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ECM Remapping: How it Can Make Your Business More Efficient. Back in the 1990s, fuel efficiency for mining and construction businesses often meant having fuel tanks large enough to run for 12 hours straight.

ECM Remapping: How it Can Make Your Business More Efficient

However, times have changed now. With diesel fuel prices averaging around the $3 per gallon mark, contractors are now realizing how much of an impact the fuel economy of their equipment has on margins. Many businesses rely on machines to get the job done. Whether you’re in construction, mining, or trucking—chances are you’re relying on an engine to do the hard work.

And in today’s challenging economy, there aren’t many businesses that can afford an inefficient operation. Over the course of this blog post, we’ll discuss how ECM reprograms can help businesses slash costs and improve margins. Standard Programming Equals Standard Performance The problem is that manufacturers program ECMs to function in standard environments, based on assumed fuel quality and average climates. Fine Tune Your ECM for Greater Efficiency. Top 3 Reasons for CAT ECM Failure. Caterpillar is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diesel engines and construction and mining equipment.

Top 3 Reasons for CAT ECM Failure

The company currently sells its products in 180 different countries and caters to over 27 different industries. So, if you own a mining or construction business, the probability of you owning a Caterpillar engine is fairly high. As one of the leading suppliers of CAT engine components, we know how important it is for construction and mining businesses to keep their engines functioning at optimal performance. DIY ECM Programming: What You Need to Know.

In the last two decades or so, engine design and engine management systems have evolved in a significant way.

DIY ECM Programming: What You Need to Know

This is especially true with regard to diesel engines. Natural aspiration has given way to forced induction, and mechanical fuel delivery systems and governors have been replaced by electronic engine control modules (ECMs). Engine Control Module: Common Reasons For Failure. CATECM Sells, Repairs and Replaces Caterpillar ECMs within 24 Hours to Minimize Downtime for Cons... Providing quality Caterpillar ECM repair and reprogramming services all across the United States Fort Worth, TX – 1/23/2020: Based in Fort Worth, Texas, CATECM is one of the largest and most reputable Caterpillar engine control module (ECM) specialists in the United States.

CATECM Sells, Repairs and Replaces Caterpillar ECMs within 24 Hours to Minimize Downtime for Cons...

A fully certified company, CATECM offers a multitude of services; including ECM replacement, repairs, and reprogramming, all across the United States. Since it’s the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of industrial equipment and construction vehicles, Caterpillar’s products are widely used in the construction industry. CATECM repairs and replaces Caterpillar ECMs within 24 hours to minimize downtime for construction projects. How Does An ECM Work? Also known as an ECU (engine control unit), the engine control module is the onboard computer on a vehicle that controls a series of actuators on the engine to ensure optimal performance.

How Does An ECM Work?

It achieves this by collecting data from numerous sensors positioned in the engine bay. The ECM interprets the information from the sensors using performance maps and adjusts the actuators accordingly. Function The ECM is responsible for controlling a multitude of crucial operations within an internal combustion engine. Here are a few of them. Common Reasons Why ECMs Fail. The Engine Control Module (ECM) is an onboard computer on a vehicle that controls the engine’s functions and systems.

Common Reasons Why ECMs Fail

Think of it as a vehicle’s brain. 5 Symptoms of a Faulty ECM. The engine control module is one of the most important components of any modern vehicle.

5 Symptoms of a Faulty ECM

It’s the main onboard computer that ensures that the engine is always delivering the optimal power output and efficiency. It collects information from a multitude of sensors positioned in the engine bay and ensures that all functions are being performed in the ideal manner. However, prolonged exposure to the elements and everyday wear and tear can cause the ECM to develop faults over time. When this happens, it can cause all sorts of problems with the vehicle. In some cases, a faulty ECM can even render a vehicle undriveable. Why You Shouldn’t Reprogram Your ECU Yourself. If you know anything about internal combustion engines, you’ve probably heard of the term ‘chip tuning’.

Why You Shouldn’t Reprogram Your ECU Yourself

As the story goes, an automotive software genius comes up with his laptop, plugs it into your engine, and BAM! Your vehicle is suddenly much more powerful than before. Yes, if all things go well, reprogramming the ECM can safely enhance your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy. However, just like all other things that are software-related, there’s a real risk of things going really bad. How bad? So, while ECM remaps can be beneficial, they can also be extremely risky if done wrong. The Advantages of an Engine Control Module. An Engine Control Module (ECM) is basically an inboard computer which receives signals from various sensors located in the engine bay, processes that data, and sends out output signals through actuators to carry out different engine operations and functions.

The Advantages of an Engine Control Module

In other words, the ECM is essentially the “brain” of a vehicle. By controlling different functions, such as idle speed the air-to-fuel-ration, and the air fuel mixture, it controls the way a vehicle runs. The Difference between ECM and PCM - Tech News & Trends. Whether you want your vehicle to perform better or want to understand why it isn’t running right, having some knowledge about on-board computers can also come in handy.

The Difference between ECM and PCM - Tech News & Trends

When it comes to engine electronics, the terms PCM and ECM are often used interchangeably. However, both perform a different function. CATECM — How the ECM Impacts Engine Performance. The Features of ADEM II ECMs. What is an ECM?