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RICS School of Built Environment, Amity

RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University is a modern world class institution delivering quality education to students and aspiring professionals and also serves as a hub for research, standards, best practices and technical expertise in built environment. An industry led academic initiative ("for the industry and by the industry"​) supported by the Ministry of Urban development; the school aims to bridge the professional skills gap in built environment by delivering industry ready professionals from the day students enter the industry.

Advanced Diploma in Facilities Management. Admissions for MBA, BBA in Real Estates and Construction Management. Placement Opportunities for MBA, BBA and PGDFM Courses - RICS SBE. Career options post doing a BBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure. Increasing urbanisation, coupled with a mobile workforce and globalisation, has resulted in high demand for commercial spaces; and public as well as semi-urban accommodations.

Career options post doing a BBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure

What does the future hold? Compared to various other investments like gold, bank deposits, and so on, the real estate sector offers greater growth. There is always a huge demand for real estate in India. The industry aims to reach a figure of close to $180 billion by the year 2020. What does this mean? The future is going to be characterised by: Timely delivery of projectsAccountability and transparencyDevelopers streamlining their practicesInvestment in researchFinancial disciplineInvestment in upgrading systems and training.

BBA in Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure Courses in Noida, Mumbai - RICS SBE. MBA in Infrastructure Management Courses in Noida - RICS SBE. The program will not just equip students to explore career options in project management, consulting, policy making, business development, investment, financial analysis, and social sectors, but also develop a potential to improve and shape the built infrastructure fabric of the country.

MBA in Infrastructure Management Courses in Noida - RICS SBE

Students could work with various kinds of organisations in following areas: Project Developers Sector analysis, project due diligence, partner and contractor identification, cost assessments, financial modelling, bid documentation, negotiations, contractor management, government relations, auditor/ lawyer/ technical consultant management, asset/ operations management. Construction Management Schools - RICS SBE. MBA in Real Estate Management Course in Mumbai / Noida, India - RICS SBE. Importance of CPM & CEQS for Civil Engineers & Architects. National Skill Development Corporation has estimated that the construction sector requires around eight crore new jobs as a result of rapid development and urbanisation across the country.

Importance of CPM & CEQS for Civil Engineers & Architects

The industry has realised the importance of project managers and quantity surveyors in this domain. Earlier, construction projects used to compromise on quality to finish off work in time. Although the condition is slowly improving, the country indeed requires a steady flow of skilled professionals in this sector to meet the growing demands of Urban India. Today, the industry has taken cues from developed countries to put Construction Project Management and Quantity Surveying practices into action and encouraging more engineers and architects to explore this lucrative career option. Benefits of joining the RICS School of Built Environment to make a career in Construction Management.

Construction project management is a dynamic field that offers an enigma of opportunities to grow and excel in the roles of a leader or a manager, providing innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Benefits of joining the RICS School of Built Environment to make a career in Construction Management

RICS SBE vs. NICMAR - What's the ideal choice for you. One of the central aspects of the urban Indian dream is to make cities work, by raising people’s economic standards and lifestyles.

RICS SBE vs. NICMAR - What's the ideal choice for you

Sustainable construction, high-quality infrastructure, and better real estate are not just excellent career prospects in a rapidly urbanizing India, but they also contribute to the overall advancement of the people. However, it must be said that the built environment sector in India is suffering due to the dearth of trained professionals. For this reason, there is a need for good institutions to come forward and provide the relevant education to educate aspiring graduates to become industry-ready professionals. This is also the most pressing need of the corporate sector. Are you a civil engineer confused about the future? Know how an MBA in CPM can boost your career. No one can deny the importance that Civil Engineering holds in the upliftment of the modern world.

Are you a civil engineer confused about the future? Know how an MBA in CPM can boost your career.

Today, just by looking outside the window of a metropolitan city, one can appreciate the vast achievements done by the civil engineers of the world. Since India is one of the fastest growing economic nations, the need for civil engineering is at the highest peak. But a lot of civil engineering students find themselves in the middle of a dilemma right after their graduation, and the trembling question is: What Next? According to research, as many as 97 percent of graduate engineers are seeking jobs either in software engineering or core engineering. However, only 3 percent of graduate engineers have the necessary skills to be employed in the product or software market, and close to just 7 percent can handle core engineering tasks. Thinking about what to do after Civil Engineering? Here are 5 Incredible Career Paths for You!

