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Riello Power India Pvt Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of RPS S.p.A (Riello Power Solutions, Italy). RPS is headquartered at Legnago (Verona), Italy; with research & manufacturing facilities in Legnago and Cormano in Italy and Gurgaon in India.

Environmental sensors. Multi Switch. Multi-Switch improves electrical supply continuity. The principle of operation guarantees a higher reliability level than that achieved using a single UPS (on-line with automatic bypass) or several UPS in parallel. PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION The Multi-Switch provides electrical distribution and remote management for up to eight network users, powered from either one or two direct mains supplies or UPS or a combination of both.

Multi-Switch can connect each user (up to eight, each with a maximum power demand not greater than 3A), to either of the two power sources (A and B). Load demand is shown on the LCD. See “principle of operation” diagram. Multi Switch. Multi Pass. CSS Central Supply Systems. DUAL INPUT The Riello UPS CSS range is equipped with DUAL INPUT as standard on all models.

CSS Central Supply Systems

This important feature allows the mandatory scheduled checks on system operation and autonomy to be carried out with extreme ease and in complete safety by simply operating an input switch. This switch interrupts the power supply to the machine without interrupting the bypass line, which is able to support the load in the event of test failure. HIGH RECHARGE CURRENT AND BATTERY CARE SYSTEM Proper battery care is critical to ensuring correct CSS operation in emergency conditions. The Riello UPS battery care system consists of a series of features and capabilities designed to obtain the best performance, extend operating life and satisfy the recharge times imposed by the standard. The Riello UPS CSS range is designed in compliance with standard EN 50171 and ensures high current levels are available for the batteries, allowing recharge of up to 80% of full autonomy within 12 hours.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Manufacturer - SuperCaps UPS. Riello SuperCaps UPS are designed to provide complete power supply protection for sensitive and mission-critical loads, protecting them from mains disturbances and providing sufficient energy to compensate for interruptions in mains supply.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Manufacturer - SuperCaps UPS

SuperCaps UPS are a type of uninterruptible power supply developed by Riello UPS, which use super capacitors to accumulate energy instead of conventional batteries. Their back-up time is dependent on the load but is sufficient to supply it until the mains power is restored or until the reserve power generator starts automatically. At the heart of the Riello SuperCaps UPS is a sophisticated control system that manages the charge-discharge cycle of the super-capacitors and optimises their lifecycle, which may exceed a million cycles.

SuperCaps UPS are ideal for critical installations that are sensitive to short power supply interruptions (they can last from a few cycles up to over a minute). Master FC400. Minimum impact on mains – easy source The Master FC400 was designed to reduce to a minimum the impact on the mains or generator located upstream, thanks to the low harmonic content input and the progressive start of the rectifier.

Master FC400

These features make the Master FC400 frequency converters especially compatible with generators. Easy installation and maintenance The Master FC400 requires a small space for installation (only 0.86m2 for a 125kVA model). Master HP UL. Zero impact source Master HP UL features the added advantages of the Zero Impact Source formula offered by an IGBT-based rectifier assembly.

Master HP UL

This eliminates problems connected with installation in networks with limited power capacity, where the UPS is supplied by a generator set or in any case anywhere there are compatibility problems with loads that generate current harmonics. Master HP UL. Industrial UPS Systems - 3 phase UPS manufacturer in India. High adaptability to input voltage.

Industrial UPS Systems - 3 phase UPS manufacturer in India

Riello-ups. SPH. SPH series is the ideal solution for protecting IT systems, Telecommunications equipment and mission critical systems such as safety devices, ensuring maximum power reliability.


High-Frequency UPS Systems India - Master HE - Riello UPS. Zero impact source Master HE has a zero impact on connected power sources - grid networks or generators: ≤ 3% input current distortion Input power factor 0,99 power walk-in function - to ensure a progressive rectifier start-up start-up delay function - to restart the rectifier when the mains power supply is restored.

High-Frequency UPS Systems India - Master HE - Riello UPS

Smart Grid Ready UPS Master HE series UPS are ‘Smart Grid Ready’ and can be used within an energy storage solution, whilst simultaneously operating at the highest levels of efficiency and automatically selecting the most efficient operating mode based on the state of the lower grid network or generator supply. The UPS are designed to electronically interface with energy management systems within an ‘intelligent’ Smart Grid application. Battery care system Master HE series UPS include a range of features designed to prolong battery life and reduce their usage. Output isolation transformer. Sentry G3. This site uses its own and third-party cookies for technical, analytical, statistical purposes.

Sentry G3

More information and how to manage your preferences on third-party cookies are available at the link Cookie Policy e Privacy Policy. By continuing to browse or by clicking the text "accept", you consent to the use of third-party cookies, for the purposes indicated in the notice. OK, continue This site uses its own and third-party cookies for technical, analytical, statistical purposes. More information and how to manage your preferences on third-party cookies are available at the link Cookie Policy e Privacy Policy. Sentryum. The Sentryum (S3T) range is Riello UPS’s third generation of transformerless online uninterruptible power supplies.


Available in 10-15-20 kVA versions, the Sentryum improves on our popular Multi Sentry (MST) series and has been developed following extensive customer feedback. The S3T redefines the concept of flexible power protection by offering three different cabinet sizes to meet the varied needs of small data centres and mission-critical applications: Compact (CPT) Footprint less than 0.25 m2 and volume of 0.17 m3 280mm x 840mm x 700mm (W x D x H) 1 internal battery string Specifically designed for extremely restricted spaces Active (ACT) Footprint less than 0.35 m2 and volume of 0.33 m3 380mm x 850mm x 1025mm (W x D x H) 1 or 2 internal battery strings.

UPS System for IT Application - Riello HPM - UPS Datacentres. Power Module has been designed based on three level IGBT Inverter technology with DSP Control.

UPS System for IT Application - Riello HPM - UPS Datacentres

All components design in one module, less fault points & integrated inner thermal sensor, for better protection mechanism, gives higher reliability & Power density. The dedicated and redundant hot-swappable power modules take the most unique structure design. The PCB boards and heat sinks are in two completely different layers, which allow the UPS run in dusty environments, significantly improving its stability and environmental adaptability. Cooling air flows in the lower layer, keeping the upper PCB free of dust. One air flow channel ensures fans redundancy, even one fan fails, power module can run normally. Comprehensive Monitoring Management & friendly Interface Provide graphical and text based information of alarms, status data, instructions that users can have more friendly and safer operation. Of the main parameters automatically when faults happen for further analysis. Multi Power.

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