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Rick Kelo. Rick Kelo – What a Tax Professional Can Do for You. Rick Kelo - Richard Arthur Kelo. What is liberty?

Rick Kelo - Richard Arthur Kelo

By definition, it is a state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on ones behavior or political views. This is the definition that most people would agree on and very few would disagree that liberty is a good thing. It is a hallmark of what it means to be American that we have the means to express ourselves freely and pursue happiness as long as it doesn’t impose on another person’s rights.

But this where the concept of liberty becomes tricky: what happens when one person’s freedom of expression or political views begins to encroach on another person’s? Although liberty sounds great in theory, in practice is it really something that the average individual even understands? For Richard Arthur Kelo, studies in the evolution of liberty show that the concept and term have changed dramatically since it was first described. Modern day liberals are calling for more government intervention, particularly when it comes to social issues. Rick Kelo – The Importance of Tax Professionals. There is an old saying: it is impossible to be sure of anything except death and taxes.

Rick Kelo – The Importance of Tax Professionals

While death might seem like the more daunting of the two, it simply marks the end of life. Taxes, on the other hand, are life. We live with taxes every day of our lives, or at least whenever we are paid. Taxation tends to be one of the hottest topics in the political sphere and our recent election is a prime example of that fact. The concept of taxes is double-edged sword. For business owners, the topic of taxes becomes even more complicated. Classic Liberalism by Rick Kelo: Rick Kelo – Handling Company Finances. If you are a small business owner, success comes with a certain price.

Classic Liberalism by Rick Kelo: Rick Kelo – Handling Company Finances

Of course, all businesses want to succeed in our economy and for someone just starting out, this drive is especially true. When success is realized, it is therefore doubly rewarding. However, with this financial success comes the burden of managing increasing finances. As your business grows, it becomes and more difficult to handle these finances on your own and the consequences for handling them incorrectly increase dramatically. It is important that you adjust your staffing as your business grows to include financial experts who understand how to handle the legal and financial logistics of a growing company. RK: Rick Kelo – Social Media and Power in the United States.

One of the most drastic and obvious changes in our recent society has been the rise of social media and the digital age.

RK: Rick Kelo – Social Media and Power in the United States

Thanks in large part to the millennial generation, people are more connected than ever before with seemingly constant access to the thoughts, goals, inspirational moments, and opinions of others. For many, this rise in the information era has been overwhelming. There is a massive amount of information coming in from various channels on a daily basis. Younger generations are experts at filtering this information and have actually been using it in unique ways for education and news.

Rick Kelo's blog: Rick Kelo – Eating Like Kings in America. In the United States, consumers secretly control everything.

Rick Kelo's blog: Rick Kelo – Eating Like Kings in America

This is a product of our capitalist system where individuals are constantly demanding more and more goods at cheaper and cheaper prices. Talk all you want about politics and the distribution of power, but capitalism runs our country and the leaders of that system are the people with money. One of the effects that this has caused on American society is obesity.

While it may not come off as immediately apparent, obesity is a problem in the United States as a result of decreasing prices in food. Over humanity’s entire 200,000-year history, starvation has been the number one killer of humans. Rick Kelo - Richard Arthur Kelo — Rick Kelo – Who Really Controls Our Country? Rick Kelo – America’s Secret Royalty - Richard Arthur Kelo - Quora. It might seem ridiculous to compare modern United States society with a medieval, feudal society, but in some ways the two systems are very similar.

Rick Kelo – America’s Secret Royalty - Richard Arthur Kelo - Quora

While there may not be a royal family of the United States, there is still a ruling class of Americans that take up the vast majority of the income in our country. This is the upper-middle class and upper class income earner. Economists have long used “quintiles” to define these earning classes in the United States. If you’re in the bottom 20% then you are a part of the lower class, earning less than $20,262 as of 2012. The lower-middle class consists of those earning roughly $38,520; the middle class earning $62,434; the upper-middle class earning $101,582; and finally the top 20% is the upper class, or anyone making above $101,582. On economist and financial expert Rick Kelo’s blog, you can find an article called “America’s Secret Ruling Class: The Bureaucrat”. Rick Kelo : Rick Kelo – Are You Really a Liberal?

