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E=Book Lending Takes Off. Underbelly Amazon Kindle Hacks » Underbelly. Well it’s not really hacking but it is hacking in the sense of getting things to work just how I want them to.

Underbelly Amazon Kindle Hacks » Underbelly

I’ve been really impressed with the Kindle 3 it’s a lovely light device and when you read some of the books that I do like this , this and especially this you really need something light. It also totally gets around the problem of book pages falling out when you’re reading a novel in hot sunshine and the book binding melts just enough that the pages drop out! Grrr! So what are my best hacks? It’s obvious but the Kindle store is a really easy place to buy books.

Libraries work to meet digital demand — Darien news. TribLocal is taking a look at the challenges facing today’s local libraries in the digital age.

Libraries work to meet digital demand — Darien news

This is the first in a four part series. Libraries throughout southeast DuPage County have been deluged with calls from the lucky recipients of this year’s hottest holiday gift—eReaders like the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook and Sony Reader. The upsurge in interest in eBooks has library officials re-examining their policies regarding downloadable books, and working to keep up with the demand for information about the newest publishing phenomenon. Both the Downers Grove Public Library and the Indian Prairie Public Library, which serves Darien, Willowbrook and Burr Ridge, belong to a consortium of about two dozen libraries that provide eBooks through eMediaLibrary, which is powered by OverDrive. Find what's hot right now on Amazon in books, DVDs, CDs, electronics, and tools - all on one convenient page. Updated every few seconds. Maps, Directions and Panoramio USA Photos. UK Kindle Users Forum. E-Book Market Share: Amazon At 75% » DAVID DERRICO.

The new, smaller K3 next to the K2.

E-Book Market Share: Amazon At 75% » DAVID DERRICO

This pic would be better for my previous post, but I really like it. Apple claims they could have up to 22% of the e-book market. Advanced Kindle Book Search. Hands On With Amazon's Zippy, Alluring Kindle. It didn't take long to realize that this Kindle was unlike any other I'd handled before--including the new Kindle DX (Graphite).

Hands On With Amazon's Zippy, Alluring Kindle

Maybe 20 seconds, tops. Never mind the obvious giveaways--smaller size, less wasted real estate around the edges, new button design, new color. As soon as I took it in hand, I knew that this Kindle marked new territory. The third-generation Kindle comes in two versions: The Kindle Wi-Fi costs $139, while the Kindle (as Amazon calls it) has both Wi-Fi and 3G and costs $189, the same as what the 3G-only Kindle 2 cost previously. Kindle Discussion Forum. Kindlepedia. Amazon Kindle.

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