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Create a Retro CRT Distortion Effect Using RGB Shifting. In this tutorial you'll learn how to separate an image's three different color channels to create an RGB shift effect.

Create a Retro CRT Distortion Effect Using RGB Shifting

I'll also show you some graphics tricks to mimic an old CRT display. Final Result Preview Here's an example of the effect we'll be creating: The main takeaway in this tutorial is going to be the RGB shifting effect, but I'll also demonstrate how to create the CRT scan lines, noise, and roll bar graphics. Step 1: About RGB Images Every image on your computer screen is displayed using the colors red, blue and green. If the three color channels don't align properly the image won't be composited correctly, and you'll start to see the edges of the individual channels 'bleeding' out of the sides of the image. Complex AS3 Button Tutorial by Tsafi. Tutorial: Understanding Classes in AS3 Part 1. A reader named Ryan (no relation) recently requested that we create a post to help him and other beginners understand Classes.

Tutorial: Understanding Classes in AS3 Part 1

So this is an ultra-gentle primer on Classes – what they are, when to use them, and how to write them. If you’re stuck in an Actionscript 2 rut, or you’re new to Actionscript 3 and it’s blowing your mind, this should help ease you in a bit better. The path i travelled from complete code newbie to the shock-inducing AS3 god that i am today ( er … hardly) went like this: Beginner – i put my Actionscript code everywhere – on different frames of the timeline, embedded in nested MovieClips – if i can write code on it, i do. That’s called “spaghetti code”, and it makes your life as a programmer difficult. AS3 Tutorials - A compilation of the best ActionScript 3.0 Tutorials available online. Org: AS3 Tutorials Part I (Understanding Sprites) - free Flash CS3 tutorial. Planetarium. In this experiment, we examine the ActionScript 3 method 'drawTriangles' which is new to Flash Player 10 and Flash CS4.

This method is particularly useful for 3D texture mapping and we use it to create a collection of planets displayed below. Click on the image to open the applet in a new window. Download Download all files corresponding to the applet above: All the source files in the package are exhaustively commented. Flash MX, MX2004, Flash 8, Flash 9, Flash 10, CS3, CS4, CS5, AS3 tutorials.

Flash Fluid Layouts and Stage Resize in AS3. By Rimp | Flash CS3 | Actionscript 3.0 | Intermediate This tutorial will teach you the very basic concepts for creating fluid layouts in Flash AS3.

Flash Fluid Layouts and Stage Resize in AS3

This sort of layout expands and repositions its contents automatically according to the window size. You can see an example of this effect on my personal portfolio. Once the main preloader completes try resizing the window to see the content flow into new positions automatically. We will teach you how to create this effect by using the stage .RESIZE event. Creating objects in ActionScript. The Object class is the root of all the classes in ActionScript, all are an extension of the Object Class.Object is a dynamic class, meaning it permits adding new properties and methods, it enables you to create your own properties and methods.

Creating objects in ActionScript

Creating objects There are two ways to create objects in ActionScript 3. Free Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, Bridge, and Golive Video Tutorials. Full Flash As3 + Css Website Template Editable Flash Cs3 + Cs4 Actionscript 30. Implement AS3 Library into Flash. You’ve got the AS3 library of your interest downloaded, in this case, it will be CASA Lib.

Implement AS3 Library into Flash

Organize Flash Projects Activetuts+ Flash Dynamic Content. Will easily show you how to make your work vivid and interesting as if being able for communication and full of wish to react to every your motion. Flash Dynamic Content Tutorials will help you to fill atmosphere of a certain unity with your creation and to be able to pass this filling to others. You will be surprised to find out how easy and quickly it can be realized by means of Flash Dynamic Content Tutorials that are created specially for your usage and in order to clarify all your questions, being of a great help for you in future.

These Tutorials will become the very recourse of your inspiration and knowledge improvement. Pages: 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | Next | Last In this tutorial, we'll create a bar graph generator using XML and AS3. December 30, 2009 Today Views: 1 Total Views: 1,995 We're going to be creating a simple promo ticker for a website. December 24, 2009 Today Views: 2 Total Views: 1,428. FlashDevelop Activetuts+ Two common misconceptions about Flash Professional: first, you have to buy it in order to make Flash apps and games; second, it's a decent tool for writing code.