If you are someone who has a knack for design, construction, and the field of built environment, then Civil Engineering is the best career path for you.

Thinking about what to do after Civil Engineering? Here are 5 Incredible Career Paths for You!

It is the second oldest and one of the broadest engineering disciplines after Mechanical Engineering. Civil Engineers are the reason behind all those towering buildings, highways and bridges that we witness in our day to day lives. Other avenues of civil engineering workplaces include road construction, building construction, township planning, metro construction among various others. However, there comes a phase when the young generation feels a standstill in their respective career. After a graduation degree in Civil Engineering, it is ubiquitous to get confused on how to kick start one’s career, with a more pressing question: What to do? Students who are looking for a change and want to get a self-direction, we are listing down a few options that they can explore and make an incredible career in. 1: Start your venture 2: Higher studies.

School of Real Estate Courses. Career Opportunities in Architecture in India 2019. Architects are the magicians behind the magic of beautifully and aesthetically designed buildings.

Career Opportunities in Architecture in India 2019

Do you also want to be the person behind the creative buildings such as Taj Mahal, Cybertecture Egg-Mumbai? Wondering what is the scope of Architecture? Here is a list of career opportunities that you can think of after architecture degree:Architecture Designer:These professionals are involved in the designs of urban landscapes or building. They create drawings, plans and layouts according to the client’s requirements. They should have communication, creativity and technical skills so that they can utilise the CAD software and design the building according to what was discussed with the client.Architecture Engineer:The projected growth of this field is considered to be around 8%.

Once you have done the course, you can either collaborate with other building and design professionals in a business or work in a design or architectural consultancy or work as a freelancer. 0Save. Career Opportunities in Architecture. MBA Degree Course for Civil Engineers. MBA & BBA Admission Procedure - RICS SBE. Why the evolution from architect to archipreneur is the future? There are nearly 40,000 architects in India, but only a select few are successful.

Why the evolution from architect to archipreneur is the future?

This has less to do with their talent and more about their understanding of the projects. Everything you need to know as a civil engineer. One of the oldest engineering disciplines, civil engineering is both an art and a science.

Everything you need to know as a civil engineer

It is an art that uses scientific methods to create a beautiful, developed world around us. Some of the ancient Greek architectural wonders like the Acropolis (and closer home, Hampi, the incredible capital city of the Vijayanagara empire, and the world-renowned Taj Mahal) could not have been possible without the crucial role of ancient engineers. Even today, civil engineering is one of the most sought-after programmes in the world. World over, governments are announcing huge infrastructure projects that involve construction of roads, airports, ports, oil rigs, tunnels, bridges, power plants and so on. It is impossible to start or complete any of these projects without a team of reliable civil engineers.

Opportunities for Indian civil engineers. What to do After Architecture Degree. 20 April 2018 student stories 2018 Megha Durgan Architect MBA CPM 2016-18 Placed at DSA Architects, Dubai as Project Coordinator Tell me about your background, your childhood dreams regarding career choices, your plan for life in some detail. I belong to a business family with a liberal mind and an independent streak. I opted to do Bachelors in Architecture as I wanted to create buildings that could last for decades and knowing that they will make a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment. Architecture Courses After Civil Engineering. Why civil engineers should consider an MBA in Infrastructure? Infrastructure is the engine that drives the economic growth of the world. Civil engineers who pursue a specialized MBA in Infrastructure Management will have a plethora of global job opportunities.

Is your engineering degree enough for success? As perceptions go, engineering ranks as the top profession chosen by the youth in India with civil engineering being one of the key categories that they opt for. In the next two decades, India is poised to grow rapidly and Infrastructure being the pillar of economic development, the government plans to invest up to 1 trillion US Dollars in this sector. For sure engineers will play a big role in the mega development projects that have been planned. The industry is focusing on extremely large scale projects. Shortfall in supply of skilled infrastructure management professionalsYou see with so much expected growth and investment in this field, there is a huge need for a work force with relevant skills to tackle this level of work. More on this: MBA in Construction Project Management in Noida / Mumbai, India - RICS SBE.

MBA in Construction Economics & Quantity Surveying. RICSSBE - Specialized Education in Real Estate, Construction & Infra.