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Photograph (Daré alla Lucé) by Amy Friend – MOCO Vote

Invasion of Charming Creatures at R &Company Gallery. The R & Company gallery in New York dedicated their entire upper level to ‘King Dong Come’, a fully immersive experience of new and old fantastical plants, animals and creatures by the Haas Brothers.

Invasion of Charming Creatures at R &Company Gallery

The enchanting environment gives visitors a glimpse into their psychedelic colorful world animated by unusual forms and creatures. Here, we focus on their Accretion Vases that have been realized by colombin pottery process. Their vases mimic the development of growing mushrooms or coral, also called accretions. Photography by Joseph kramm, courtesy of R & company & Uk.pinterest. Take a photo of an old photo lined up where it was taken.

Facebook. Facebook. Custer and his Calvary and Wagons crossing Dakota. Uk.pinterest. Abandoned Asylums, Asylum and Abandoned. Sally Hewett on Pinterest. These Embroideries Of Boobs, Butts, Nipple Hairs And Stretch Marks Are Just Perfect (NSFW) Using Pinterest for Education. Pinterest is a social network which allows you to share and comment on visual material, which could be photographs, sketches, videos or web pages.

Using Pinterest for Education

Like a virtual scrapbook, but very public, you can collate the items that you love. There is no copyright in the world of Pinterest: you can attach images from other people’s web pages, or repin content from other people’s boards (see this article from JPC Law). In fact sharing content from other people is actively encouraged - this is about the social activity of interaction and sharing and gaining followers, rather than keeping ownership of your work. When the Pin It button is used to select pins from a web page, the pin automatically includes a link to the source web page, so you can remember where you found it, and other people can go to the source for more information. Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm in the past 12 months. Content is organised around boards, which are split into themes. Photographer's Perfect 'Arrangements' Series Highlights Color and Simplicity.

Help Center. Pinterest. Pins from on Pinterest. Definitions, Unusual Words and Strange Words. Arte on Pinterest. Peter Kennard's Photomontage, recycles news imagery to show the unrevealed truth in political systems. LYNNETTE MILLER: Cyanotypes At Last. After several years of thinking about it I have finally made some Cyanotypes.

LYNNETTE MILLER: Cyanotypes At Last

One of my students kindly gave me some of the chemicals required and now there is no stopping me (except that I have now run out of said chemicals). I need to get some more, as each time we have a sunny day I am itching to get outside and make more sun prints. I printed a negative version of the photos onto acetate, in black and white, and placed them onto the pre coated paper. In this case it was tea stained squared paper. It is possible that the blotchy effect on this one is due to the chemicals not being coated or dried evenly, or it could be that they were not dry when the acetate was placed on the paper. Cyanotype gift tags with indigo dyed thread. This image was printed onto thick brown paper. Ferns placed between the paper and the glass. Cyanotype & photograms on Pinterest. Uk.pinterest. Christian Tagliavini on Pinterest.

Dutch, Daughters and Harpers Bazaar. Cuaderno de retazos. He Duoling He Duo Ling Nació (1948) en Chengdu Sichuan, China.

Cuaderno de retazos

Se graduó en la Academia de Bellas Artes de Sichuan. Ha ganado muchos premios en exposiciones de arte en todo el país. En la actualidad trabaja en la Academia de Pintura de Chengdu. Indigo, Textiles and Stitching. Iceland, Painting Abstract and Texture. Bio. Reaching into the freshly cut trench, I pulled out a handful of purple-gray clay and began making a place setting for the scheduled afternoon tea.


The sun was warm against my skin on this lazy summer day with a gentle breeze to move the grass and keep us cool. Seated on the ground nearby, my companions were busy shaping their own bowls, cups and teapots. Amid this collaborative adventure rose an aroma that kept our parents away and for which we dubbed the clay “sewer mud.” And thus began a tradition that lasted many a summer day. This was one of my early childhood experiences with the multifaceted material called clay. A couple of semesters into my Bachelor of Arts degree I enrolled in the introductory level ceramics class with professor Joe Hawley. That first piece of clay sculpture launched my career. The following thoughts were part of our many conversations: Clay is alive.

