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Relationships and Sexuality

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The 7 C's of an Intimate Marriage - Romance Me. Communicate Effectively With Each Other Whenever my advice is asked from friends or family about their marriages, the first thing that I always ask is, "how is the communication in your marriage?

The 7 C's of an Intimate Marriage - Romance Me

" I ask this because communication is a very huge factor in all aspects of marriage. When couples communicate in an effective way, it reduces or eliminates misunderstandings, confusion, assumptions, unfair expectations, resentment and nagging. As you can see, most of things that I just mentioned are some of the main reasons why divorce becomes an option for many couples. A few ways to practice effective communication are: How to Turn Yourself On with Your Senses. How to Keep Planning Kickass Date Nights in a Long-Term Relationship. Marriage365. Three Lies About Premarital Sex. When Cindy met Rob, she knew that even though he attended church, he didn't share her convictions about premarital sex.

Three Lies About Premarital Sex

Rob thought it was OK—and even good for dating couples to engage in—and Cindy believed it was wrong from a Christian perspective. As their friendship progressed, Cindy and Rob's opposing viewpoints caused some hot debates. It also forced them both to take a second look at their convictions. As a result, Cindy developed a deeper understanding of truth, and Rob was forced to face the lies he'd always believed.

If you're like Cindy or Rob, and you've taken a stand for (or against) premarital sex, but you're not sure why, here are some things to consider. Scripture is Outdated, Right? A Quick Guide to Gaining Confidence When You Socialize. By Leo Babauta I’m a shy person by nature, not a natural extrovert and definitely not comfortable in large groups of people.

A Quick Guide to Gaining Confidence When You Socialize

So if you’re like me at all, then this guide is for you. I’ve had to learn to be more confident in social situations, and it hasn’t exactly been easy. But some things I’ve learned how to do over the years: Introduce myself to new people and quickly find common ground.Be semi-comfortable in a party where I don’t know most of the people.Be myself, or some version of that, rather than trying to impress people.Speak in front of a crowd of strangers (not comfortably, but I do OK).Talk comfortably one-on-one or in a small group, and not worry too much about whether people will like me.Make fairly authentic friendships with just a handful of deeper conversations. On Relationships First, we should quickly answer the question: why even bother?

Because relationships matter. So it’s worth the effort. On Practice. 9 Ways To Know For Sure Whether You’re Actually In Love. At a New Years party last Thursday night, between sips of champagne and joining in the chorus of ‘Auld Lange Syne’, my best girlfriend and I got into a discussion about her current relationship.

9 Ways To Know For Sure Whether You’re Actually In Love

She’d been seeing the same guy for about five months and definitely had feelings for him but she said they came and went. She said that about half the time she felt almost neutral toward him and then she would have this kind of emotional breakthrough and suddenly love him endlessly again. Shop. Alex Jamieson Do your friends help your health + body goals? 8 traits to look for » Alex Jamieson. 36 Questions to Bring You Closer Together. 30-Point Online Dating Checklist - Online Dating Advice. Lately I’ve been thinking about my online dating guide, particularly how it continues to grow and how all the information might be overwhelming to someone new to online dating.

30-Point Online Dating Checklist - Online Dating Advice

With that in mind, I’ve put together the following checklist that provides dating suggestions at a very high level based on the advice I provide in my dating guide. Where my guide goes into great detail into each area, this list keeps things simple for quick review. This list is broken down into the major areas of online date: beginning dating online, creating your online dating profile, the communication process, meeting and your first date and, finally, continuing dating online.

Eight Ways To Tell Whether You're Being Boring. Every Wednesday is Tip Day.

Eight Ways To Tell Whether You're Being Boring

This Wednesday: Eight tips for knowing if you’re boring someone. 'Tis the season of merry-making, which means you’re probably more likely than usual to find yourself making polite and perhaps awkward chit-chat. One of the challenges of the holidays! 10 Sex Techniques to Evolve Your Lovemaking. {Adult} The art of making love is a life-long practice, and most of us are perfectly fine with that.

10 Sex Techniques to Evolve Your Lovemaking. {Adult}

As your sexual savvy ripens, here are a few time-tested and relatively new sexual techniques that may enrich your journey. 1. How to Love a Girl Who Doesn't Know How to Be Loved. Whether we know it or not, we’ve all met some form of the typical “Miss Independent.”

How to Love a Girl Who Doesn't Know How to Be Loved.

Some of us know her better than others; some of us claim that title ourselves. She’s the self-sufficient, somewhat mysterious go-getter with big dreams and an even bigger heart, though not everyone sees it at first glance. Some might see her as cold and distant, because she needs a significant amount of alone time to keep her from feeling scattered and spread so thin that she disappears. Sure, she has family and friends with whom she loves to spend much of her time, but it’s in her nature to crave those precious hours of solitude—being only with her thoughts, completely alone in a crowd or in the vastness of a quiet scene.

