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MarcusTheVisual. Danny Santos II - Professional Photographer in Singapore. When I’m out on the streets, I often encounter faces that make me look twice; faces that stand out in the crowd without trying; faces that are out of the ordinary.

Danny Santos II - Professional Photographer in Singapore

They range from the exquisitely beautiful to the strangely wonderful. Paperpokés - Pokémon Papercraft: BLASTOISE. 009 / BLASTOISE - Pokémon PapercraftName: Blastoise Type: Water Species: Shellfish Pokémon Height: 1.6 m (5'03") Weight: 85.5 kg (188.5 lbs.)

Paperpokés - Pokémon Papercraft: BLASTOISE

Interesting Facts: Blastoise is a large, bipedal, blue tortoise-like Pokémon with a tough brown shell and two powerful water cannons, which are like steel in appearance, that jut out of the top sides of its shell. The cannons can be withdrawn inside the shell, or rotated to point backwards; this enables Blastoise to commence jet assisted rams. THE PAPER MODEL Height: 15.9 cm/ 6.3 in Width: 22.2 cm/ 8.7 in Depth: 23.5 cm/ 9.3 in Pages: 7 Pieces: 55 Level: Medium Designer: Brandon Photo: LuIS NOTES: This one is moderately easy, just follow the numbers and included instructions.

Download: A4 / Letter. Gurney Journey. Untitled Page. - Home. JASON CHAN. Android Jones. ■□■KYMG■□■ コザキユースケYusuke Kozaki (@kymg) Kotaku - The Gamer's Guide.

Katsuyoshi koya. Today is not exactly a translation, but it does have to do with the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary book.

katsuyoshi koya

The book features five special illustrations that have Marth, Sigurd, Eliwood, Ike, and Lucina, each drawn by the same character artists in charge of their respective games. You may view them on the book’s compilation post here, but I wanted to make individual pages for each one, too. So, today, I provide Katsuyoshi Koya (character designer in Mystery of the Emblem and Genealogy of the Holy War)’s artwork of Sigurd. I went out of my way to clean it up for people who wanted the artwork. As you can imagine, the process of doing this all took a lot of time, so if you like what I did, then… Please donate! Enjoy! Continue reading This post is a compilation of all my Making of Fire Emblem: 25 Years of Development Secrets related posts in one neat place.

It will be updated every time some new scan or information of interest comes to light! Please donate! Continue reading. 「Daisuke Izuka」のプロフィール. News Page. Security Check Required. Motion Design, Compositing, VFX, Berlin. Ron Lemen. Creator's Playground: Grafolio. NEN. Wind Goddess Studio. BLUE, Mega Gardevoir This is probably the lamest... CORY LOFTIS. U.


Raphael Lacoste. Raphael Lacoste is an illustrator, visual development artist and art director for the gaming and film industries.

Raphael Lacoste

He is currently working with Ubisoft as Brand Art Director for the Assasin’s Creed franchise, which is noted for its beautiful environments. F l a p t r a p s   a r t .              - H o m e . . . Pin by Vito Chin on art. MyriamCatrin (Myriam Catrin) - DeviantArt. ひとりごと. Sayaka Ouhito. Japanese artist Sayaka Ouhito is an illustrator, and perhaps a concept artist.

Sayaka Ouhito

I’m unsure about the latter as I can’t read Japanese and, save for this relatively uninformative interview, there seems to be very little information available about her in English. Other than that, I know little about her, just my own impressions of the delightful drawing and Miyazaki-like charm that make her work so appealing. This gallery on her website is the best source for her work, though I found looking through the rest of the website difficult and unfruitful, more because of the lack of clear identification of links than the language barrier. She also has a blog, which includes some larger versions of works in the previously mentioned gallery, as well as others, but takes some digging through photos of cute animals and such to get to them. Aaron's Art Tips Archives - The Art of Aaron Blaise. As a chance to experiment with my new Hair Brushes Volume 2 Set and in honor of “May the 4th” I thought it might be fun to do a quick speed painting of one of my favorite characters.

Aaron's Art Tips Archives - The Art of Aaron Blaise

Enjoy! Continue reading I’ve been excited more and more recently by the possibilities of TVPaint. It had been a little while since I had sat down and created any original animation so I got the itch to do something fun. This was just a quick little piece that I created in 8 days using my Wacom Cintiq and TVPaint. I often get questions from new artists of all ages on the best way to get started with digital illustration/painting in Adobe Photoshop. {E}vermotion - articles. - The Real Monsters are reborn!  Upon getting so...

Game Artist Forums. Jeroen Maton - PortFolio. CG Society. Fablog. Sketch Adventure! Ben Li. Don’t Just Make Comics. Elevate Comics. Pascal Campion Animator and Illustrator. Welcome to The social network for professionals in entertainment - Animation, Movies, Visual Effects, Games, Illustration, Concept Artists, and more. If you make cool stuff, join us!

Concept Art World. Welcome to Saunders Creative - The Art and Design of Phil Saunders. Feng Zhu Design. - new work blog. Behance Network.