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High-End European Interior Design in Dubai. 5 Free Events to Attend if Business is your Jam - Areaworks. Artificial Plants in Dubai: Expectations vs Reality. The rise in popularity of artificial plants in landscaping Over the last decade, more and more individuals and companies have been turning to artificial plants to solve their various landscaping needs. There is a good reason for this shift to artificial and the current trend has not come about by chance. The list of potential benefits for a person or company choosing to go artificial is long. There are a number of benefits ranging from creative possibilities, right through to cost and ease of installation. One of the main forces behind the current push for the use of artificial plants Dubai-wide at least, has much more to do with what is possible with artificial and not so with real plants. Since the first appearance of artificial landscaping plants, there have been many questions raised about what is and is not possible.

Let’s look at some of the most common expectations about artificial greeneries that led many to disappointments. Anyone can create an artificial plant, tree or landscape. Landscape Contractors Dubai - Why You Need One. Sustainable fit out design trends 2018. Introduction: The UAE Aesthetic The UAE is not only home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, or one of the world’s most beautiful mosques, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi – it is also renowned for its particular design ethos – ultra-modern but also rooted in a particular historical, geographic and cultural nexus.

Sustainable fit out design trends 2018

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been described as glittering futuristic expanses, and also the home of rich traditional architecture. It is this blend of the new and old, the traditional and modern that is giving rise to a unique creative sensibility in the UAE – a design aesthetic that is always looking forward while never forgetting about the past; that expresses the vitality and strength of the country’s cosmopolitan population and its global economic power, articulating beauty, power and functionality. Sustainable Workplace: The Perfect Green Material.

Wood is universally beautiful to the man.

Sustainable Workplace: The Perfect Green Material

It is the most humanly intimate of all materials. Frank Lloyd Wright 1. UAE Architecture & Design from the Spectacular to the Sustainable The UAE landscape sometimes seems like a stunning dreamlike utopian expanse, with some of the most breath-taking examples of modern architecture to be seen anywhere in the world. The Power of an Idea - Areaworks. Your mind expands relative to the size and number of ideas it holds.

The Power of an Idea - Areaworks

Thinking is what makes us human, so why not explore some ideas? New ideas, alternative ideas, ideas of your own. An idea turns a block of stone into a sculpture. Five Tasty Pop-Ups in North London this Spring - Areaworks. A Beginner’s Guide to Sushi Etiquette - Blog. Sushi is widely known as one of the healthiest and most satisfying foods on the market.

A Beginner’s Guide to Sushi Etiquette - Blog

In addition to having a pleasant flavour, the typical contents of sushi (raw fish, rice, and seaweed) make it a fantastic choice for those who enjoy healthy eating at Japanese restaurants. In fact, sushi restaurants in Dubai or Riyadh, like Sushi Counter have gained a worldwide reputation among health-conscious foodies and the mainstream alike for their exquisite flavours and innovative food designs. Yet, many sushi aficionados are unaware that there is actually proper etiquette with which sushi should be enjoyed. There are plenty of incorrect ways to eat sushi—with a fork, with ketchup. This guide will help you to eat sushi the right way, so that you can avoid looking silly, at whatever sushi restaurant you choose to attend.

What Makes Circle Café the Best Place for Dinner in Dubai? -Updated 6 February 2019- With the simple idea of fresh and tasty food that gives diners a certain level of comfort that was not commonly found in restaurants or food chains, two moms found their niche in Dubai’s growing food culture.

What Makes Circle Café the Best Place for Dinner in Dubai?

While on a trip to the United States, these two moms from Dubai realised that there was something that they enjoyed so much while abroad that they could not find at home. Healthy Breakfast Menu: Top 40 Easy Breakfasts for a Busy Day. Breakfast Delivery Dubai: Why Order from Us? Breakfast has for a long time been considered to be the most important meal of the day. This is mainly due to the fact that it is the meal that you begin your day with and it is this meal that will take you right through until lunch-time. There is now, however, less time to prepare this all-important meal as our working days get longer and busier.

Fortunately, The Breakfast Shop now offers breakfast delivery in Dubai which means you can still enjoy yourself your favourite Arabic or full English breakfast to begin the day right. But, why order from us? Ultimate Guide to Eating Sushi for the First Time. Sushi Counter is the hippest and freshest sushi joint you can find in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Riyadh.