Some call it antisocial; she calls it sanity. 25 Psychological Life Hacks that Will Help You Gain the Advantage in Social Situations. Social situations are among the most important in our lives.

25 Psychological Life Hacks that Will Help You Gain the Advantage in Social Situations

Yet, there is a huge chance that you are oblivious to the plethora of unwritten social rules that structure everybody’s behaviour. Failing to comply to these cultural imprints can cause irreversible damage. Free Online Dating Guide - Online Dating Advice. About the Free Online Dating Guide Download my free eBook, The Online Dating Guide, and find out exactly how I found success using online dating.

Free Online Dating Guide - Online Dating Advice

Stop feeling frustrated! Learn what works and apply it to your own dating life. Online dating can be confusing and frustrating…trust me, I know. Still, you shouldn’t give up! Online Dating Advice and Free Online Dating Guide. 5 Ways to Stop Feeling Insecure in Your Relationships. When I was younger I often felt inadequate and “not good enough” to be friends, lovers, or business partners with certain people. Sometimes I simply couldn’t understand what others saw in me. I was very insecure. I ended many promising relationships because of my insecurity. In my mind, it felt easier for me to end it before they did. Walking away rather than risking the heartbreak of rejection was how I justified my behavior to myself. So what did I do, and what can you do if insecurity is damaging your relationships? You need to understand that a good relationship is about sharing ideas and enjoyable moments with another, to help each other grow in healthy ways, both together socially and as individuals. 1.

Most relationship problems and associated social anxieties start with bad communication, which in turn leads to attempted mind reading. If someone says one thing, don’t assume they mean something else. 2. 3. 9 Good Signs You’re in the Right Relationship. It’s not always where you are in life, but who you have by your side that matters. “How do I know if I’m in the right relationship or not?” This is one of the most common questions our coaching clients ask us. And after Angel and I listen to the specifics of their situation, we often toss a question back at them to further clarify their thoughts and expectations. For instance: Love the Grows: Questions You Should Ask Before Marriage. In my marriage class in my first semester of college, our teacher gave us a handout (or should I say packet) with these questions. At first I was like "Holy shnikeys! This is way too many questions! I am NOT going to go over all of these with my fiance! " But we did.

And I'm so glad we did. At first it started with asking the interesting questions, but then we asked them all, wondering if maybe the answer would be different than we expected. From answering these questions we talked about how we plan on raising and disciplining our kids, who will manage the bills, what our parents should and shouldn't know about, what we believe our flaws are. How to Make Amends: 10 Steps. Edit Article Making Sense of What HappenedMaking a Plan to Fix ItFollowing Up Edited by Lucky7, MA, IngeborgK, Flickety and 10 others. Love the Grows: Questions You Should Ask Before Marriage. Parenting Your Strong-Willed Child. Have a strong-willed child? You're lucky! Strong willed children can be a challenge to parent when they’re young, but if sensitively parented, they become terrific teens and young adults.

Self-motivated and inner-directed, they go after what they want and are almost impervious to peer pressure. How to Choose the Right Person For You. Bring Your Life Into Balance: A free self-guided program for becoming a healthier, happier you. How to Be a Better Conversationalist. Being able to hold good conversation is the foundation of every social interaction. Without this ability, getting past small talk and building stronger connections is damn near impossible. We talk to people every single day yet we get nervous and struggle during the moments that matter most.

The Dating Specialist. The Succulence Revolution » Blog Archive » You are Gourmet, Stop Acting Like Drive-Thru. Dispelling Myths About Homemaking. A few years ago I came across an article bemoaning the job of homemaking. 3 things that are interfering with your periods, fertility and libido - FLO LivingFLO Living. We are THAT Family — ... you know the ones. Free educational health videos - All the Videos in One Place! - FLO LivingFLO Living.

4 Key Elements of Great Sex Match. Good in Bed Blogs. 10 Truths to Keep Your Relationship Healthy. 75 Ways to Show Love - For Healthy Relationships. Girls are like... Best Sex Articles - Good Sex Tips. Relationships - Magazine for Beautiful Women. Fairy Tales Can Come True. Here's a "photo story" based on the book, Fairy Tales Can Come True (Just Not Every Day!) 276 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU MARRY. Love1yx.jpg (JPEG Image, 583x600 pixels) 50 Things Men Wish Women Knew. Best kisses ever caught on camera. Deelightful musings » Couple’s Sleeping Positions. How To Touch a Woman to Drive Her Wild. Gender_big.gif (GIF Image, 450x742 pixels) - Scaled (81%) Sex Tips to Turn Her On: Men's Health. What's Okay, What's Not.

Smart Talk About Love.