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CodePlex - Open Source Project Hosting. ScottGu's Blog : Optimizing C# Refactoring Perf... One complaint I've heard a lot is the performance of the new C# refactoring feature with web pages in VS 2005.

ScottGu's Blog : Optimizing C# Refactoring Perf...

VS 2005 added support for enabling refactoring everywhere (for example: even within <% %> blocks defined inline with a .aspx page), which is nice from a feature-completeness perspective. The problem, though, is that by checking every file and possible context, it can end up slowing down performance considerably. The more pages you have in a project, the slower and slower refactoring gets (to the point of being unusable).

Productivity Power Tools. Sign in to write a review Sort by: Tab well colors and grouping are very helpful.

Productivity Power Tools

Only additional feature I would like to see added would be a multilevel tab well when it is in the top or bottom position (like in the Tabs Studio extension, see link). Having the tabs on the side wastes a lot of screen space and you still can't read long file names. PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008. Sign in to write a review Sort by: Since I still have to use VS2008 for some projects this plug-in is a "must have" for me!

PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008

:) by pen_2 | September 08 2011. 6 Cool #VS2010 Quick Tips you should know when working with Visual Studio 2010. Visual Studio 2010 is super cool.

6 Cool #VS2010 Quick Tips you should know when working with Visual Studio 2010

Here are few features I love most in VS 2010. Tip 1 - Generating Sequence Diagrams To Inspect And Document control flow Another cool feature in Visual Studio 2010 is the ability to generate Sequence diagrams. Visual Basic 2008. Workshops · MSI-Setup mit Visual Studio 2005/2008. Productivity Power Tools. Visual Studio 2008 Tip: Resolving Namespaces an... Workshops · UAC-konforme Anwendungen entwickeln. Diskussionsforen · Übersicht. ScottGu&#039;s Blog : Tip/Trick: Optimizing ASP.NET ... This posts covers how to best optimize the build performance with Visual Studio 2005 when using web projects.

ScottGu&#039;s Blog : Tip/Trick: Optimizing ASP.NET ...

If you are experiencing slow builds or want to learn how to speed them up please read on. Quick Background on VS 2005 Web Site Project and VS 2005 Web Application Project options. Expression Evaluation Addin. So we established that its possible to re-format what a Watch Window shows you, make things look better and therefore easier to consume. What we cannot do with that method tho is any real processing… but we can with a little more work. consider the example. Create Custom One for VS2010. So previously we established how to use autoexp.dat for simple format changes and how to use a DLL to achieve those changes. There are major limitations to the DLL approach however in that we cannot access global symbols and thus any system that relies on global state for debug (as many do) cannot be debugged.

Here I will discuss how to create a VS2010 plugin using C# (plugins also work for VS2008 however not using C#). The Development Tools Environment framework was setup around a decade ago to allow Visual Studio extensibility. Create Custome one for VS2008 (1/4) Download the source code for this post (3k) Greetings from Seattle!

Create Custome one for VS2008 (1/4)

This is the start of a multi-part series about what I’ve learned about Visual Studio debugger addins while writing the FNameAddin. First, however, we need to take a minute to discuss some basic stuff that most engineers I’ve met are aware of, but few bother to dig into. The autoexp.dat file is a peculiar beast in that you are encouraged to add to it, yet it is squirrelled away deep in the Visual Studio installation folder. Create Custome one for VS2008 (2/4) Download the source code for this post (5k) Last time, we made an addin that wasnt very useful admittedly.

Create Custome one for VS2008 (2/4)

This time we’ll fill it out a little and discuss some of the caveats involved in these sorts of things. MyType Now that we want to query memory, we’ll need to fill out the details of MyType. Create Custome one for VS2008 (3/4) Download the source code for this post (10k) In the previousinstallments of this series, we worked completely within the confines of the AutoExp.dat framework which was pretty limiting.

Create Custome one for VS2008 (3/4)

That’s not really surprising given that that mechanism dates back at least 15 years as of this writing. That was back before the dot-com bubble happened, I think most people still had non-vestigial tails, and dinosaurs still roamed the earth in the some rural areas. Create Custome one for VS2008 (4/4) Game engines often have some form of metadata system that can be used for a myriad of tasks.

Create Custome one for VS2008 (4/4)

My little home brew engine, for example, uses metadata to facilitate serialization, allow object allocation by name, content-updating, etc. It’s all quite common, but creating such a system is actually pretty complex when you start to get into the nitty gritty implementation details. Your metadata design choices very quickly start to inform many other areas of your engine design.

MSDN: Microsoft Developer Network (Deutschland) - .NET Framework, Visual Studio, Silverlight, Windows 7 und vieles mehr. Asynchronous Programming for C# and Visual Basic. You can avoid performance bottlenecks and enhance the overall responsiveness of your application by using asynchronous programming.

Asynchronous Programming for C# and Visual Basic

However, traditional techniques for writing asynchronous applications can be complicated, making them difficult to write, debug, and maintain. Visual Studio 2012 introduces a simplified approach, async programming, that leverages asynchronous support in the .NET Framework 4.5 and the Windows Runtime. Feature Builder Power Tool.

Sign in to write a review Sort by: After installing this, my Visual Studio 2010 slows down and takes a long time to load. I am running on an x64 machine with 8GB RAM. Visual Studio Gallery. Visual Studio 2010 XAML Editor IntelliSense Presenter Extension « Karl On WPF – .Net. Current Version: 2.0 (14 April 2010) I’ve come to appreciate the new Visual Studio 2010 code editor IntelliSense features like Pascal case lookup and the narrowing list that is presented as you type. Unfortunately, these new code editor features did not make it into the XAML Editor.