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Our philosophy is to offer the highest quality of healthcare and personal service to our patients by providing a staff and plastic surgeon who are committed to making your experience as informative and comfortable as possible.

Plastic surgery Richmond - Dr. Lynam. Richmond Surgical Arts - Cosmetic Surgery. Plastic surgery Richmond - Dr. Lynam. RICHMOND SURGICAL ARTS - Profile - NiceFirm. Richmond Surgical Arts Stony Point Pkwy Suite 100 - Richmond, VA, United States - Health and Medical. CoolSculpting tips for a great result. CoolSculpting has become a very popular spot fat loss treatment in recent years.

CoolSculpting tips for a great result

It provides a non-surgical, non-invasive way to treat stubborn pockets of fat on the body. Below are 5 tips for achieving a great result with CoolSculpting. The right patient Not all patients are suitable for CoolSculpting. For example, CoolSculpting should not be used as an alternative to diet and exercise on patients who are excessively overweight. It is most effective when used to combat areas of fat on the body that cannot be removed through diet and exercise alone. CoolSculpting tips for a great result. Coolsculpting for belly fat. If you live a healthy lifestyle but still have unwanted belly fat then you’re not alone.

Coolsculpting for belly fat

A lot of people mistakenly believe that visible fat on the body is only caused by overeating or a poor lifestyle but this is not the case. Genetics play a key role in how and where fat is stored on your body but luckily there is a way to combat stubborn pockets of fat on the belly and other parts of the body. How does CoolSculpting get rid of belly fat?

CoolSculpting is a relatively new type of cosmetic treatment where fat cells are exposed to extreme cold, which causes them to become crystallized and eventually removed from the body in a completely natural way. The idea behind CoolSculpting was discovered by accident when two Harvard scientists found that children who ate popsicles to ease teething pain were developing dimples in their cheeks. Untitled. Untitled. Top 5 facts about CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a spot fat loss treatment that’s gaining more popularity all the time and many people are now opting for it over treatments such as liposuction or a tummy tuck.

Top 5 facts about CoolSculpting

If you’ve not heard of CoolSculpting; or would just like to find out more about the treatment then below are 5 of the best facts you should be aware of. It was discovered by accident One of the most interesting facts about CoolSculpting is that the theory that led to the development of the treatment was discovered by accident. Years ago, scientists at Harvard discovered that children who were eating popsicles in order to soothe teething pain were developing dimples in their cheeks. This led to the development of CoolSculpting as a form of fat loss treatment.

It can be used to treat 3 different areas of the body Source: can be used to treat the different areas around the abdomen as well as the flanks (sides) and thighs. Source: is extremely effective at getting rid of fat in stubborn areas. Can CoolSculpting be combined with other treatments? CoolSculpting has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as a viable alternative to liposuction for treating stubborn pockets of fat.

Can CoolSculpting be combined with other treatments?

A lot of people who seek out CoolSculpting want to correct a few different issues and therefore want to know if CoolSculpting can be combined with other treatments. The answer to this question is yes. What other treatments work well with CoolSculpting? Although you wouldn’t necessarily have your treatments done at the same time, there are other types of cosmetic treatments that work very well with CoolSculpting. Below are some of the most obvious. Kybella – Kybella is an injectable treatment that’s used to treat submental fat i.e. the fat below the chin. Would you like more information? Whatever issue you want to correct, we can help you decide on the best course of treatment. RSA Bra Drive Featured On Channel 8 NEWS. This is great story about how our patients, staff and team all come together to help the less fortunate in our area.

RSA Bra Drive Featured On Channel 8 NEWS

Richmond Surgical Arts is an important part of this. Bras are sorely needed in shelters nationwide and are one of the least donated items. As a premiere breast augmentation and mommy makeover facility here in Richmond we’re in a unique position to get the word out and help out! Check out the story and video links below: HENRICO, Va. What is A Mommy Makeover. Good Candidate for Mommy Makeover. If you’ve recently given birth and have noticed that your body has changed in a way that you’re unhappy with, then you might be a good candidate for Mommy Makeover.

Good Candidate for Mommy Makeover

There is more to being a good candidate than simply wanting to get your pre-pregnancy figure back however. When you have a consultation with your surgeon, they’ll do a full assessment and let you know if you are a good candidate and are in good enough health to undergo the procedures. The Pros and Cons of A Mommy Makeover. If you’re considering a Mommy Makeover then you’ll want to take the pros and cons into account so you can make an informed decision.

The Pros and Cons of A Mommy Makeover

The lists should help you considerably when making a decision. Pros of A Mommy Makeover. Choosing The Right Surgeon For Mommy Makeover. Choosing the right surgeon to perform your Mommy Makeover is absolutely crucial.

Choosing The Right Surgeon For Mommy Makeover

You want to be sure that you’re in good hands and that the surgeon has a great deal of experience in performing the procedures that make up a Mommy Makeover. Choosing The Right Surgeon For Mommy Makeover Below are the most important things to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon – Training and qualifications This is extremely important. You should find out exactly what training the surgeon has had, where they trained and what they specialise in.

Richmond Surgical Arts. What is a Mommy Makeover?

Richmond Surgical Arts

A Mommy Makeover is an umbrella term given to a combination of surgical procedures that are used to correct the negative effects that pregnancy can have on a woman’s body. The typical procedures in a Mommy Makeover are liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and a breast lift/enhancement. RSA End Of Summer Open House - Sept. 14, 2016. Breast Augmentation Explained. Breast augmentation, or breast enlargement, is a very popular form of cosmetic surgery.

Breast Augmentation Explained

In fact it’s the most common type cosmetic procedure that’s performed in the United States. No-Scar Transaxillary Breast Augmentation Guide. Breast augmentation is the most common type of cosmetic surgery performed in the United States. Thousands of women opt for breast augmentation every year, in order to improve their self-image and boost their confidence. Traditionally, breast surgery is performed by placing the implants underneath the breasts. Although this is effective, it does come with one big downside and that is the scars that are left behind on the breasts themselves.

A good surgeon will always ensure that the scars are as well hidden as possible but in truth, scars that are left on the breasts are from ideal. 3 Keys to a Great Result With a Mommy Makeover. Mommy Makeovers have become extremely popular in recent years since they provide a very effective way to correct the unwanted effects that pregnancy has on the body. Many women find that after they’ve given birth, they’re not able to get their pre-pregnancy figure back through diet and exercise alone.

A Mommy Makeover combines three popular cosmetic treatments – a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast surgery – to help women get their pre-pregnancy figure, and confidence back. A Mommy Makeover doesn’t always necessarily combine all 3 treatments since it will depend on the patient and their skin type, figure and what they want to achieve. No-Scar Breast Augmentation Benefits. Breast Augmentation Guide Part 2 – The Benefits & Who Is An Ideal Candidate Transaxillary sub-muscular breast augmentation is a special type of breast surgery that enables patients to get all the benefits of breast augmentation but without the unwanted scars left behind on the breasts after surgery.

Dr Lynam is currently the only doctor in Richmond who offers this type of surgery to his patients. No-Scar Breast Augmentation Benefits. No-Scar Breast Augmentation FAQ. What is transaxillary sub-muscular breast augmentation? Transaxillary sub-muscular breast augmentation is a type of breast surgery where the implants are placed through incisions made at the armpits. The key benefit to this type of breast augmentation is that there are no scars left on the breast themselves.

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