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5 Beginner Gardener Mistakes To Avoid. Last year, to save money and start eating healthier, we decided to start a garden.

5 Beginner Gardener Mistakes To Avoid

What I didn’t anticipated was how much I was going to enjoy gardening, and that I couldn’t wait to do it again the following year. Starting a garden wasn’t hard at all, and the best way to learn is from your mistakes. As a beginner gardener, I made mistakes, tons of mistakes. If you are deciding to start gardening, then I have 5 Beginner Gardener Mistakes To Avoid that are going to help you with your garden. The awesome thing about starting a garden is that you can garden anywhere. When I started my garden, my entire family joined in, including my neighbors. Fathead Wall Decals and Decor. Food That Magically Regrows Itself from Kitchen Scraps. Harvard Homemaker 30 Tips to Help Keep Your Laundry from Making You Crazy - Harvard Homemaker. This post was written as a sponsored post for Organize-It.

Harvard Homemaker 30 Tips to Help Keep Your Laundry from Making You Crazy - Harvard Homemaker

All thoughts and opinions are completely my own. Laundry can be the most exhausting, monotonous, mundane chore ever. Questions to Ask to Declutter. Stop making excuses and clean up the clutter in your home!

Questions to Ask to Declutter

It'll make you feel better and make your living space look better as well! Ask yourself these questions and get rid of your items based on your answers. And when we say dispose of your clutter, we mean either sell it, donate it, recycle it, give it away to friends and family, or throw it away. 1. Vegetable growing cheat sheet. 101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home. I love to discover tips which make housework easier!

101 Household Tips for Every Room in your Home

From time-saving tricks to finding new and ingenious uses for old things, the Internet provides a wealth of information and advice. In this post I've collected 101 visual tips from all over the web to help you save time and money in every room of your home. About this post Most of these tips were found via Pinterest (which by the way is a great resource for discovering tips to help around the home!). Wherever possible, I've attributed the image and tip by means of links to the original site or web-page, but if you think I have made a mistake please let me know the original source and I will correct the link. Dwell on Joy: Tips to Simplify Life When Moving. When we moved out of our house three years ago into our smallish rental, we experienced our first downsize.

Dwell on Joy: Tips to Simplify Life When Moving

Boy did it feel good! We had collected eight married PLUS three kid years worth of stuff! 33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier. Free Weekly Workshops & Home Improvement Workshop at The Home Depot. 15 Brilliant Things You Can Do with Command Hooks. RANKED: The Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Sleep (PHOTOS) RANKED: The Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Sleep (PHOTOS) Checkout 51 - Save on the brands you love. The Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning. This is Part Three of an 8-Part Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning Series.

The Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning

See the overview here. Welcome back to the Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning! So far in this series we have addressed the “why” and the “when” of cleaning,taking an honest look at the reasons having a clean house even matters to us, as well as creating a workable cleaning schedule that fits with our own needs. Then, last week, we also took a look at the “what” of cleaning—those cleaning products and tools we may need to get the job done. But this is the week we will finally start getting our hands dirty….and our houses clean. The format for this portion of the series will be pretty simple. Are you ready? Step 1: Pre-clean & create a collection zone Supplies needed: A large box or basket or individual baskets for each family member (I like this large chalkboard label basket or this seagrass stair basket, but you could use whatever you have around the house, or even build a pretty box out of scrap wood.)

Step 3: Wash Windows. Bathroom Problems. Problem: Slow Drain Solution: For sinks, start by simply flushing it with hot water, says Paul Abrams of Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service.

Bathroom Problems

Close the drain, fill the sink with hot (or even boiling) water, then carefully open the drain. The weight and heat of a sink full of hot water will sometimes dislodge the offending debris. Must-Have Cleaning Tools. This is Part Two of an 8-Part Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning Series.