Asking someone, “are you liberal?”

Rick Kelo : Rick Kelo – Are You Really a Liberal?

Is a very different question than asking someone “are you a liberal?” That single article makes a big difference in the response to this questions and it forces people to realize that they might not have the best working knowledge of what a liberal is, what liberalism is, and where they fall along this line. Modern American liberalism is the dominant version of liberalism in the United States and it is characterized by social liberalism and a mixed economy. Taken outside of the United States, this issue becomes more complicated so we will stay within the borders of our country. The previous definition is the typical definition that most Americans call to mind when faced with questions about their understanding of liberalism. However, in a recent article about classicliberalism by Rick Kelo, the economist and financial expert explains how this is only one side of the liberal coin. Rick Kelo – The Economics of Automation – Richard Arthur kelo – Rick Kelo.

The idea that robots will be replacing human jobs seems like something out of an Isaac Asimov nightmare.

Rick Kelo – The Economics of Automation – Richard Arthur kelo – Rick Kelo

This typically conjures images of automaton cab drivers or butlers; in essence, human-like machines standing and working where individual people used to be. However, if there is a rise in robots replacing humans as workers—and there is—it is not as glaringly obvious as an adult-sized, bipedal machine. In a recent article posted on, Lulu Chang wrote about the United States Census Bureau’s release of information saying that “robots will apparently take over some five million jobs” by 2020. She also mentions the World Economic Forum predicting that a Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming, “characterized by unprecedented developments in genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, and biotechnology.”

Where is this rise in the use of automation coming from and what does it look like, exactly? Rick Kelo – social security and other problems. Rick Kelo – Luring People to Learn about the Economy. Let’s be up front about something: understanding our nation’s socioeconomic landscape, while incredibly important, is not very interesting.

Rick Kelo – Luring People to Learn about the Economy

As soon as you mention topics such as tax benefits, healthcare systems, retirement planning, or the effects of capitalism, the average individual will have glassy eyes within a matter of minutes. For whatever reason, the vast majority of Americans, especially younger Americans, are not interested in discussing the economy that they believe functions beyond their understanding and influence. It is hard to see the immediate affects of our nation’s economic and political turnings on our daily lives, but it is still important that the average individual have basic working definitions of the buzz words they hear on the news every day. Rick Kelo – Educating Millennials. For today’s thinkers, there is no greater place than the internet.

Rick Kelo – Educating Millennials

The rise of the digital technology era has enabled people to exchange information, ideas, and news almost instantaneously from nearly any location on the planet. This free flowing information has generate new perspectives and inspired a generation of thinkers to tap into the World Wide Web in order to access the largest possible audience. Unfortunately, not enough people have taken to the internet as a means of communicating their perspectives and i deas. Of course, the millennial generation has largely championed communication online, but luckily they are not the only ones logging on and sharing their thoughts. For Rick Kelo, using online presence as social service was the primary motivation for his personal blog. For more information on Rick Kelo, the outspoken blogger questioning the modern age, visit his website or the various social media outlets that he is currently using.

Rick Kelo – Why More People Don’t Understand Basic Economics. Rick Kelo – What is an Economic “Bubble”? With the recent collapse of our national economy and the global impact it has had around the world, buzzwords such as “bubble” have entered the mainstream conscious. We have used it to describe finance, housing, economics, and of course the internet and technology. However, despite the now ubiquitous nature of the term, few people actually understand what a bubble is in an economic sense. More often than not, the term comes through as industry specific jargon that flies above most people’s heads. Luckily, there are resources online to help explain such concepts. As an example, for Rick Kelo, understanding the complexities of the economy is the primary goal for the content that he publishes on his website.

