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14 New Marketing Tools For Entrepreneurs & Startups To Supercharge Your August Growth - Page 2 of 2. Meet the marketing platform designed for blogs. Natural, automated marketing & increased blog traffic whilst you focus on writing content. Simply register your blog’s RSS feed and you’re done! Our platform uses clever Natural Language Processing in order to create the very best, and unique marketing schedule for your blog posts. Natural, non-spammy and rich content designed to engage with your audience and drive traffic to your blog.

Learn More Here Welcome Mat The best analytics tool for Twitter. Making smarter Twitter marketing decisions and keeping an eye on other people’s Twitter accounts just got easier. Learn More Here | Download for iOS germ lets your team capture every great idea, brainstorm, and turn them into actionable project plans. Far too many awesome ideas have died in lost notes and cleaned up whiteboards already. germ lets you capture every eureka moment just the way it hits you, and take it through to execution. Learn More Here Article Bunny Learn More Here. Marketing Stack: A curated directory of marketing resources and tools. Facebook Ad Examples - Thousands of Real Ads with 1 click. Google's 25 Rules For Building A Better Mobile Site. Some mobile websites are borderline unusable, forcing you to squint and peck around in hopes of finding whatever piece of information you need.

But others seem to fit your phone like a glove. What’s the secret to their success? Researchers from Google and AnswerLab recently hosted 119 hour-long user testing sessions, in which they observed everyday people using 100 different popular (though unnamed) mobile websites, ranging from retail to insurance to news. Users were encouraged to talk about their frustrations in real time while attempting to make a purchase or get a quote—any number of actionable things the industry at large calls user "conversion. " We’ve shared the 25 points Google learned in its whitepaper on the topic in the gallery above. 1. If your mobile site doesn’t have a search bar, you should probably add one. 2. "When people reached a big long form on mobile, it was very discouraging to them. In turn, Gove recommends that forms check for errors in each step of the process. Scene. CitySwagga | The key to your city.

HeyLets | Experience More. Get the link to download the App Discover | Experience | Inspire The App HeyLets is your window on to the world’s favorite experiences. Join a global community of people sharing the experiences they love and enjoy a personalized feed of food, nightlife, shows, outdoor activities, travel tips and more. About Us The HeyLets team is small but perfectly formed and headquartered in San Francisco, with additional team members based in Budapest.

We believe passionately that discovery should be fun and social. Justin Parfitt Co-founder & CEO Dean Kelly Co-founder & COO. New Foursquare app launching today with a focus on discovery [UPDATED] Pulpazo - The app. The leisure discovery app for the Costa del Sol. Find the perfect bar, restaurant, nightclub or activity from over 2000+ venues. Quality photos, fully catalogued and up to date. Whether you're looking for a bar to watch the match, a romantic restaurant to enjoy the sunset or somewhere to party till the sun comes up, whatever it is pulpazo can help you find it. Searches are simple and quick, no pages of words, reviews or poor translations just the key information and quality images that you need. We want to connect people to the places that suit them and make the most of their leisure time or holiday, so whatever you are looking for, find it on pulpazo. Refine your search further by filtering or ordering your resultsOrdering – By Price , Rating, DistanceFilter by Music Type, Food Style, and Suitable for, Ambience, Features, Entertainment type, TV Sports, Dress Code and many more.

A simple user interface designed for mobile and in your language. Mobile friendly format. App of the Week: Find. Eat. Drink. | Leanplum. Yelp is a great resource when you want quick dinner suggestions and trust Joe Shmoe’s opinion on the burger joint down the street. However, for some people food is serious business and they want advice from the pros, not their neighbors. That’s where Find. Eat. Drink. comes in. It’s a mobile app that compiles food and drink recommendations based on reviews from top chefs, bartenders, and baristas.

The app presents a familiar UI to anyone who is comfortable with Yelp. Simply select a venue type and location, and the app shows you a list of relevant search results. It’s a pretty cool app with a new spin on food and drink discovery but, as always, iteration makes perfect! A/B Test UI to Improve User Engagement The app aggregates quite a bit of useful information, but you need to navigate through several screens to obtain it, e.g. you can’t see a venue’s address and user ratings until you navigate to a specific listing. Find. Use Push Notifications to Increase User Re-Engagement Conclusion. OC Venues – Applications Android sur Google Play. Venues – Applications Android sur Google Play. Find a right venue for your great event on the go with the amazing venue search app,, which helps you pick the perfect venue for your event based on your prefered location, venue type, budget and audience capacity. is India's No.1 venues search portal from the stable of Versant Online Solutions, which is a five-year-old event technology company based out of Hyderabad. With the mission to simplify venue search for events, has designed a one-stop solution app for your venue needs. We package all the information about every venue with relevant photographs and necessary details like venue size, seating capacity, acoustics, amenities, location, etc.

This cutting-edge solution bridges the gap between venue owners and venue seekers. Get rid of unwanted marketing calls from venue owners and irrelevant venue results. Pick a venue from the customised results generated based on your preferences. Wedding Party – Applications Android sur Google Play. Wedding Party is the app you need for your wedding.

Collect photos from all of your guests and help them stay connected and in the loop as you count down to your big day. - Get all the photos from all your guests in one place - no need for a messy #hashtag.- Automatically organize your photos by event - every moment from engagement to honeymoon goes in beautiful albums.- Message all your guests or create private groups to plan and coordinate with your bridesmaids, family etc.- Use planning features to keep track of dates, share event logistics, and distribute registry and accommodation information.- Bring guests together to connect and share their stories before the wedding. With profiles, guests can meet, share stories & learn about things they have in common with each other before they even meet in person.

All your loved ones, from all facets of your lives, will get a chance to come together and connect in a wonderful way. For couples: For guests: Pour les couples: Pour les clients: ShaadiSaga Plan Wedding Better – Applications Android sur Google Play. Shaadisaga wedding app is a fun and easy way for couples to share, plan and celebrate their wedding journey with their guests. So, go ahead and collect all the wedding excitements, madness, fun stories and wonderful moments, all at one place, with India's First Wedding App. • Send wedding invitations to your guests to join your app through their phone, make them a part of the wedding celebrations, from any corner of the world.

A new easy e-invite to send wedding invitation cards to your guests for your Indian wedding.• Share and collect all your wedding photos in beautiful gallery. Your guests and you can click/upload photos directly from the app. Which are automatically shared with your guests and saved to the gallery of your ShaadiSaga app. No need to repeatedly remind everyone to send photos after the event.• Introduce guests to your better half and share your Shaadi Saga (wedding story).• Keep them updated with Event and ceremonies details. For Couples For Guests Pour les couples. How To Hire A Professional Photographer Brampton.

Are you planning to hire a photographer for your event, then it is advised to hire a professional photographer Brampton to capture your event beautifully and make it a memorable one for long. You just need to indulge with a little research on the internet to get some links of professional photographers of Brampton. Once you have some links, now it is time to visit in their office or studio personally. Why is it necessary when you can hire them with a simple phone call? Well, no doubt a simple phone call or online booking may reduce your tension of hiring a photographer, but how do you know that the photographer you are hiring for your event is correct for you and will surely come on the day of your event? Surely you are not 100% sure about it, this it is required to meet them personally, not only for booking them for a particular day by giving them a date and advance payment, but for judging their standard and quality of their photography.

Social media tips for venues part 2 - infographic. Most Popular Wedding Venues: Pros and Cons. 5 Tips for Planning Government Meetings. Planning Your Next Government Meeting (with image) · UniqueVenues. Atlanta Meeting Planning Tips Infographic. How To Hire A Professional Photographer Brampton.