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Facebook Twitter - An Open Marketplace for Original Lesson Plans and Other Teaching Resources. Rock Key. The Rock Identification Key - by Don Peck Rock Key Table of Contents What Are Rocks? Rocks are what the crust of the earth is made of. They are the mountains and the bottom of the ocean. They are everywhere on earth, but often buried under soil. Rocks are made of minerals, like quartz, calcite, feldspars, and micas. Sporcle - Trivia, Quizzes & Brain Games. Eventbrite - Discover Great Events or Create Your Own & Sell Tickets. RescueTime : Time management software for staying productive and happy in the modern workplace.

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts. Uncover Your True Potential. 300+ Mind Expanding Documentaries. Grid Paper PDFs. Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs Downloadable and very printable, I find these PDFs extremely useful.

Grid Paper PDFs

Tip number one! Though I do return the correct header for a PDF, sometimes Explorer gets confused when downloading... So if you're running Windows, you may need to right-click a link and choose "Save link to disk". Clark Howard: Save More, Spend Less and Avoid Rip-offs.

Ian Knot, Ian's Fast Shoelace Knot. I tie my shoelaces with my own "Ian Knot", the World's Fastest Shoelace Knot: Make a loop with both ends and simultaneously pull them through each other to form an almost instant knot.

Ian Knot, Ian's Fast Shoelace Knot

Don't confuse this with the very similar looking Two Loop Shoelace Knot - the technique is quite different and much faster. It's a truly revolutionary way to tie your shoelaces! Please don't be put off by these detailed instructions - even the Standard Shoelace Knot looks tricky when illustrated! Give it a try; you'll find it's easier than it looks. Step 1: Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide. You Suck At Photoshop. Write Well. Watch Video Why Google Translate Doesn't Translate Posted: August 25, 2015 in Writing Fundamentals Instructor: Watch Video Editing Sentences Using the Paramedic Method Posted: August 24, 2015 in Writing Fundamentals Instructor: Dr.

Write Well

Britt Abel Watch Video The Secret Code of Citing Sources Posted: August 24, 2015 in Writing Fundamentals Instructor: Ginny Heinrich Watch Video What's In a Prompt? Posted: August 24, 2015 in Writing Fundamentals Instructor: Dr. Real World Math. Overview Our complete set of courses was originally arranged into majors and minors similar to what a student would find at a four-year undergraduate program.

Real World Math

The programs below are not currently supported and are presented for student reference only. Please note that these majors and minors include currently unsupported legacy courses for which certificates are no longer available (what is a legacy course?) As well as currently-supported courses. The Art of Negotiation. Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English for free. Iwanttolearnruby. 24 Invaluable Skills To Learn For Free Online This Year. How-To Help and Videos - For Dummies. Worldnews247. - Learn Words - English Dictionary. 3 Mind-Blowing Lateral Thinking Puzzles. Math Problem Solver. Rule #1: Spend Less Than You Earn.

A reader asked me if I could break down my ideas into a handful of principles.

Rule #1: Spend Less Than You Earn.

After some careful thought, I came up with a list of fourteen basic “rules” that summarize my money and life philosophy. FUCKING HOMEPAGE - Useful Websites. Here is a list of websites we have featured in the past that might come in handy.

FUCKING HOMEPAGE - Useful Websites

Remember to set as your start page if you haven’t already. Educational/Learning – Useful and educational links updated daily. 30 Books I’m Glad I Read Before 30. In various ways, these 30 books convey some of the philosophy of how Angel and I live our lives.

30 Books I’m Glad I Read Before 30

I honestly credit a fraction of who I am today to each title. Thus, they have indirectly influenced much of what I write about on this site. A medley of both fiction and nonfiction, these great reads challenged my internal status quo, opening my mind to new ideas and opportunities, and together they gave me a basic framework for living, loving, learning and working successfully. If you haven’t read these books yet, I highly recommend doing so. How I Was Able to Ace Exams Without Studying. Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Scott Young of

How I Was Able to Ace Exams Without Studying

In high school, I rarely studied. Despite that, I graduated second in my class. In university, I generally studied less than an hour or two before major exams. However, over four years, my GPA always sat between an A and an A+. Recently I had to write a law exam worth 100% of my final grade. Logic Puzzles. Bulbs This is one of my favorite free printable logic puzzles with a real life solution.

Logic Puzzles

There are three switches downstairs. Each corresponds to one of the three light bulbs in the attic. You can turn the switches on and off and leave them in any position. Instructions and Typing Tips. Please follow these simple rules: Place your hands on the keyboard appropriately, so that your left forefinger is on the ‘F’ key, and the right one is on the ‘J’ key.

Instructions and Typing Tips

You should feel the bump at the bottom of each of these keys. Try not to look at the keyboard, but look at the screen only. If you are stuck, use the virtual keyboard to find the proper key. If your typing speed is very slow, start from the simplest level, using random words composed of the letters from the Caps Lock row only. 25 Awesome Virtual Learning Experiences Online - Virtual Education Websites. Just because you’re online doesn’t mean that you can’t experience the world first-hand — or as close to first-hand as possible.

Here are websites that feature virtual learning experiences, exposing online visitors to everything from history to geography, astronomy to anatomy, literature to government. 7 Wonders Panoramas – 360-degree views of the Seven Wonders of the World. Arounder Virtual Tour of the Moon – 360-degree panoramic views of the moon, courtesy of the Apollo 11, 12 and 17 missions. (Many other Earth locations also available on Frissiras Museum – A virtual art gallery from Athens, Greece that allows you to explore paintings by clicking through their entire collection.

Google Earth – Explore the geography of both land and sea (free download). Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Vital Signs: Understanding Cardiovascular Diseases – A virtual gallery teaching about heart disease. Louvre Virtual Tour – Virtual tour of the world-famous Louvre museum in Paris. How to Learn All About a New City Without Leaving Your House. Superior Alternatives to Crappy Windows Software. Seriously, you talk about avoiding Quicktime, and don't mention Quicktime Alternative?

Top 10 Ways to Make the Best of an Old, Crappy Computer. Home - Quora. Bill Hammack's Video & Audio on Engineering. University of Reddit. Lang-8 - Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange. Investopedia - Educating the world about finance. Dashboard. Math Run - Mathgame - how fast are your Math skills? A simple Math Training Game for everyone.

Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English for free. Life tips, self improvement, and throwing stars. Test Your Geography Knowledge at Instead of TV, you should watch... Learn to code. DIY Network - Home Improvement How-To & Remodeling Projects. How To Do Things » How To Articles & How To Videos. Khan Academy. iTunes U - Learn anything, anywhere, anytime. Dumb Little Man - Tips for Life. How to Use 43 Folders.

A very simple guide to leaving here quickly so you can get back to making something awesome. Ask yourself… Woopid Video Tutorials. Free online speed reading software. Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips. Videojug - Get Good At Life. The world’s best how to videos plus free expert advice and tutorials. 5min - Find the best how to, instructional and DIY videos – Life Videopedia. Types of Skills Everyone Should Know – Video – Top 100 Important Skills. 3. Split Firewood. Free Online Personality Tests and Quizzes. HowStuffWorks "Learn how Everything Works!"