Bubble with Rick Kelo” explains exactly what a bubble is, in plain English for the average individual to understand. Rick Kelo – Personal Finance in Your Twenties. In most states around the country, students are required to spend 900 hours in school each year. Given that most students enter the public school system around five-years-old and leave when they are usually eighteen, according to, this means that the average individual is spending fifteen percent of their life in school.

And that’s not factoring in continuing education or preschool. Despite this staggering statistic, very few students graduating with a degree have even a basic understanding of personal finance and economics. Rick Kelo : Rick Kelo – Finances for Small, and Large, Businesses. It might be an uncomfortable reality to admit, but the majority of individuals have only a basic, if that, understanding of finances.

Whether it is in a personal sense at home, or through their business, or through the national economy, the majority of us are in the dark about the financial workings that take place off of our radars every day. This problem is especially compounded when we have to engage in finances that go beyond our personal and daily dealings. For example, small business owners are expected to educate themselves and grow alongside their businesses as they start to generate more revenue, file more complicated taxes, and keep all of their ducks in a row financially.

What’s more, when these businesses start to grow beyond what can be considered small, the problem becomes even more complicated and involved. In these instances, it is important to call on professional financial experts to help your business. Classic Liberalism by Rick Kelo: Rick Kelo – Social Media and Education. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, rich or poor, interested in technology or not, outgoing or introverted, you cannot deny that social media is an incredibly important part of our nation and our world as a whole. The sheer number of social media sites available for our access speaks to the prevalence that it has in our daily lives. Every day, millions of messages are sent, millions of photos are posted, and millions of comments are made on status updates, blogs, news articles, and videos. In short, social media has become an information powerhouse and as such has huge potential as a tool for education. The sheer amount of information that is share through social media every day is arguably its greatest strength.

However, the social aspect of this type of information dissemination means that people are engaging with these topics and this material on a much deeper level than they would otherwise. Rick Kelo - Richard Arthur Kelo — Rick Kelo – Why Financial Discussions are... Rick Kelo – Finding the Right Expert for Your C... - Richard Arthur Kelo - Quora. When it comes to the finances of your company, it is important that you have all of your ducks in a row. Perhaps you started out as a small business and you were able to handle all of the finances on your own. However, as your company grows it is increasingly important to have a qualified professional on your team that understands the intricacies of corporate finance.

Without someone like this, it is quite possible that you will face penalties such as fines, or even jail time for not handling your company’s assets properly. How can you be sure that you are hiring someone who is right for this type of work? For most businesses, it is a matter of turning to experts who specialize in finding financial experts for other business. Rick Kelo – The Role of Education Beyond Our Schools – Richard Arthur kelo – Rick Kelo. Most people would agree that a good education is crucial to eventual financial success and happiness in life. Having a strong educational foundation provides us, not only with a degree that employers want to see on our resumes, but also with a whole set of skills that are nonnegotiable in the professional world. Rick Kelo : Rick Kelo – Social Media and Politics.

There is a strange divide in our current political structure on the topic of social media. As technology continues to grow and improve, generations of individuals are growing up with their mobile devices and the internet as their primary news sources, social outlets, and means of entertainment. Classic Liberalism by Rick Kelo: Rick Kelo – How to Learn from our Past. We hear so much rhetoric in our daily lives about how important it is to live in the present, focusing on where we are and what we are doing now. Of course, it is detrimental to always focus on the past or future and ignore what is happening all around us every day. However, without understanding where we have been, how can we appreciate where we are now and, more importantly, how can we possibly know where to push ourselves in the future. RK: Rick Kelo – Using the Internet for Social Service. With the rise of the technological age, new industries and forms of communication have emerged that are constantly shifting our political and social landscape.

The introduction of social media, online blogging, and mobile applications have changed the way in which business, politics, and education are all done in this country, just to name a few. For industry leaders, it is important to establish an online presence in order to get ahead in their businesses and respective niches. The power of social media and spreading your message through the internet is that it is not bound by any geographic limitations, and that it can be instantly accessed, then disseminated, by anyone around the world and at any time.

