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Occupy Food Pile – occuprint. We Support Portland – occuprint. (4) Occupy Portland. Image Search Results for portland media coalition. Image Search Results for occupy portland oregon. The powerful graphics of OWS - Imprint. This article originally appeared on Imprint.

The powerful graphics of OWS - Imprint

Last week I visited Zuccotti Park, the shaky seat of Occupy Wall Street. It was Thursday, the two-month anniversary of the Lower Manhattan encampment, and although the NYPD raided it earlier in the week and rousted the protesters from their tents, there was a sizable crowd there before 7 a.m. They were there to march on the New York Stock Exchange, the first in a series of events that day, ending with a rally in Foley Square. At the park, I picked up the newest issue of the Occupied Wall Street Journal, the movement’s free newspaper, which is produced by volunteer designers and printers. Image Search Results for occupy portland logo. Generation X Blog: OCCUPY. SCROLL DOWN!

Generation X Blog: OCCUPY

Click here to see 60+ more images of digital poster art of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Generation Y and younger members of Generation X lead the Occupy Wall Street movement, however, all generations are represented in the movement which spans more than 200 cities worldwide.I have been writing about Generation X (by broadest definition, those born between 1961 and 1981) almost daily since just before the economic meltdown of September 2008.

I have a Generation Y daughter and two kids that are in Generation Z, so I’ve started to write more about these generations, also. Occupy Together