to this vulnerable population, social distancing measures have been implemented. But while these measures have helped contain the virus, there is no doubt that they have also harmed seniors living at home and in assisted living homes. Our personal care home of Stone Mountain Georgia, recommends the following tips to help seniors maintain their mental health during this period of uncertainty: Health Benefits of Moving Into a Personal Care Home. As seniors age, they may need more help with their daily activities like preparing meals, maintaining personal hygiene, and taking medications.

Health Benefits of Moving Into a Personal Care Home

This is why many families consider looking for assisted living homes for their elderly loved ones. At Rising Star Personal Care Home, we understand the importance of finding a place that offers the best possible care for your senior. So we’ve listed some of the health benefits of moving into a senior living community. Proper diet and nutrition.Cooking meals can be burdensome for your senior loved ones.

Tips for Helping Seniors Stay Engaged During COVID-19. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt our healthcare system, seniors are encouraged to stay at home since they are at higher risk of severe illnesses.

Tips for Helping Seniors Stay Engaged During COVID-19

Even seniors living in assisted living homes are under strict visitation guidelines and should limit contact with other residents. At Rising Star Personal Care Home, we recognize the challenges of keeping in touch with your senior loved ones in a time of social distancing. Preventing Falls Among Seniors at Home. Seniors are prone to falling when they move because of the age-related changes that happen to their bodies.

Preventing Falls Among Seniors at Home

These changes lead to them having poor balance, strength, and vision, which comes as a risk when they move around. Boosting the Immune System to Fight Against COVID-19. Seniors residing in assisted living homes who have chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease are at higher risk of contracting the virus.

Boosting the Immune System to Fight Against COVID-19

This is why a strong immune system is vital so that your body can stay healthy against viruses and bacterias. Our personal care home of Stone Mountain Georgia believes that a healthy lifestyle and healthy living strategies can help boost your immune system. This is especially true because as you age, your immune system also weakens. Hence, seniors should be careful and mindful of their health during this time because they are at high risk of contracting the disease. COVID-19: Caregiving for the Elderly. The new coronavirus has taken the entire world by storm.

COVID-19: Caregiving for the Elderly

Tens of thousands of new cases are being reported every day. The most vulnerable to this disease are senior adults with pre-existing medical conditions like heart diseases, diabetes, lung diseases, or cancer. Adult Day Care for Caregivers. It’s no secret that being the primary caregiver of a sick elderly family member can be stressful—especially if you’re doing it full time. As a human, you also need to take a break and rest. It’s not to say that you don’t want to take care of your senior loved one. Taking a break only means you care enough about yourself so that you can continue caring for other people. If you’re worried that no one will look after your senior family member, you may want to explore assisted living homes that offer adult day care services.

There are adult day care services that typically provide supervision to their senior residents, recreational and social activities, as well as meals and medication assistance in Georgia. Adult day care facilities not only provide services for senior residents but some centers also provide support to caregivers through counseling, support groups for caregivers, care planning, and caregiving education. Day Care for Your Senior Loved Ones. Caregiving is a challenging task especially if you and your other family members have full-time jobs to maintain.

There will always be that anxiety if your elderly loved ones are okay at home—have they taken their medication? Are they eating well? You hope they’re not wandering around the house and hope that they’re safe when you come back. These are just some nagging thoughts you have a caregiver. But worry not, you don’t have torture yourself with worry for your loved ones. Reasons to Consider Living in a Care Facility. Assisted living homes provide individuals, mostly seniors, a residence where professionals help them with everyday tasks and other activities. In this facility, they get to live as comfortably as possible and interact with other senior residents. However, this is just one of the options available for senior care. Rising Star Personal Care Home is a premier senior home. If you’re interested in signing yourself up (or your loved one) in our personal care home of stone mountain Georgia, and just need to know if it’s the best option for you, then we got you covered.

Building a Strong Sense of Community Among Seniors. Going through their golden years can be tough for seniors. It gets even harder when they have certain illnesses or conditions that require them to have extra care. It’s difficult for them and their families, too. When a senior needs 24/7 care because of their illness or the limitations to their physical and mental functions, assisted living homes can be of great help. Here, they get the right kind of care at the right time. Ways to Improve an Elderly’s Physical and Mental Health. As we age, we become more susceptible to mental and physical illnesses. In a new study, researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine analyzed how distinctive factors, such as wisdom, loneliness, income and sleep quality, impact the physical and mental functioning of older persons. In fact, they’ve found out that physical health correlated with both cognitive function and mental health.

Keep them moving. Exercise is essential for both the body and mind.Encourage them to socialize. Social isolation in older adults gravely affects mental health, physical health, and cognitive functions. Improving Nutrition in Older Adults. Preparing a Geriatric Care Plan. A care plan helps you assess the full extent of the preparations which caring for your relative will require. It provides a clear direction about a patient’s treatment, and gives a clear definition of the caregiver’s role. Start by understanding the various medical conditions your elderly family member has. Chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and osteoporosis are common in older patients.

Educate yourself about their implications and how they progress over time. Benefits of Social Interaction in Older Adults. Holistic Health for Seniors: The Compelling Reasons It Matters. Physical fitness isn’t the only important thing to consider when taking care of seniors. Based on holistic health principles, it’s also a must to look into other areas of life, such as mental wellness, relationships, environment, and emotional wellness. The Core Holistic Health Considerations for Seniors. Growing Old and Well. Benefits of Staying in an Assisted Living Home. Some people are lucky to grow old. Being Responsible. Taking care of a loved can be a hard task. After all, looking after another person requires a lot of hard work. But, hard work isn’t always enough. Live Life to the Fullest. Placing a loved one in an assisted living facility can be something of a difficult choice. First of all, there are many assisted living homes out there to pick from.

How to Make the Best Possible Choices. Time Waits for No Man It can happen slowly. Why You Find Your Own Piece of Bliss. Important Qualities You Should Look for in an Assisted Living Home. Consider These 3 Factors to Take Care of Your Loved Ones More Effectively. Assisted Living Home. Customized Care Plans and 24-Hour Personal Care. Georgia: The Best State for Your Elderly Loved Ones and the Entire Family to Settle In. Top 3 Ways to Help Your Elderly Loved Ones Stay Healthy and Happy in Their Golden Years. Fine Dining Experience. Medication Assistance & Management. Daily Light Housekeeping. Personal Care Home. Rising Star Personal Care Home. Stone Mountain, Georgia. Medication Assistance.