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R.I.P. Pest Management is a pest exterminator business in the Northern Beaches. R.I.P was first registered with the Office of Fair Trading in April 2002. Any office or home that needs pest control services in Sydney can get in touch with us.

How Climate Affects Different Types Of Pests. 26 May 2017 Ever wondered why activity of pests generally increases after a heavy downpour?

How Climate Affects Different Types Of Pests

Or why there are more rodents like rats and mice during the winter season than in summer? In case you have, you ought to know that climate and weather conditions are bound to influence local pests and the way that they behave. Let’s take a detailed look at how different seasons and kinds of weather affect the common household pests: Floods : When there is a flood due to excessive rainfall, insects tend to emerge from their hideouts in large numbers in order to shift to dry ground. Heavy Rains : Critters hate heavy spells of rain just as much as we humans do. Freezing Cold : During the winter season, when the temperatures start to drop, critters begin to look warm shelters to ride out the cold. Hot & Dry : Many people might assume that pests stay away from human residences when the weather is dry and hot. If you liked this post, then make sure to stay connected to our dedicated blog space. R.I.P Pest Management - Pest Control Northern Beaches, Narrabeen and North Shore.

Things To Consider Before Appointing A Professional Pest Control Service by Siena Jones. By Siena Jones Blogger | Seo Infestation of any pest is generally feared due to the fact that they can spread malignant diseases and even cause property damage.

Things To Consider Before Appointing A Professional Pest Control Service by Siena Jones

In order to save your house as well as family members from harmful critters, it is important to implement certain precautionary measures. There are numerous DIY methods and home remedies that can be used to shoo away these little sources of pestilence. But in order to get long lasting results, it is always advisable to hire a professional pest control company in North Shore. But finalising an appointment with a pest control expert, make sure you check their reputation, experience and working methods.

In order to experience a satisfactory pest control service, it is always recommended to hire only a professional who knows their job right. 1. Pests That Invade Homes In Autumn Winter. 03 May 2017 Many homeowners in Australia believe that summer is the most favourite season of pests and this belief is true to a great extent.

Pests That Invade Homes In Autumn Winter

But that doesn’t mean the critters just sit in their holes and stay lazy all throughout autumn and winter. In fact, according to pest control experts, there are plenty of creatures that love infesting homes when the trees outside start to lose their leaves. And they mainly do that in order to secure warmth and comfort of human dwellings before the temperatures start to dip.

Let’s take a quick look at the major pests that become a nuisance for Aussie homeowners in the autumn and winter months: Termites Contrary to popular belief, termites do not need to phase out for a long-term hibernation in winter. Rodents Common rodents like rats and mice are the ones who primarily cause trouble. German Cockroaches : These critters love places with ample of food & water, and two places fit that description - waste disposals and human homes. Important And Life Saving Information About Bee Infestation. Are you having a problem with a bee infestation?

Important And Life Saving Information About Bee Infestation

Here are some expert tips which can help you in dealing with those stingers. When it comes to taking step against infestation of bees, you need to know certain things which make them a significant pest. They can become a real threat if not addressed for much longer. The Necessity Of Bird Control And Various Methods – Pest Control Ideas. We all love birds, but only when we see them in cages or in the outside landscapes.

The Necessity Of Bird Control And Various Methods – Pest Control Ideas

We definitely don’t like them if they start creating problems in our property. Birds are innocent and simple, they don’t know what is a property or what is trespassing. They just maintain their basic rules of life and fly around for food source and shelter. This means, preventing a bird from sitting on your rooftops, windows or decorative statues does not mean to harm them. Bird control is done with a mindset of chasing away the birds with a preventive method.

More importantly, bird control is the other way of saving lives. So, whether it is a seagull or a vulture, bird pests can cause all sorts of problems. Bird slope :- Bird slope is an effective method to control birds. Solar powered bird repeller :- One of the most advanced devices of bird control is the solar powered bird repeller. Like this: Like Loading...