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Highest Paid Bollywood Actors: Who Are Highest Paid Bollywood Actors. The 2nd largest film industry in the world, Bollywood has delivered some of the finest actors to the Indian cinema fraternity.

Highest Paid Bollywood Actors: Who Are Highest Paid Bollywood Actors

Not only in India and Asian Continents, but the Indian Actors are popular across the world even in Hollywood for their performance and work. The Bollywood Actor fees are calculated in millions today because their net worth and salaries are quite high than some of Hollywood Actors. Below you will come across the list of Highest-Paid Bollywood Actors in India 2019.

Akshay Kumar – Net Earning 41 Cr. Hari Om Bhatia also is known as Akshay Kumar is one of the highest-paid actors in Indian cinema with net earnings of 41 Cr. per movie. Upcoming Smartphones in India - 2020. Upcoming Smartphones in India 2020: they are to people in the 21st century what Netscape was in the late 20th, a necessary staple in life.

Upcoming Smartphones in India - 2020

Smartphones are popular because they simplify life. For example, it’s possible to send email messages, call people through websites, and send Word files through popular apps like Messenger and Whatsapp through them. Like e-commerce, smartphones are not going to go away anytime soon and are ‘here to stay.’ Given this reality, this article will discuss the information you want to know about the best upcoming smartphones in India in 2020. This includes models, their launch date, full specifications, and price! Guiding The Directions To Choose for Office Door, Table & Desk. Vastu Shastra is the historical science of architecture and construction while it keeps updating itself with the modern lifestyle.

Guiding The Directions To Choose for Office Door, Table & Desk

We are going to give the best tips below of Vastufor an office setting to bring prosperity and financial fortune for your businesses. Vastu Items For Office Decorations: How Much Money a Person can Keep Legally at Home? Bank Cash Transaction Tax. A: According to the law, there is no set limit for money which you can keep at home.

How Much Money a Person can Keep Legally at Home? Bank Cash Transaction Tax

But, it is mandatory for the person to give valid reasons for that liquidity cash at home and also provide the sources when any inquiry is done. Failing to explain the sources at the time of inquiry would lead to 137% of penalty for the cash balance at home. A: No tax is imposed on cash withdrawals from the bank, regardless of its limit. Vinyl Flooring Designs Ideas - Latest Vinyl Flooring, Designs and Pricing. With the help of modern technology and items available due to it, the life is made easier.

Vinyl Flooring Designs Ideas - Latest Vinyl Flooring, Designs and Pricing

There are a number of filed that have seen vast changes due to use of such technologies and the flooring is also not an exception to them. Being an integral part of home and office, one needs to have beautiful flooring that attracts guest and create an effective first impression that can be much useful for further relations. Hence, the flooring whether, it is simple or designed, drawing room or office, makes a great sense and one cannot ignore this important part of the home under any circumstances.

In the modern days there are people who love various attractive tiles, wooden flooring, vinyl flooring, and create a different look of the area. How to make YouTube Kids safer in 2019 - Kid Safe Youtube Alternative. Time has shown man the exact meaning of evolution and people at times have seen a drastic change in a lot of things be it technology, living of standard, food and other things that surround them in the environment.

How to make YouTube Kids safer in 2019 - Kid Safe Youtube Alternative

From being something to evolving into something entirely different, this is what change has meant for people around. A similar thing has happened with content streaming. Yes, you heard that right, the content streaming has changed a lot from what it used to be. The 4 Cardinal Directions - DecorChamp. How to Use the 4 Cardinal Directions in Building a House?

The 4 Cardinal Directions - DecorChamp

No one wants direct sunlight in their bedroom during the afternoon, but everyone wishes to have a bright kitchen to grow some herbs and fresh ingredients. To make the most out of the orientation of your house, it is important to keep in mind the 4 cardinal directions. The importance of Cardinal Directions East, west, north, and south are the 4 cardinal directions and there are four corners called the sub directions where the two cardinal directions meet. In total, there are 8 directions to keep in mind, while designing a house according to Vastu Shastra.

East (Poorva)West (Paschima )North (Uttara)South (Dakshina)North-East (Eshanya)North-West (Vaayavya)South-East (Nairuthya)South-West (Aagneya) The four cardinal directions are important because they are defined with respect to the Sun, and according to the Vastu the four sub directions are equally important because they combine the force of two cardinal directions.

Top 10 Best Ways to Boost Women Health. Do you know, every small change that you make in your lifestyle there are a lot of differences that can be made by this.

Top 10 Best Ways to Boost Women Health

Be it your eating habits, sleeping habits, or anything else, you need to make each and every step very carefully. Start with changing your bad habits of enough drinking or smoking. Fascinating Staircases Designs For Your Home - DecorChamp. Vastu Tips for Living or Drawing Room - DecorChamp. Living in Vastu Compliant Living Room These days when it comes to home or office lots of emphasis is given to the place being vastu compliant.

Vastu Tips for Living or Drawing Room - DecorChamp

After all when you are spending a large booty to get your dream abode it definitely has to be such that it is lucky for you. Vastu Shastra has specific rules for specific rooms. When we talk about the living room, vastu experts emphasize that if you house is north or east facing then the drawing room should be northeast direction and if it is west facing then the living room should be in northwest direction. List of Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in India - Full Insight. Thousands of students graduate every year from a number of universities in India.

List of Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in India - Full Insight

There are students who graduate from very High fame colleges like IIT , IIM , NIT , Indian school of business , Symbiosis institute of technology & management , NMIMS,Mumbai and then there are students who graduate from normal level state universities . Best Easy to Make Rangoli Designs for Diwali - DecorChamp. Inspire the Artist in you with these Diwali Rangoli Designs Diwali is synonymous with a lot of words- celebrations, festivities, merriment, crackers, shopping and ofcourse a beautiful Rangoli. When the Diwali festival season sets in, people gear up to decorate their houses, get them white washed, and enlighten their homes with diyas and lights. However, no Diwali decoration is complete without a Rangoli. Top 10 Best Places to Visit in India- 2019 - Must Visit Places.

India is a country that provides a galore of tourist destinations. India is truly a multifaceted country with tons of hidden gems waiting for the wanders to come and appreciate it. With mountains and hills, beaches and garden, monuments and clean villages, India offers a wide range of options to the travelers. 10 Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens. If you have a small kitchen in your house, then guess what! There are a lot of ways you can right away increase the storage space of your kitchen. DécorChamp is going to tell you about 10 storage ideas for small kitchens that you must try out. A small kitchen doesn’t always have to be chaotic, our ideas will help you overhaul your kitchen in just a few minutes. All you got to do is try and get started with these wonderful ideas.

So, shall we begin? Get a Pegboard for the Kitchen Walls: Since your kitchen is small, adding separate partitions for everything will not be an easy task. Create a Separate Table for the Oven: You must be thinking, how on earth a separate table for the oven will be possible! List of Best Places To Visit In Australia - Plan Your Vacation Now. Australia is a beautiful place in the world. There are many travellers and visitors who go to this destination in order to experience the thrill and exposure the country gives. Geographically talking, the country is situated in between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean which gives them very healthy vegetation. Being the largest island in the world, there are many places to visit in Australia.

The country has a lot of revenue each year that is created by the Australia Tourism. Interesting Tips for Modular Kitchens - DecorChamp. Kitchen is the place for you where you can make your loved ones happy with delicious hot meals served to those hungry stomachs. Innovative Ideas to Design Your office Space.

Top Health Supplements of 2019 - Keeps you Fit All Day. Vastu Shastra for Home - Get Expert Vastu Ideas & Tips for your Home. Upcoming Mobiles Under 15000 Price List in 2019.