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Street Photography

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Bruce Gilden - Coney Island (2005) 7 Street Photography Tips and Exercises to Try This Season. A Post By: James Maher You can currently pick up 2 eBooks on Street Photography by James on sale now at SnapnDeals!

7 Street Photography Tips and Exercises to Try This Season

Windswept Hair, Prince and Broadway, SoHo If you live near me, the birds are starting to chirp, it no longer hurts your face to walk out the door, and everyone sheds their all black winter outfits and puts on their most interesting attire. If you live in the southern hemisphere, it’s beginning to cool off nicely. Eric Kim Street Photography Blog – Street Photography Tips, Inspiration, and Community.

10 Things Henri Cartier-Bresson Can Teach You About Street Photography. Don’t forget to pre-order the new re-print of “The Decisive Moment” by Henri Cartier-Bresson!

10 Things Henri Cartier-Bresson Can Teach You About Street Photography

Deconsequences- Interview Evangelo Costadimas. London by Bike - Nick Turpin's photography tips. To help you in your quest for the perfect cycling photograph, browse through a selection of images taken by Nick Turpin for the competition.

London by Bike - Nick Turpin's photography tips

To take striking street photographs, you need to understand that street photography is something more than just taking photographs in the street. The best street photographers use the camera to elevate the everyday into something special through the act of photography. Their results may be beautiful, witty, tragic or ambiguous. They may be abstract or graphic – but they will always be special. Keep your equipment simple, leave your camera bag at home and take just one camera and a short lens, or a small compact camera or phone. Be aware of the decisions you are making when you use the camera, specifically the way you frame the scene with the rectangle of the viewfinder, and the moment that you select to release the shutter.

© 1984 The Estate of Garry Winogrand I think part... LUCIDA » » ESSAY // BONE TREE CRITIQUE: LARRY FINK AND ZEV JONAS. An essay by Bill Lowenburg.


At first glance, the photographs of Australian-born Zev Jonas seem to have little in common with the work of his friend and mentor, the distinguished American photographer Larry Fink. Jonas works in primarily color, Fink in black and white. Jonas utilizes available light, and while Fink does too, his best-known work has been produced with off-camera flash.

As a result of his landmark 1980 book, Social Graces, Fink is famous for using flash to create chiaroscuro-style lighting. With it, he captures microdramas and comedic split-seconds as they occur during parties and other public events, and also during intimate private moments. Jonas’s exhibit at the Queensland Centre for Photography also features images of people, but in a very different context: to begin with, his subjects were originally photographed by someone else. I met Zev Jonas several years ago, while gathering material for my forthcoming book, Larry Fink: The Intuitive Eye. STREET PHOTOGRAPHY MANIFESTO. “Art is a lie that makes us realise the truth” - Pablo Picasso Look-up ‘Street Photography’ in Wikipedia and the attempt to define it starts with ‘… a form of documentary photography’.


But is it really? Both Street Photography and Documentary photography are well understood traditions, so why is it that the former is so easily confused for the latter? Undoubtedly there are visual similarities when we compare the two. It can also be argued that Street Photographs can and often do, ‘acquire’ value as documentary images, especially with the passage of time, because they can offer a glimpse as to how people ‘looked’ in the past.

One of the reasons this confusion persists is because one of the major contributors to the development and the form of Street Photography was Henri Cartier-Bresson who made his living as a photojournalist. STREET PHOTOGRAPHY MANIFESTO. The 50 Greatest Street Photographers Right Now. Street photography is one of the most interesting yet overlooked genres in imaging.

The 50 Greatest Street Photographers Right Now

Capturing architecture, people in passing, odd details, and intriguing signage, these photographers are at the top of their game. They're not limited by using film or digital, shooting black and white or color, or having available light. They photograph their hometowns and their travels, and many make political and social statements while they're at it. Our list took into account the legends, but only included the ones who are still producing work. On the same token, we searched for the prolific newcomers who have amassed online followings from their top notch portfolios. These photographers go out into the streets and find incredible places and subjects that have inspired them. Street Photography - UPSP Street Photographer Community. The home of street photography. Street Photographers - The art of street photography. Street Photography Tips.

The photos in this article are from my new “Detroit” series.

Street Photography Tips

I’ve had the pleasure of being a judge for a handful of street photography competitions: including the International Street Photography Awards 2012, the Urban Picnic Street Photography Contest in 2013, and the International Street Photography Awards 2014. It was a fascinating experience being a judge– and it has taught me a lot of lessons in terms of how to judge others’ work. More than that, it has taught me to better judge my own work. Here are some lessons I’ve personally learned being a judge, and some tips I suggest when you enter a street photography contest: Read More »» Photos in this article are from my on-going “Colors” series.

I recently read a book titled: “Die Empty: Unleash your Best Work Everyday” and found great inspiration in it. Read More »» All photos in this article are copyrighted by Joel Meyerowitz. I am surprised I haven’t written an article about Joel Meyerowitz yet. 50 Things I Try to Avoid in Street Photography. A Post By: Eric Kim I am a huge proponent of negative learning, that you can learn more by taking on the opposite approach.

50 Things I Try to Avoid in Street Photography

Philosopher Nassim Taleb calls this “via negativa”. It is the idea that the best way to gain “happiness” in life isn’t chasing what makes us happy, but by vehemently avoiding what makes us unhappy (a long commute to work, a horrible micro-managing boss, poisonous and negative “friends”, and an expensive house mortgage). I also believe strongly that one should never listen to “rules” of anything in life (especially street photography). 10 Tips for the Aspiring Street Photographer. Let’s face it, starting street photography is no easy task.

10 Tips for the Aspiring Street Photographer

For the average photographer, going from shooting flowers into shooting people in the streets is like stepping into a Ferrari after driving a Toyota Prius. It is intimidating at first, but quite exhilarating once you try it out. After shooting on the streets for about four years, here are my top ten tips for somebody (with absolutely no background in street photography) to get their feet wet. 1. Ditch the zoom and use a wide-angle prime Street photography is not like your 2nd grade science class. First of all, you will look even more conspicuous in public holding a huge zoom lens. 2. When I say close, I mean GET CLOSE.