Bloggers: 9 Reasons You Should Be Deleting Your Pins - Sarah Titus. Get an unfair advantage over your boss!

Bloggers: 9 Reasons You Should Be Deleting Your Pins - Sarah Titus

I'm a single stay-at-home-mom - if I can do it, SO CAN YOU! Discover how to quit your day job today. Your information will never be shared or sold to a third party. Bloggers: 9 Reasons You Should Be Deleting Your Pins. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY on Pinterest. “Choi Xoo Ang impressive hyper realism that surprises many readers and visitors of Chooi exhibitions.” Jean Arp, Henry Moore and Bronze Sculpture. Bronze Sculpture, Sculpture and Ceramic Sculptures. Sculpture, Wood Sculpture and Bronze Sculpture. Never Too Old, Betty White and Advanced Style. Health and fitness, Running and Running Motivation. Weird Shoes, Funny Shoes and Shoes. Indulgy - Everyone deserves a perfect world! IndulgyPopularShopping Login or Sign up barbara.walden Stunning fractal art Art sandy Fight Pain with Humor Products I Covet jialing.lovebaby Baby Set - Baby Bib, Bodysuit and Burp Cloth - Sunny Garden Giraffe Print by Michael Miller Favorites candy Homemade soft pretzels with jalapeno cheese sauce.

Indulgy - Everyone deserves a perfect world!

SENSACIONES XVII on Pinterest. Pinterest. The angel at the tomb, 1870 another of my favorite (and most influential) photographers, Julia Margaret Cameron. as a teenager, i saved and sav… Pinterest: discover and save creative ideas. Pins from on Pinterest. Family Picture Ideas. Family Of 4, Family Photos and Family Portraits. Google. Leonardo da Vinci, 1508.

Inspirational Artwork, John William Waterhouse and Portraits. Pinterest. Pins from on Pinterest. Body painting, Vampires and Dark Art. Pinterest: discover and save creative ideas. Pinterest. Photoshop.....great tutorial (part 1) ........There is a part 2 which adds text. Portraits Without Faces on Pinterest. Pinterest. How to Optimize Your Pins for the Pinterest Smart Feed. Have you heard about the Pinterest smart feed and how it impacts your exposure?

How to Optimize Your Pins for the Pinterest Smart Feed

Are you wondering what it means for your pins? With its new smart feed, Pinterest enhanced key features, which means you need to do things differently to make your pins stand out. Enigmas on Pinterest. Pinterest. Hands on Pinterest. Hand and glove on Pinterest. Earth, Air, Fire, Water on Pinterest. Pin by Monique Wyk on Inspiration. Caramel Squares. Yummy! on Pinterest. Pinterest. Handmade Art Dolls on Pinterest. Vintage on Pinterest. Pin by Andrea Buckland on Photography Tips. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pin by irini v@m. on art / mixed media, collage, assemblages... Pinterest. Text on Pinterest. Dream on Pinterest. Pinterest. Secret boards basics. Terry Irwin: Designer & Educator. Can you give us a quick background on your work, how you became a designer, and ultimately landed in education as a Professor at Carnegie Mellon?

Terry Irwin: Designer & Educator

Two things led to me to become a designer and educator: 1) My father was a typesetter at the newspaper in my home town, so I grew up around letterforms and printing, and 2) I love to learn and would stay in school for the rest of my life if I could. During my 40 years career I’ve tried to maintain a balance between practicing, teaching and studying design. This wasn’t easy or lucrative, but it’s been incredibly challenging and rewarding. In my early career I worked for large corporate identity firms such as Landor Associates servicing clients like Sony, Nike, Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, Asiana Airlines and Hyatt Hotels. In 1992, during the early days of Silicon Valley and the internet, I co-founded the San Francisco office of MetaDesign with partners Erik Spiekermann and Bill Hill.

Since 1986 I’ve also been an educator.