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Case Study: Which Source of Web Traffic Converts the Best? Okay, I’ll admit it.

Case Study: Which Source of Web Traffic Converts the Best?

I’m trying to tell you not to do something I did for years. Obsess over traffic. Or at least traffic volume. Greenlighted - Collective Power Redefined. Infographic Marketing Results from BlueGlass. Busting-Common-Health-Myths.png (640×6577) 55 Awesome Website Headers For Your Inspiration. In the last years, the notion of “website header” chanced dramatically.

55 Awesome Website Headers For Your Inspiration

If until a few years ago, the header was the place for a standard logo and a simple menu, now this can be a piece of art. Below you can see 55 superb examples of such headers. Denise Chandler. 50 Retro and Vintage Web Designs to Inspire You. Last week, Henry posted an article with 30 Fonts Perfect for Vintage and Retro Style Design and I simply loved the first font of the list, the matchbook typefaces.

50 Retro and Vintage Web Designs to Inspire You

By the time I saw it I could think of several good ways to use it in web design, print design on even other ways. I was so inspired that I decided to do a selection of retro and vintage websites for our weekly web design inspirational post. I really like retro and vintage stuff… websites, posters, print, adds, everything. I think it’s amazing how an ‘old style’ still get our attention and appreciation. Stuff for Smart Masses.

Trent Walton. Team Thesis — Thesis Themes…Made to Go! Stijn's Blog over Nieuws, Muziek, Films — Aardling™ Shatterboxx — Warning: may cause designgasm. 35 Beautiful Landing Page Design Examples to Drool Over [With Critiques] A professionally designed landing page can improve your conversion rates. This post is all about showcasing awesome landing pages, to give you some inspiration for your next design.

It’s worth stating that no page is ever perfect – or conversely, every page can be better. With this in mind, we’ll be offering perspective on what makes each page special or interesting, while providing some insight into what we would try out in an A/B test experiment to optimize for higher conversions. Landing Page Examples. Landing page examples collected from Unbounce customers and other companies marketing via pay-per-click, that you can use for design and layout inspiration.

Landing Page Examples

Each post includes a critique of what's good, and what could be changed or tested. Best Landing Page Example Posts 12 Beautiful Landing Page Templates Designed Just For You We offered designers $10,000+ to create beautiful, conversion centered landing page templates in a variety of verticals. Here’s what they came up with. 18743-b.jpg (430×540) 19443-b.jpg (430×484) 20117-b.jpg (430×582) 21215-b.jpg (430×408)