Must-Have Cleaning Tools

See the overview here. Over the years, I’ve had to learn the hard way that more cleaning supplies will not necessarily result in a cleaner house. Even so, there are definitely a few essentials that every home needs in order to get things truly spic and span. Handybook. 14 of the Most Simple & Satisfying Indulgences for the Home. Fresh flowers, candles, that pricey but amazing-smelling hand soap... These are a few of the little "luxuries" that can make home life a little more satisfying. Despite the weather outside, the leaky rain gutters, or the crying child in the next room, finding pleasure in a simple little extravagance can make your days brighter and make you smile when you least expect it -- an effect that can go a long way. Today we're celebrating these happy pleasures and sharing 14 indulgences for the home that we hope you can enjoy, too.

After all, every household needs at least one guilty delight. 14 of the Most Simple But Satisfying Indulgences for the Home 1. Amanda Blake Soule, otherwise known as SouleMama, says fresh flowers are the big indulgence in her house. 2. How to Clean a Moldy Water Bottle. My daughter loves Camelbak water bottles, but sometimes she puts milk in them {gasp!}

How to Clean a Moldy Water Bottle

Thrifty Decor Chick. My guest, Leslie with 10 Causes and Cures for Clutter. I have seen a lot of clutter.

My guest, Leslie with 10 Causes and Cures for Clutter

Through the years, I have helped many families "organize" their spaces, and during this process, I kept notes on the most common reasons that they called me for help. All of their dilemmas boiled down to this: Too much stuff (i.e. clutter) and nowhere to put it neatly. I also observed the most frequent causes of clutter, and designed plans that, if implemented immediately or over time, would eliminate nearly all of the frustration associated with it. Packing & Moving. Well we did it! We moved into our New Home. Although I wouldn't say we're all moved in just yet. We have furniture and boxes everywhere. 10 Reasons I Keep My House Clean. A couple of months ago, when I launched, I posted a list of “simple rules” that I wanted my family to live by.

Funnily enough, the one thing people commented on more than any other was a line I honestly hadn’t thought twice about including: Make your bed every day. (Get the free download here) Is this a novel concept? I am slightly obsessive about making our bed each morning. I also try (though some days are more successful than others) to spend an hour “Speed Cleaning” the rest of my house. 50 Clever DIY Ways To Organize Your Entire Life. 31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again. - All for the Everyday - DIY Lotion Bars. Thanks for stopping by! This blog is now continuing over at All for the Memories (where you can also find this recipe and others) I'd love if you followed me there!

Also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I love natural products + I have very dry skin. 30 Minutes Per Week House Cleaning Schedule. Operation Organization : Professional Organizer Peachtree City, GA : 7 Habits of Highly Organized People. I would not say I was born naturally organized. I've more often identified myself as a more right-brained creative type. However, I've always enjoyed the pursuits and observed the positive effects of organization since childhood.

I have found that maintaining a truly consistent organized lifestyle takes a lot of intentional effort, discipline, and practice to achieve. But, it's WORTH it! Beginning my own family has probably afforded me the greatest opportunity to observe a few of the biggest benefits of managing a simplified and organized home and life: Cleaning File lt. Practical Ways to Get Rid of Paper Clutter. What ClutterBug Are You? Unfuck Your Habitat Fundamentals. Guest Lecture: Emily of The Other Emily. Dear folks, I’ve snuck away for some much-needed family time. While I’m hanging in the South, here are some wise words on travel from the gorgeous and ever-organized Emily of The Other Emily. 31 DAYS TO AN ORGANIZED HOME. My Laundry room is also my main entry, so it has to be tidy. Which means my laundry room closet was a natural place to store all of the un-pretties: tools, cleaning products, board games, flash lights, chicken feed....anything I didn't have a spot for and didn't wan to look at.

Lazy Budget Chef: 12 Things I Do Not Buy. Buy at all. How to Whiten Dirty Socks Without Bleach - ecokaren. Living Well Spending Less™ — The adventure of finding the Good Life on a budget.