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Hello Everyone, My name is Rinki and i am chartered account, currently i am working at ASC group india. ASCgroup is legal and law firm which provides many kinds of services like International Taxation & Transfer Pricing, Merger & Acquisition Advisory, GST Registration, Risk Advisory, Corporate Law & Secretarial, Legal Metrology ,BIS & Other Registrations and Many more.


Shifting of Balance in GST Electronic Cash Ledger by Using From Pmt-09 Is Enabled on GST Portal. Timely intervention of Metrology dept keeps prices under control. Aadhar Authentication under the Goods and Services Act, 2016 for an Insolvency Professional. The Regular Proceedings of NCLT Further Extended upto 03.05.2020 due to Coronavirus Lockdown. 5 Reasons why you need to conduct Business Valuation from Registered Valuers? The Registered Valuer profession is regulated by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India and all the valuations done in India are slowly and gradually being coming under the mandate of getting the valuations done by Registered Valuers only.

5 Reasons why you need to conduct Business Valuation from Registered Valuers?

A business valuation provides the business owner with better knowledge of Company Assets along with facts and figures associated with the actual value of the business in terms of asset values, market competition, and income values. In fact, obtaining a business valuation should also be executed every year to display business growth. Registered Valuer companies like ASC Group deals with a valuation in the discipline of Valuation of Securities or Financial Assets.

Valuation of Financial Securities or Valuation of Financial Assets comprises doing all kinds of financial valuations which include the valuation of business, shares, debentures, etc. Key reasons or benefits for conducting Business Valuation. Valuation of Securities or Financial Assets: Plant and Machinery. Every business in the current industry has been running after the increasing valuations of the business.

Valuation of Securities or Financial Assets: Plant and Machinery

Entrepreneurs do look forward to valuing their startups, established companies or companies going under liquidation to be valued for varied purposes either Valuation of Securities or Valuation of Financial Assets. In India, even though the practice of valuations of financial securities and assets was taken up by different players in the Industry but the profession of Valuers was acknowledged only in 2017 when the Indian Government came up with the formal courses of valuations to existing or aspiring experts and thus acknowledging them as “Registered Valuers”. Even though there are a lot of guidelines or standards which are yet to be launched by India for the practice of valuation but drawing its persuasion from the international practices, Indian Government has come up with the following three practices of valuations which would be needed in the market:- Purposes of valuation.

Karnataka AAR: GST Registration not required by Importer in state where port of import of goods is located. Raids Across AP Expose Meat Traders Cheating Customers. Legal Metrology team raids shops, imposes fines in Delhi. CBIC extend the due date for filing GSTR-3B, GSTR-1 for the month of February to April 2020. Govt brings External hard drive, LED modules, Headphones under BIS Registration. Special team Constituted to Ensure no retail Stores remain Closed. Insolvency resolution Framework for IL & FS proposed by the Government cleared by the NCLAT. Mandatory Registrations and Licenses for The Factory Set Up - Legal Services. Factory set-up required number of legal compliances and company law to be fulfilled.

Mandatory Registrations and Licenses for The Factory Set Up - Legal Services

The factory owners need to inform and register their factory under factory act 1948 under the local governing authority to ensure proper operation of factory. The registration of factory assists the industry in enabling the risk management and complete implementation of process, health management system, and safety within the factory. MSME / SSI / DIC Registration Every factory registered in India is combined with certain percentage of incentive under govt. of India according of factory type, size and turnover. While registering the Micro, Small, Micro and Micro enterprises, you need to obtain MSME certificate.For registering a Micro, Small, and Medium enterprise, you need to obtain provision registration.

Steps to Starting an Import/Export Business - Legal Services. Importance steps to note for starting an Import/Export Business Set up Your Business: Create your own business website to enlarge the import/export networking.

Steps to Starting an Import/Export Business - Legal Services

Ensure a complete set of your business which includes company name, blog, website, structure, and marketing strategy. Develop an online presence and grow your company extensively. The aim of creating your company to balance the communications flow, export/import the products via both online and offline and build the customer base for your international business and enhance profit. Finance Minister announces several relief measures across Sectors in view of COVID-19 outbreak. CBIC notifies Extension of Due Date for filing GST Annual Return for FY 2018-19. Vendor Management Integral Part of an Organization - Legal Services. Business Restructuring: Benefits, Reasons, and Strategies. What is Restructuring in an Organization?

Business Restructuring: Benefits, Reasons, and Strategies

Business restructuring and reorganization requires excellent preparation, extra-ordinary ideas, proper planning, etc. This addresses all the organizational needs and support services needed to achieve the company goal and enhance growth considering the workforce and brilliant communication skills. Organization leaders find it extremely important to change how these units function for a few reasons such as changing priorities of units, improving the effectiveness of organizations, addressing the budget reductions, starting new programs, etc. Strategies to plan organizational Restructuring Pay special emphasis/ on quality rather than quantity both for the company and product development.

