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DIY Clothes. Origami. Gift Ideas. Creation: Binary/POV custom wristwatch. Views: 164,109 Binary/POV custom wristwatch All > Tech > Inventions > Binary/POV custom wristwatch by natetrue Kits and preassembled watches are available here.

Creation: Binary/POV custom wristwatch

Recently my good friend Andru Edwards and I got into a heated discussion about watches. uWatch - A DIY Programmable Scientific Calculator Watch. Understanding Motor and Gearbox Design. Manfrotto ML840H Maxima-84 Hybrid LED Panel ML840H B&H Photo. The Manfrotto Maxima-84 Hybrid On-Camera LED Light is a constant video light that transforms into a flash unit for still photography. A push button on the back activates flash mode; an included sync cable connects and syncs the light to your camera; and upon your snapping a photo, a flash goes off at 4 times the brightness of the max output in video mode, which is 670 lux at 3 ft. when the light's 0-100% dimmer is set to 100%.

The native color temperature in video mode is 5600K daylight color. Rocketry. DIY. DIY Drones. Woodcarving Illustrated Message Board. Pyrography Online Messageboard. Project Ideas.

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