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Solar info for residential

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Installer Project Involvement. Installer participation benefits New market and high-growth potential Over one million Northwest homes rely on inefficient and expensive electric resistance or forced-air heat.

Installer Project Involvement

A ductless heating and cooling system is a cost-effective and comfortable alternative to a conventional ducted system. This growing market offers high growth potential and is a perfect opportunity to expand your business. Project support for installers As a participating installer, you will have access to Project marketing materials, sales tools, customer education and outreach assistance. Utility rebates Participating utilities offer homeowner rebates of up to $1,500 for qualifying ductless system installations, making ductless systems very affordable and more marketable. Steps to Participate The Project is seeking qualified contractors to install residential ductless heating and cooling systems in ID, MT, OR, and WA. 2) Complete a manufacturer training for each brand you install 3) Ensure homeowner eligibility. Ratings Summary Page. International : Contact. ODOE: Renewable Energy Solar Energy Publications. ODOE: Renewable Energy Solar Energy Home Page.

Central Lincoln People's Utility District (PUD), Newport, Oregon. Oregon Solar Electric Incentive Program. Energy Trust of Oregon’s Solar Electric Incentive Program, launched in May 2003, is available to customers of Pacific Power and PGE who install new photovoltaic (PV) systems on new or existing homes, commercial and community buildings, farms, and municipal facilities.

Oregon Solar Electric Incentive Program

Incentive amounts are as follows: Residential Residential PGE (Customer-owned): $0.95/W DC, up to $9,500 Residential PGE (Third party-owned): $0.70/W DC, up to $5,000 Residential Pacific Power (Customer-owned): $0.70/W DC, up to $7,000 Residential Pacific Power (Third party-owned): $0.70/W DC, up to $5,000 Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Non-Profit, Government Pacific Power customers: $0.90/watt for systems 0-35 kW; $0.40-$0.90/watt for systems 36-200 kW; Incentives limited to $80,000 per project or customer. Energy Trust will provide referrals to contractors from their Trade Ally Network (self-installed systems will not qualify). SolarWorld Inverters and Monitors. SolarWorld is a proud partner of SMA and a member of their Authorized Distributor program.

SolarWorld Inverters and Monitors

We offer SMA products for the residential, commercial, and off-grid segments of the solar industry. Sunny Boy TL-US This revolutionary home energy solution delivers unique features that are not available from any other inverter brand. It produces more power, it features superior monitoring and it can even keep the power on when the electrical grid goes down. SMA has pioneered the first and only Secure Power Supply (SPS), which will continue to deliver power from your solar system to your home when the sun is shining, even when the power goes out. Download the data sheet ​ Sunny Tripower TL-US The Sunny Tripower TL-US is engineered to optimize design, production, and reliability— reducing a project’s levelized cost of energy and improving its financial returns. Download the data sheet WebBox monitoring solution The Sunny WebBox is the ideal monitoring solution for large solar plants. High performance solar power systems for home, business, government, utility, commerical property, and large-scale solar projects.

Now Taking Orders for the Sunny Boy TL-US. Solar Rating & Certification Corporation - Solar Facts - Collector Ratings. Table of Contents: About SRCC, Rating and Certification The Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC) is an independent third-party certification organization that administers national certification and rating programs for solar energy equipment.

Solar Rating & Certification Corporation - Solar Facts - Collector Ratings

The SRCC was incorporated in October 1980 as a non-profit corporation. It is governed by a twelve-member board of Directors with representation from the public, private, and generalist sectors. The SRCC currently operates two major solar programs: collector certification (OG-100), and heating system certification (OG-300). A direct comparison of an SRCC rated collector to an SRCC rated solar water heating system is not possible. The OG-100 directory contains information about solar collectors that have been certified and rated by SRCC. The information in the directory will provide you with reliable and comparable data for solar water heating collectors you may be considering buying.

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