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Our Charlotte plumbers have set the bar high when it comes to hiring a plumbing contractor. Our team of plumbers is built on the highest standards of integrity & reliability. We do things the Rightway. We are your #1 plumber in Charlotte, NC and our reviews all across the web back that statement up. For reliable, prompt, and friendly plumbing, look no further than Rightway Plumbing. We welcome you to scroll through our website, like us on Facebook, check our BBB rating, and see what people from Google and Angie’s List have said. Our normal business hours are from 8am – 8pm. High standards, reliability, and cleanliness are not something you general think of when hiring a plumber in Charlotte, but it’s the norm here. Let us be your “go to” Charlotte plumbers.

Tankless Water Heaters. Water Heater Replacement Charlotte NC - Water Heater Repair Charlotte NC. Hydro Jetting Charlotte NC. Hydro jetting is a method of cleaning clogged drains and obstructed sewage lines using highly pressurized water.

Hydro Jetting Charlotte NC

A blast of high pressure is sent into the lines via hose that will usually remove blockages and build up. The water comes out of a hose at a very high psi, from 7,000 to 60,000 psi, removing dirt, grime, debris and other obstructions in the sewer lines. Hydro jetting can completely clean pipes of residual build up in ways that using a snake cannot. Snaking out pipes only breaks up the clogs but leaves build up remaining on the interior walls. Hydro jetting is even powerful enough to cut through tree roots that may be causing blockage. Hydro jetting uses heavy-duty nozzles attached to powerful hoses and high-pressure water, similar to, but more powerful than, a fire hose. Fixing your Garbage Disposal. A garbage disposal is an indispensable appliance in your kitchen and will definitely cause you some major heartache if it goes out.

Fixing your Garbage Disposal

A regular garbage disposal can work properly for about 10 years with proper maintenance to avoid possible issues than can turn to be a major inconvenience. Some of the most common problems that you will face with your disposal are clogging, slow draining and leaking. Rust in Your Water Heater. Nothing is more unpleasant than getting into your shower in the morning only to find that there is brown water pooling at your feet.

Rust in Your Water Heater

Most water heaters are manufactured primarily using steel, copper and brass parts, and when you add water into the equation, the most likely problem you will encounter is corrosion. Rust building up in the pipes, vents, or directly inside the water heater tank will not only result in repulsive brown water, but it will greatly reduce your unit’s lifespan and could even be potentially dangerous to your home.

There are several components in your water heater that you should inspect to identify corrosion and clean or replace them periodically. Such a fundamental appliance in your home should always be maintained and tuned-up frequently to avoid potentially harmful and damaging results. Take the necessary precautions, and grab a flashlight; the following components should be carefully checked: Check the electrical components and replace for galvanized unions.

How to quiet noisy pipes - Charlotte NC. Water hammer refers to a specific banging noise your pipes make when fast rushing water that goes through them is brought to an abrupt stop when you shut off a faucet or an appliance closes off the water supply suddenly.

How to quiet noisy pipes - Charlotte NC

You might have been experiencing loud, repetitive banging noises coming from somewhere in your walls, especially so when your washing machine or dishwasher are running. These appliances have valves that open and close very quickly, so when the pipes haven’t been properly secured to the walls or proper installation of cushions and air chambers haven’t been made, the water flowing through will suddenly stop and will make the pipes shake and rattle against wood and metal around it, which will cause the loud banging noises. Cheap Plumbing Repairs. Plumbing repairs can be quite expensive.

Cheap Plumbing Repairs

The tears and breakage in a fixture can happen at any given moment and can leave you unaided with no one to help you fix them. We all want to fix the problems on our own and sometimes we can, depending on how big the problem is. Minor problems left unattended can turn into much bigger problems down the road. Take for an example a leaky pipe – take the time to have it repaired. Not taking care of a problem early on can lead to an expensive problem later on. 10 Tips To SAVE WATER! My drinking water bill is going through the roof! – Family, Home & Health. Yes, I like to believe that I’m an Eco-friendly person.

My drinking water bill is going through the roof! – Family, Home & Health

So my first concern (and yours) must be the planet, and the fact that water is a non-renewable resource. Actually, it’s expected that World War Four is gonna be originated by water scarcity. Please, watch that documentary, it’s gold. Really. As I was saying, I really truly believe all of that is really important. I started to research about the possible reasons for my bill increasing so much: If you’ve had visitors to stay or someone else has moved into your property, the amount of water you used will have increased. Nope. Activities such as building, renovation or decorating could mean you have used more water than normal. Using a hosepipe or sprinkler will significantly increase the amount of water used. Plumbers Charlotte NC. Prevent Frozen Pipes - Rightway Plumbing. Frozen pipes can be a real issue for homeowners.

Prevent Frozen Pipes - Rightway Plumbing

Even in an area as mild as Charlotte, your pipes can freeze if exposed to the weather. There are several tricks you can do to reduce your chances of your pipes freezing. 1. Pipe Insulation This is simple foam or rubber tubing that fits easily around your pipes. 2. These handy little devices will snap on to the end of your outdoor spigots, keeping the cold out and reducing the chances of water freezing just inside the faucet. Ask us your Questions - Rightway Plumbing.