Ultimate Guide to Eating Sushi for the First Time

Their mission is to consistently provide quality sushi to their patrons and to encourage (or tempt!) Those who haven’t tasted one to try it right away. Sushi Counter doesn’t just serve Sushi, they live it. Vegan Food in Dubai - Embracing the Vegan Trend. The vegan trend is totally becoming a common lifestyle in Dubai.

Vegan Food in Dubai - Embracing the Vegan Trend

It is a trend also followed by famous celebrities all over such as Ellen DeGeneres, Jessica Chastain, Miley Cyrus and former President of the United States Bill Clinton—all who champion the notion of clean eating. The most amazing benefits of being a vegan involve the following: Less susceptibility to diseaseIncreased energyYouthful vigor and appearanceWeight lossSkin improvements. Top 40 Artificial Indoor Plants for Your Office Design in 2019. [Updated 2019] Artificial Plants and Trees in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here we are, moving into 2019 with steam!

[Updated 2019] Artificial Plants and Trees in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

This year promises to deliver quite a number of new exterior and interior design trends, and Planters Artificial is excited to showcase our collection of artificial plants and trees that will ‘wow’ everyone from guests to customers. Before getting started, take a moment to note where you’d like to spruce it up in 2019. Which areas bring artificial plants to mind? In this article, we’re going to cover a broad spectrum, so grab a pen and paper, and be sure to take some notes! 13 Landscape Design Inspirations for Businesses in 2019. All Day Breakfast Dubai - Breakfasts Under AED 29. Best Cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi [Top 10] Cakes and Desserts in the UAE The traditions surrounding food within the UAE are longstanding, to say the least.

Best Cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi [Top 10]

The traditional Emirati cuisine is a blend of various different cuisines from around Asia and the Middle East. The sweet side of this food consists of dates, flour, honey and spices. Japanese Food is All About Sushi (Or Not!) What is Japanese Food?

Japanese Food is All About Sushi (Or Not!)

This is the question on the lips of anyone looking for a Japanese restaurant in Dubai. Well, there is sushi which is one of the most loved foods in the world. However, Japan’s great cuisine does not start and end with sushi. What Makes a Good Japanese Restaurant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? Well beyond the traditional décor, popular rolls, and staple dishes such as teppanyaki and Teriyaki Chicken, there are a number of factors that make a traditional dining location stand out. The best sushi in Dubai is characterised by the extensive history of Japanese cuisine. Chefs often train and apprentice for ten years before taking the helm. While each brings talent and originality in their own way, Japanese chefs take tradition very seriously.

Top 18 Restaurant Food Trends in 2019. Over the last year, we have been witnesses to a number of growing trends within the restaurant industry in the UAE, such as the rise of veganism and the growing demand in breakfast delivery. And you can be sure that 2019 will have much more of the same. Change is indeed inevitable and as the world changes, so do we, more so in how and what we eat.

But with each New Year comes a new wave of culinary changes and it is the restaurant industry’s job to cater to each new customer need. Food Trends that Dominated 2018 Just like any other year, 2018 had its fair share of restaurant food trends. 2019 is gearing up to be a year that sees the restaurant and food industry changing in a large number of ways.

Street-food Made a Comeback The year 2018 saw the comeback of a classic trend that was definitely due to a burst of popularity as it served the diners’ every need. Coworking and Collaborative Space - Why It's Staying in 2018 & Beyond? Coworking Office Space & Communities: More Than Just A Desk? Coworking Office London - Top Tips and Future Predictions. Productivity Theories and how to Maximise Their Effectiveness - Areaworks. How to Work More Efficiently to Meet Deadlines - Areaworks. How to Get IT Support for Your Small Business in Los Angeles - NetCompUSA. In today’s fast-paced world, the level of technology needed for small businesses can be expensive and way above any realistic budget. This usually creates a big problem for small business owners. Landscape Contractors Dubai - Why You Need One.

Top Landscaping Ideas for your Business in the UAE. 5 Remarketing Strategies for Restaurateurs. Are you a Procrastinating Project Manager? Project managers by definition are meant to be the most organised people on the planet. Every decision, every movement, every thought should be planned out, estimated, scheduled and executed perfectly. Delivery of each and every project depends on the organisational skills of the project manager in charge. If something is not written down, it didn’t happen. If something outside of the planned scope is happening, then it is time to stop everything and look at the schedule again. Procrastinators on the other hand, are people who live by the rule: ‘If you have to do something today, you can do it the day after tomorrow - and you will gain two days off.’ It seems like these are two different types of people, but I am the perfect example of the procrastinating project manager - and it works for me. Over the years, I’ve learned to use a combination of old style methods and new tools to get things done.

