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Islamic Star Patterns. Islamic star patterns arose in the centuries after the birth of Islam, and spread quickly as Islamic rule grew outward from the Middle East to encompass western Europe, northern Africa, and southern Asia.

Islamic Star Patterns

This form of ornamentation peaked in the first half of the second millennium. The practice then tapered off as the borders of the Muslim world began to shrink. Today, historical artifacts can be found in countries from Spain to Uzbekistan, with important concentrations in Spain, Turkey, Iran, and Morocco. There is no precise definition of an Islamic star pattern, but there are some general trends. Imperfect Congruence. It is a curious fact that no edge-to-edge regular polygon tiling of the plane can include a pentagon.

Imperfect Congruence

Introduction Islamic ceiling tiling, Kuwait City. Retrieved under a Creative Commons license from this Flickr page. For thousands of years architects and artists have covered floors, walls and ceilings with tilings created by gluing together many copies of a small set of regular shapes. Waterbomb Tessellation and Beyond. It all started with the platonic passion on origami tessellations, not much of the origami, but the tessellation part, as I didn’t want to fold it physically, nor model them using a physical engine such as Kangaroo.

Waterbomb Tessellation and Beyond

That would also be very unnecessary (and yes, very boring) to simulate a folding effort on computer unless we lose our connection with the real world. Instead, I tried to look at a much abstract, silly and basic part of it; the creasing patterns. I found below tessellation named “waterbomb” by the beautiful source of Eric Gjerde (here) to start an exploration. Grasshopper : Star Patterns. The technique explained here is used to generate “star patterns from polygons in contact”.

Grasshopper : Star Patterns

Unfortunately, the original name of this ancient technique is lost, but it is referred to here and in other sources as “Hankin’s Method”. For more information about this technique refer to link of the image below … Grasshopper : Parametric Space. Lecture: World Space & Parametric Space; Curve & Surface Evaluation; Re-parametrization Training: 2D Grids; Point Decomposition; Numbers Remapping; Numbers Formatting; 3D Poly-lines Workshop: Structural Building Skin Based on a Polygonal Grid Here is the workshop Grasshopper definition … Here is a quick review of the workshop … 01. 02. 03. 04.

Grasshopper : Parametric Space

N-fold geometry. Tilings Encyclopedia. File:Penrose LI classes.svg. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Summary[edit] Licensing[edit] File history Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time.

File:Penrose LI classes.svg

You cannot overwrite this file. Geometry. Student Works: StalacTile, Tessellated Manifolds. Tessellated Manifolds was created by students from Washington University in St.

Student Works: StalacTile, Tessellated Manifolds

Louis led by Marcelo Spina of P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S, Daniel Carper and Ken Tracy. The project's scope was a full-scale installation that transformed the centralized classical staircase of Givens Hall. The installation seeks to enhance and transform the spatial atmosphere of the vertical stairwell foregrounding conditions of figuration, lighting, materiality, texture, coloration, and corporeality. At first revealed through a large exterior opening, the installation accompanies the user's visual background upon entering into the building, spiraling vertically through the 2nd and 3rd floor studios, and crescendos as the ornamented foreground of the vaulted ceiling. Grasshopper : Parametric Space. Grasshopper : Star Patterns.


Build a pattern with panelling. Open house: 19th century detached house in southwest London From the pages of 25 Beautiful Homes, take a tour around this four-bedroomed elegant home that works a sophisticated neutral look.

Build a pattern with panelling

We help implement Islamic patterns in architectural projects. Grasshopper : Parametric Space. Space Symmetry Structure. In the best known example of Cellular Automata – Conway’s Game of Life, each cell has a binary state – it is either On or Off.

Space Symmetry Structure

However, it is possible to explore similar automata where the state of each cell can be any real number in a given range – Continuous Cellular Automata. The video above shows such a CCA in grasshopper. Each cell has a height value, which interacts with the values of its neighbours according to a simple* equation. Grasshopper » the ant. The Official M.C. Escher Website. GRID PINCHING. Gridspreading.jpg (566×1092) Grid+spreading.jpg (1600×970) Hungarian-English-Hungarian Engineering Translations, Mathematica Graphics, Polystyrene (StyroBlock) Models, ANGOL-MAGYAR-ANGOL MŰSZAKI FORDÍTÁS, MATHEMATICA GRAFIKA, POLISZTIROL MODELLEK. Welcome to Adobe GoLive 5. Week 4_1 islamic pattern. Pattern Redux « Week 4_1 fractal tree.

Week 4_1 islamic pattern

Drawings Diagrams & Analyses. Islamic Star Patterns. Waterbomb Tessellation and Beyond. Origami Tessellations. I’ve had this pattern in my head for a long time now, and only recently was I able to realize it in a way that was satisfactory to me. It uses a combination of the hinged-pleat flagstone style and the traditional straight-pleat style that origami folders are used to. It’s based on a traditional Islamic tiling which I have always been fond of, and it’s my pleasure to share the crease pattern with you. You can download it here in a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licensed PDF.