FlashDevelop Activetuts+

Totally untrue. FlashDevelop an introduction. Who cares if you can shave a few milliseconds off the time it takes you to write a line of code?

FlashDevelop an introduction

How hard is it to add an import statement yourself? What’s wrong with writing an event handler function on your own? This is missing the point. How to use a Document Class in Flash with AS3. We're making some changes at Activetuts+.

How to use a Document Class in Flash with AS3

From now on, our tutorials will be using class-based code, instead of timeline code, wherever possible. This Quick Tip explains what you'll need to know. AS3 External Classes. Include and Use External Actionscript File Code in Your Flash Timeline. Flash and ActionScript 3. You can embed this video on your blog or web page by copying the video embed code above and pasting it into the source code of your page.

Flash ActionScript 3.0 Video Tutorial Index. Menu and Navigation Tutorials. Flash design is being used less and less within web design nowadays, ads and games aside.

Menu and Navigation Tutorials

We all know how about its down sides, and everyone certainly hates the “Click here to open in Full Screen” links that are, fortunately, not being used as much as in years gone by. There is no denying it though, visually Flash is beautiful. Tutorials. ActionScript 3 Punctuation by ~MrBadger on deviantART. Adobe Flash help & tutorials - Process of Writing and Editing ActionScript 2.0 in Flash. You may attach scripts to keyframes and to object instances (movie clips, buttons, and other symbols).

Adobe Flash help & tutorials - Process of Writing and Editing ActionScript 2.0 in Flash

However, if your ActionScript code is scattered over many keyframes and object instances, debugging your application will be much more difficult. It will also be difficult to share your code between different Flash applications. Therefore, it's important to follow best practices for coding when you create ActionScript in Flash. Rather than attaching your scripts to elements like keyframes, movie clips, and buttons, you should respond to events by calling functions that reside in a central location. One method is to attach embedded ActionScript to the first or second frame of a timeline whenever possible so you don't have to search through the FLA file to find all your code. ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook excerpts: From custom classes to the rendering model.

Well before Ajax and Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation, Macromedia Flash provided the first method for building "rich" web pages. Now that Flash is a full-fledged development environment, learning ActionScript 3 is key—a challenge for even the most experienced Flash developer. The following book excerpts include Chapters 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 from ActionScript 3 Cookbook by Joey Lott, Darron Schall, and Keith Peters, published by O'Reilly Media. About ActionScript Classes. On the previous page , we looked at some examples of function call statements. gotoAndPlay is one such function, which we saw is always applied to an instance of a movieclip.

To be more precise, we can say that gotoAndPlay is a method of the MovieClip class and thus is available to be called by any instance of that class. Classes, Properties, and Methods The instance of the MovieClip class which called gotoAndPlay in our example statement was plane_mc. A movieclip instance is just one example of an instance of a class. Top 8 Resources for Learning ActionScript 3.

After having made the switch to AS3 about a year ago I have to admit it was a huge pain for me to upgrade from AS2. A lot of that was due to the wrong approaches I took (reading a 900 page book straight through is not recommended, for one). So keep reading and learn from someone who has made the switch. And in the end learning AS3 really will make your life easier. And note this is coming from someone with a design background so I’m not some super-genius computer nerd who has been programming in BASIC since he was three.

It is possible for non-coders to learn AS3. Update: The ActionScript 3.0 Quick Reference Guide by David Stiller, Rich Shupe, Jen deHaan and Darren Richardson has been recommended to me by several readers. 8. This is the Bible for ActionScript 3. Not that it’s not a great book though. 7. Ok this is much better. 6. School of Flash. One of the many things that have changed in ActionScript 3 has been the way that Flash handles depths, or the stacking order of objects on the stage. In ActionScript 2, there was a practically unlimited number of depths into which you could place an object. These depths determine what objects appear in front of other objects. An object with a depth of 100, for example, would cover up an object with a depth of 50. Flash & Math. Site Search. Tweens in Flash CS3 + AS3. Learn ActionScript 3 by Following this Simple Avoider Game Tutorial — Michael James Williams. Table of contents for AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial. True-fit dynamic webite.