Rick Kelo's blog: Rick Kelo – The Return of Classical Liberalism. Despite the fact that the government is put in place to serve and protect the people, many of their institutional decisions and actions have drastically detrimental effects on large portions of the population. There is no simply answer as to why, despite their calling, the government makes these decisions, and often they are the consequences of a different, seemingly beneficial, piece of legislation. Many economists have remained vocal advocates for many of the financial decisions that the government has made in recent years. For Richard Arthur Kelo, tax recruiter atTaxScout Inc. and an expert on finance and the economy, these decisions are part of a larger and more systemic mentality that the government has and which he feels is ultimately detrimental to the people. Rick Kelo – Respected Executive Recruiter. Rick Kelo – An Honest Online Presence. Richard Arthur Kelo, a guardian of liberal democracy (presentation on SlideShare) has created a niche in his professional sphere of taxation and finance.

He is currently the Executive Recruiter for TaxScout Inc., one of the most reputable tax advisory firms in the nation. His job is to research, assess, and help manage the retention of employees for financial positions within established companies. He has used his position and power to help college graduates enter the field of taxation and finance in some of the nation’s top organizations. His strength lies in his ability to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of both his clients and the company’s for whom he works. He uses his insight to place candidates based, not only on their on-paper qualifications, but also on their fit with the cultural climate of the company. Rick Kelo – Your Online Profile and Actual Persona. One of the luxuries of the modern era is the freedom we have in shaping the way in which people view us. The growing importance of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn allows individuals to filter their lives into an online profile that only reflects what we want the world to know about us.

We publish our insightful comments, not our unintelligent ones. Rick Kelo – The Elephant in the Classroom – Richard Arthur kelo – Rick Kelo. One of the biggest yet most tight-lipped topics in modern American society is our flawed education system. Rick Kelo - Richard Arthur Kelo — Rick Kelo – Respecting Our Past for the Sake of... Rick Kelo – Teaching Personal Finance in the Ag... - Richard Arthur Kelo - Quora. If you ask the average twenty-something about their personal finances, chances are that you will be met with a blank look of confusion. Rick Kelo's blog: Rick Kelo – The True Heart of Liberalism. Liberalism: a word that most individuals will only admit to vaguely understanding.

Of course, it has something to do with freedom and equality among individuals, and most people will say that liberalism is something that they support. However, like many philosophical or political philosophies, when begin to probe the definition and look at the causes of this concept in specific situations, people’s opinions begin to deteriorate. RK: Rick Kelo – On Listening as a Leadership Quality. Classic Liberalism by Rick Kelo: Rick Kelo – Searching for Professional Inspiration. Rick Kelo : Rick Kelo – How to Become a Recruiter. Rick Kelo – Creating a Personal Brand. Rick Kelo – Helping to Grow Businesses. Rick Kelo – Why More Leaders Need to Embrace Social Media.

Richard Arthur Kelo – Tax Professional Recruitment – Richard Arthur kelo – Rick Kelo. Rick Kelo - Richard Arthur Kelo — Rick Kelo- Do You Know What Taxes You Need to Pay? Richard Arthur Kelo, Expert Tax Professional Re... - Richard Arthur Kelo - Quora. Rick Kelo : Rick Kelo Recommends Hiring Tax Professionals Before You Need Them. Classic Liberalism by Rick Kelo: Richard Arthur Kelo Explains the Reasons to Hire a CPA. RK: Richard Arthur Kelo Answers Why You Need a Tax Professional. Rick Kelo's blog: About Rick Kelo- Who is Rick Kelo? Rick Kelo - Richard Arthur Kelo.

Strange Tax Laws? Rick Kelo Knows Them! Rick Kelo Explains the Most Common Types of Bankruptcy Filings. Rick Kelo's blog: Rick Kelo- Democracy from the Classical Liberal Perspective. RK: Rick Kelo- Can Minimum Wage Really be Causing Unemployment? Rick Kelo- The Economics of a Bubble with Rick Kelo. Rick Kelo- Learning from the Pat to Forge the Future. Rick Kelo- Discussing the Economics and Benefits of Trade with Rick Kelo. Rick Kelo- Taking on an American Taxation Institution – Richard Arthur kelo – Rick Kelo.