What is the Vendor Management Process? The vendor management process is an integral part of the procurement system that saves time and effort in validating multiple Vendors, reduce vendor set up cost & lengthy documentation process, etc. by examining, segmenting, and managing the vendors.

What is the Vendor Management Process?

The vendor management process enhances the way a company commute and cooperates with the vendors. A vendor management system is based on the particular business requirements of a company and the value it needs to extract out of the relationship. Vendor Management Process flow: The vendor management process flow means the process of creating/implementing effective vendor relations. Here are the four steps involved in the process: Why Import & Export Registration is required? – ASC Group. Why Import Export Registration?

Why Import & Export Registration is required? – ASC Group

For Importing and Exporting Goods and Services in India, it is mandatory to register your business under Import Export Registration. Import Export Code (IEC) is a 10 digit code that is mandatory to obtain to import/export goods and services from India that serve as identification at all DGFT and Customs office across India. The IEC code is a pan based registration issued by the Director-General of Foreign Trade, Government of India, Ministry of Industries and Commerce. BIS Certification Consultants: Types of BIS Certification Schemes. BIS Certification is a means for providing 3rd party guarantee of quality, reliability, and safety of customer products.

BIS Certification Consultants: Types of BIS Certification Schemes

It is voluntary, but the Indian Government has made BIS certification mandatory for listed products considering the public health factor. BIS Certification is provided by the National Standards Body and Bureau of Indian Standards for promoting and nurturing standards movement. BIS Act came into existence in 1987 and is mainly involved in various activities like certification of products, standards formulation, hallmarking, testing and calibration scheme, etc. Vendor management Process and Benefits – ASC Group. In an organization, managing multiple vendors is the more challenging, sophisticated and complex process in the entire procurement process.

Vendor management Process and Benefits – ASC Group

Outsourcing Vendor Management saves extensive time, effort, cost & lengthy documentation process for Sourcing Supplies. ASC Sourcing Solution services offer tailor-made solutions for managing & establishing a huge vendor base. 7 Traits of Business Management Consulting Services. Business management consulting firms play an integral role in framing the business structure of the company and to grow consistently without any hurdles.

7 Traits of Business Management Consulting Services

Business consultants have great management skills and immense knowledge on a particular subject. Business consultants assist businesses to solve complications, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance. Irrespective of the business skills business management consulting services provide objective advice and expertise to grow consistently.

Consultants have extensive experience in the various field of the strategy, structure, management, and operations of a company, working to discover opportunities for the company and provide comprehensive solutions for change, as well as advising on additional resources to implement solutions. Difference between Mergers and Acquisitions? - Rinki - Medium. Both Mergers and acquisitions are a popular type of business restructuring strategy which is performed either to merge or acquire two or more organization. M & A are mostly used interchangeably and is often misunderstood in the business world. A merger is a business restructuring strategy through which two company mutually agrees to form their operations on a relatively co-equal basis. 5 Import and Export Schemes for Boosting Business.

India is an attractive market for doing business in India due to demographic, geographic and economic benefits the country holds. To enhance the market and motivate the importer and exporter, the government of India has taken several initiatives for the businesses involved in import and export trade. The aim of these schemes to benefit the importer and exporter and to ease the process. Export and Import consultants like ASC Group helps the businesses to avail the benefits of the duty-free incentives. Import & Export Schemes in India - Rinki - Medium. India is the fastest-growing economy in the world and the most attractive market for business with the improved ease of doing business in India each. Importing and Exporting has also been increasing in the fastest rate as a part of import and export incentives, the government of India has formulated several Import & Export schemes in India to benefit export trade businesses.

The main objective of these incentives is to motivate and simplify the Import & Export process and make it more flexible. On a broader scale, Import & Export Schemes in India have been a blend of both social democratic and liberalization policies. Nirmala Sitharaman to attend financial outreach initiative in Guwahati. GUWAHATI: What is expected to provide impetus to Aadhaar enrollment in Assam, financial inclusion outreach initiative of the public sectors banks, co-operative bank, and rural banks will be held from February 26 to 28.

Union Finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman will attend the outreach initiative on February 27. Aadhaar enrollment in Assam is abysmally low. Sunil Kumar Tandon, chief general manager (CGM) for Northeast India of State Bank of IndiaNSE -1.11 % said, “State Bank alone will set up 10 machines during the three day outreach initiative. What is the Vendor Management Process? - ASC Group. 5 Characteristics of Best Small Business Consulting Firms. 1. Understanding the field’s specific challenges: Branding a consulting practice is significantly different from branding many other types of professional services. It has its own opportunities and its own challenges. Small business consultants often offer very different sorts of services, and there is less general cultural awareness of what those services consist of. 7 benefits of hiring a Business Startup Consulting Services - ASC Group. 7 ideas to conduct a Successful Business Restructure.

