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Start Me Up! A profile of Movellas. Movellas has been described as 'YouTube for ebooks', and it allows writers to upload their poetry, stories and essays to the platform.

Start Me Up! A profile of Movellas

Anyone can create their own 'movella' and it is accessible anywhere, anytime, from a computer, tablet, iPad, iPod Touch, eReader or smartphone. I asked CEO and Co-Founder Per Larson about the company... In one sentence, what is Movellas? A platform to create, discover and develop stories whilst identifying talented authors in a social and interactive community. What problems does Movellas solve? At one level, one can argue that we are trying to democratise publishing. At another level, we are a sanctuary for young people to express themselves about dreams, hopes, problems and ideas while getting feedback from fellow minded people.

When and why did you launch it? The site was launched early 2010, but things really started to kick off about ten months ago. Creating a social media strategy for B2B organisations. As shown in many of the latest Econsultancy reports, a growing number of B2B companies seem to have caught up with their B2C peers and are investing in social media.

Creating a social media strategy for B2B organisations

However, when we decided to create a company-wide social media strategy in the summer of 2010 there were very few examples from which to draw inspiration. My company Gemalto, a digital security provider listed in Paris, had begun experimenting with social media communications on a project basis and got a taste for it. However, we realised if we wanted to do it well we needed to look at it strategically. While every company has a different internal culture, target markets and social media maturity, I’ve identified the following five steps that can be applied to creating a B2B social media strategy: 1. Movellas. Movellas. Mind Tools - Management Training, Leadership Training and Career Training. Mindmaps. WordPress Membership Plugin. WordPress 101 provides easy tutorial videos to teach anyone how to use WordPress and to manage their own blog in about an hour.

WordPress Membership Plugin

The site’s design is simple, clean and well thought out. Members can clearly access information. WordPress101’s content is delivered in a professional manner and is valuable to anyone interested in using WordPress (all […] Wonderful Web Women Wonderful Web Women was completely rebuilt using WordPress and Wishlist Member in 4 weeks. University of Makeup The site has 48 makeup training videos and we’re still adding more. The CBI Clubhouse We were among the first Wishlist sites online and we’ve continued to grow and expand ever since. A List Blogging Boot Camps Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch started a membership site in October 2009, called A-List Blogging Bootcamps.

My Year Without Clothes Shopping Operation Pixie Dust Operation Pixie Dust is packed full of information to help people book a dream vacation to Disney World. Flower Arranging 101 MUFON Central.


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