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Comparisons of Information Technology Education in MLIS Programs. Abstract Given the increasing importance of technology in library and information science (LIS), new graduates' proficiency with technology is likely an important factor affecting their ability to find satisfactory work. This article investigates technology skills required by library jobs and compares them to LIS educational standards and practices. A review of LIS curricula reveals that several programs require little or no technological skill. Nothing in the accreditation process seems likely to change this situation, despite prevalent commentary that change is required. The literature on technological competency required by job openings is then reviewed, which results in recommendations that students tailor their educational experiences to their specific career goals and focus on adaptability and LIS fundamentals to increase the likelihood of a successful job search.

Introduction Curriculum Standards The ALA can affect LIS education in ways other than accreditation standards, however. Dear Aspiring Librarians (On MLIS Program Rankings) Every so often, someone comes across this space because they are interested in learning more about graduate programs in library and information science.

Dear Aspiring Librarians (On MLIS Program Rankings)

Recent searches that led to this blog include "mlis jobs," "job market mlis," "mlis entrance essay," and "mlis graduate admissions essay," and that's just in the last week. With that in mind, US News and World Report has released their 2013 rankings of the best programs for graduate study in library and information science.

Here are the top fifteen programs: I'm number ten! How did US News and World Report get these rankings? The library and information studies specialty ratings are based solely on the nominations of program deans, program directors, and a senior faculty member at each program. Practical Experience - UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, MLIS Portfolio by Elisabeth Calla. Masters of Library & Information Studies. Integrated Studies in Education. The Department offers graduate students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge related to specific areas of inquiry in the field of education through our M.A. degrees (thesis or non-thesis options), including our MATL leading to teacher certification, Ph.D. in Educational Studies, and graduate certificates.

Integrated Studies in Education

The Department offers the following programs: Disease Progress. Disease on plants usually starts out at a low level, a small number of plants affected and a small amount of plant tissue affected, and it becomes of concern to us only when its incidence and severity increases with time.

Disease Progress

When we look at some examples of plant disease epidemics from the published literature, we not only notice that the incidence or severity starts near zero and then increases dramatically, but we also can discern some distinct patterns of development with time. Master of Library and Information Science — TISS Admissions Website. Intake: 15 Eligibility: a) Programme require completion of Bachelor's Degree of minimum of 3 years duration or its equivalent ( under the 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 or 10+2+2+1 year bridge course pattern of study or any other pattern fulfilling the mandatory requirements of 15 years formal education) from a recognised university, in any discipline. b) Candidates who will be able to complete all the requirements of their final year Bachelor's Degree examinations by Saturday, June 14, 2014 are also eligible to apply to all the programme.

Master of Library and Information Science — TISS Admissions Website

In case of (b), admission to any of the Master's Degree Programmes of the Institute will be provisional. In case the examination process for the final year is not over before June 14, 2014, the provisional admission stands cancelled. Description of Programme: The core courses provide common and essential inputs covering the Library and Information Science. M.A. in Education (Elementary) — TISS Admissions Website. Intake: 40.

M.A. in Education (Elementary) — TISS Admissions Website

Job Opportunities - About us - British Council - India. About. I started this blog when I was a frustrated job-hunting librarian.


One of my favorite job-hunting resources is Alison Green’s Ask A Manager blog. She gives great advice, not just because she’s a smart lady with a lot of common sense, but because she has worked as a hiring manager and is able to provide insight into the great mystery of how they think. Inspired by her work, I wanted to create a venue which allowed people who make hiring decisions to explain their enigmatic thinking.

I think we need more opportunities where people on both sides of the hiring process can communicate without fear or pressure. To this end, I created a survey instrument which could be completed anonymously (or not), and solicited help from anyone who might hire a librarian, in all library types, as well as in non-library organizations that hire information professionals. I hope that you will also participate, either by leaving a comment or in one of the other ways detailed on that page. Recent library school graduates or soon-to-be graduates' Journal. Special Libraries Association. Admissions, Applications & Fees > MLIS > Prospective Students > Faculty of Information & Media Studies. Applicants may enter the MLIS program in September, January, or May.

Admissions, Applications & Fees > MLIS > Prospective Students > Faculty of Information & Media Studies

For information on academic qualifications, please see the MLIS Admission Criteria page. We consider applications as they arrive and attempt to accommodate your requested start date, so the earlier you apply, the earlier you may receive a decision on your application. Earlier applications are considered first, so you are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible. No application will be considered until it is complete.

The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure that all documents (i.e., transcripts, letters of reference, test results) are received by the application deadline. The following supplementary documents must be uploaded and attached to the online application in MS Word or PDF format: PhytoImages Home. Genome Packaging in Prokaryotes.