GST paid on Life, Health cover Premiums are eligible for tax Deduction Benefits. Role of M&A Advisory Firms in Successful Corporate Restructure. Why a simplified tax regime is the need of the hour. How does Legal Consulting Services help your Business to Grow? – ASC Group. Resolving cross-border Insolvencies. Price Waterhouse to stop offering any non-audit services to their clients. Start recovering Rs 46K-Cr unpaid interest on delayed GST payments. Eligible Entities to obtain Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) before March 31, 2020. Govt clocks Rs 40,000 crore in Public Procurement Transactions.

NCLAT sets aside Insolvency Proceedings of Vipul Limited. Fitch says Budget Light on new Structural Reforms. NCLT Extends Videocon's Insolvency Resolution Process. CBIC Reshuffle the Due Date of Filing Gstr-9 and Gstr-9c for FY 17-18. FDI in India rises to $284 billion during 2014-19: FM Nirmala Sitharaman. Delay in determining Place of Supply for OTC sales may lead to litigations. 3.4 lakh Evade Cap Gains Tax on Equity, MF sales: Government. Clarifications on set Electronic modes under section 269SU. What are the Services provided by the Business Consultancy firm? Economic Survey sets the tone for Budget 2020.

Government Blocks Rs 40,000 Crore GST Claims on Returns Mismatch. Cabinet Approves Amendments, Extension in Acts Dealing with GST, VAT. Quality issue -Government issues quality control orders on various steel items. SC stays NCLAT order dismissing ROC plea Seeking Modification. India Attractive in Itself, not just as Alternative to China: PAG Boss. Billions of Dollars may come into Indian Stock Market after Rule Tweak. Interim Dividend Issue may Come up in next RBI's Board Meeting. Over 1200 Exporters Untraceable; Govt. saves 350cr Fake IGST Refund. HC Clears Confusion over Contentious issue of Composite Supply. Transfer Amount From One Head To Another In Gst Electronic Cash Ledger. NTPC outbids Adani for Avantha’s MP plant. How Sourcing Solution India helps the Organization to Grow? - Top Legal Consultants in India. Bengaluru Start-ups get the most Funding: ASC Group.

Nirmala Sitharaman unveils ₹102 lakh crore national infrastructure plan. Merger with Indus Towers or not, Outlook Remains weak for Bharti Infratel. What are the services Legal consulting firm provides to the Companies? Business Restructuring: Benefits, Reasons, and Strategies. Risk Advisory: To save the Interest of Investors and Business - ASC Group. How Adopting Mergers and Acquisition Reduces Competition? - Legal Services. Why is Vendor Management Vital for Procurement? Guide to Vendor management Process. How Adopting Mergers and Acquisition Reduces Competition? - Legal Services. Bhushan Power Resolution may have to wait Longer due to IBC Amendments. NCLAT stays NCLT directive making MCA party in all Insolvency Cases. How you can Prove source of cash Deposits to Escape Income Tax Scrutiny.

Process of Obtaining Import-Export license from Legal Metrology Department - Legal Services. Guidelines for Setting up a Business in India - ascgroup’s diary. Lenders Seek Speedy Resolution of DHFL in Bankruptcy Tribunal. Company Law Committee recommends Decriminalisation of Compoundable Offences. Features and Essentials of Risk Advisory Services – ASC Group. Business Consulting Firms to Restructure your Business - ascgroup’s diary. Process for the Proceedings under Insolvency and Bankruptcy code. Benefits of Best Business Management Consulting firm in India. Lenders to Refer more Cases to National Company Law Tribunal. NCLT Directs DoT not to Suspend Aircel’s Spectrum License. 15,000 Employees Can Be Fired Due To National Insurance, Oriental Insurance, United India Merger. Law firms are Laughing all the way to the bank amid swelling IBC, GST cases. Lenders take forward their Resolution plan for McLeod Russel outside NCLT.

Suzlon Energy may head to NCLT. Developers Resent Buyers filing Cases Under IBC. Despite Demonetisation and RERA, Builders still asking for cash. 15th Finance Commission seeks say in GST Council amid Centre-states row. NCLAT Approves Delisting of Alok Industries. Homebuyers write to PM, say Builders' move to seek IBC tweak Dilutes their Rights. Homebuyers Have Filed Over 1,800 Cases Under Insolvency Law: Govt. Bankruptcy law comes of age. Kwality Insolvency: NCLT directs Lenders to Consider Haldiram Snacks.

Now, NBFCs with assets worth at least 500 cr can go for Insolvency Resolution.