Rick Kelo - Richard Arthur Kelo — Richard Arthur Kelo - What Can We Do to Serve... Richard Arthur Kelo - Comparing Capitalism - Richard Arthur Kelo - Quora. Classic Liberalism by Rick Kelo: Richard Arthur Kelo - Classical Liberal Economics the Way of the Future. Rick Kelo's blog: Rick Kelo- A Towering Online Individual. RK: Richard Arthur Kelo - Automation Paving the Way for Unemployment. Rick Kelo : Richard Arthur Kelo - Helping Debunk Long Standing Economic Myths. Rick Kelo- Using Online Presence as a Social Service. Rick Kelo- Guardians of America's Liberal Rights. Rick Kelo- Digital Academic Platforms to Disseminate Knowledge. Richard Arthur Kelo- The Minimum Wage Issue – Richard Arthur kelo – Rick Kelo.

Rick Kelo- What is the Optimal Progressive Tax? Richard Arthur Kelo- The Importance of Education. Richard Arthur Kelo - Offering Plausable Solutions for United States Tax Issues. Rick Kelo : Rick Kelo- A Master of the Academic Questions Forum. RK: Rick Kelo- Answering for the 2008 Global Economic Crash. Rick Kelo's blog: Rick Kelo- Free market Capitalism and the Drive towards Progress. Rick Kelo - Warning Signs of the Next Economic Crash. Richard Arthur Kelo - Progressive Income Tax Rate. Richard Arthur Kelo – Free Speech as the Heart of Liberalism. Richard Arthur Kelo – Making a Professional Change with the Right Recruiter – Richard Arthur kelo – Rick Kelo. Rick Kelo - Richard Arthur Kelo — Rick Kelo – The Austrian School of Economics as... Richard Arthur Kelo - Setting the Standard in T... - Richard Arthur Kelo - Quora. Classic Liberalism by Rick Kelo: Rick Kelo – A Standard of Excellence in Tax Recruiting.

Rick Kelo's blog: Rick Kelo – Cultivating Ideas Through Social Media. RK: Rick Kelo – Fighting the System Through Education and Information. Rick Kelo : Rick Kelo – The Importance of Being an Informed Citizen. Who is Rick Kelo? – Richard Arthur kelo – Rick Kelo. Rick Kelo Summarizes Dominant Study in Efficient Tax Policy. Rick Kelo’s Summary of Mankiw’s “Optimal Taxation in Theory and Practice” Different Ideas on Taxation: Rick Kelo and the Laffer Curve.

Richard Arthur Kelo and Social Security Insolvency – Richard Arthur kelo – Rick Kelo. Rick Kelo - Richard Arthur Kelo — Rick Kelo and The Nordic Model. Rick Kelo : Richard Arthur Kelo and Excise Tax. RK: Rick Kelo and The Laffer Curve. Rick Kelo's blog: Richard Arthur Kelo and The Optimal Progressive Income Tax Rate. Rick Kelo and The Minimum Wage August 19, 2016. Rick Kelo and The 1% August 18, 2016. Rick Kelo and An Example of a Lack of Savings. Rick Kelo- tackling Taxes in Profession and Personal Life – Richard Arthur kelo – Rick Kelo. Rick Kelo - Richard Arthur Kelo — Richard Arthur Kelo - Bringing Classical... Classic Liberalism by Rick Kelo: Rick Kelo- Digestible Classical Liberal Economics. Rick Kelo's blog: Richard Arthur Kelo- Contributing to Academic Forums Online. RK: Rick Kelo- The Myth of Minimum Wage. Rick Kelo : Richard Arthur Kelo - The Traditional Libertarian Approach to Economic Policy.