Commercial Fit Out Contractors (Useful tips to find the best) 1.1. Introduction: ‘Fit out’ is a term used to describe the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation. Sustainable Office Fit Out Dubai - Using Technology to Go Green. Artificial Plants in Dubai: Expectations vs Reality. Artificial Plants in Dubai: Expectations vs Reality. Kishmish: Restaurant Concept Development Project by Glee Hospitality - Glee Hospitality Services. Kishmish: Where it all began. The Roost Rotisserie - Unique Restaurant Concept by Glee Hospitality. Glee Hospitality has been the brains behind the original concept of The Roost, Dubai. Concept development, location selection, execution, pre-post services, staff selection, and operations management, Glee Hospitality has provided 360-degree turnkey solutions in restaurant management.

Ultimate Coworking Space Guide for Entrepreneurs - London. Coworking Space & Communities: More Than Just A Desk? The concept of coworking goes way back; and although the ideas around what it really means to cowork have changed and developed over the years, the core principles have remained the same. To those who have never experienced collaborative workspaces, it can seem like just another rented desk, but for those individuals who are well versed in coworking communities, there is an understanding that there is so much more to it than that.

The Best Sushi Restaurant in UAE - Dine In & Order Online. Sushi has become a worldwide phenomenon, with people from all walks of life being attracted to the distinct flavours and fresh ingredients found in Japanese cuisine. While not all sushi is traditional, many of the offerings feature classic components, such as the highest quality fish, seaweed wrapping, and sticky rice. Locals and tourist in Abu Dhabi and Dubai often seek out great sushi restaurants, but they don’t always know where to go. With the number of dining options available, it can be challenging to pick one to trust to provide you with a great meal. If you are looking for exceptional sushi in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, here’s why you should give Sushi Counter a try.

California Rolls: Myths and Facts About Your Favourite Sushi. Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills During Summer - HVLS Fans. Summer’s steamy temperatures are almost upon us. Warehouse Logistics: Latest Trends, Issues, Solutions & More. 17 Shocking Vegan Alternatives to Your Favourite Foods. In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of food blogs, trendy restaurants, and vegan-friendly products.

This has made being vegan easier than it used to be. The Perfect Party Catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (an absolute guest-pleaser) Sushi Dilemma: Seafood vs Meat vs Vegan Sushi - Dubai. The Best Sushi To Eat When Losing Weight. Top Landscaping Ideas for your Business in the UAE. Top Landscaping Ideas for your Business in the UAE. The Best Interior and Exterior Landscape Design Trends in UAE. Artificial Plants - Why Are They Popular? Glee’s F&B Projects Bagging Hospitality Awards Nominations. Top Strategies in Franchise Brand Development - Glee Hospitality.

Sustainable Workplace Fit Out and Certification (Why It Matters) A New Office Fit Out Provides Organisations an Opportunity to Implement Change - Summertown. Coworking Space & Communities: More Than Just A Desk? Why Coworking Is the Perfect Opportunity for Networking. Power Up your SEO strategy for 2018 (Effective tips) 3rd Party Restaurant Online Ordering Systems: Friend or Foe?

Your Ultimate Guide to Warehouse Racking System. E-commerce Fuels Demand for Warehouse Design Efficiency. Go Deeper Into The World Of Scandinavian Design - Electra Exhibitions. Best Temporary Structures for Creative Event Rentals – Dubai. Warehouse Consulting Services for Your Business - LOC8 UAE. Artificial Plants for your Hotels & Restaurants in the UAE.

Indoor & Outdoor Design Ideas for Your Artificial Green Walls. Moss Walls Dubai: The Biggest Trend in Biophilic Design. Environmentally Sustainable Workplace Fit Out Saves Money. Fit Out in Dubai & Abu Dhabi - Summertown. Glee’s F&B Projects Bagging Hospitality Awards Nominations. Who Needs Hospitality Consultancy in Saudi Arabia? - Glee. Growing Food Trend: Sushi Delivery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Sushi Burger: Is It Good for Health Conscious Foodies? This is us - The Areaworks Community - Areaworks. Best Cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi [Top 10] 11 Most Productive Things To Do in Dubai Cafes. How To Choose A Web Design Company. How Much Does A Website Cost In Dubai? [2018 UPDATE]