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Review of Charger SysMax/NiteCore i4 V2. Charger SysMax/NiteCore Intellicharger i4 V2 This review is about the V2 version of the Sysmax/NiteCore/JetBeam i4 charger.

Review of Charger SysMax/NiteCore i4 V2

To see the difference between V1 and V2 follow this link SysMax is the parent company of NiteCore and JetBeam, i.e. they are behind some good products. This charger looks impressive when reading the specifications, it can charge nearly all types of round cells and do up to four cells at a time. Review of Charger ThruNite MCC-4. Charger ThruNite MCC-4 ThruNite is mostly known for flashlights, but now they have also added a charger to their products.

Review of Charger ThruNite MCC-4

This is a universal charger with 4 slots, that can both handle LiIon and NiMH batteries and it has automatic current selection, depending on battery size. Review of Charger Enova All-80. Charger Enova All-80 Enova has a long line of chargers with 2, 4 and 8 channels.

Review of Charger Enova All-80

This review is about the 8 channel charger. Review of Charger Yi Fang EIZFAN WF4. Charger Yi Fang EIZFAN WF4 Yi Fang Technology is a company selling chargers and batteries branded EFAN and EIZFAN.

Review of Charger Yi Fang EIZFAN WF4

The charger arrived in a cardboard box with the model number on it and not any other information. Review of Charger Panasonic BQ-CC16. Charger Panasonic BQ-CC16 Panasonic has a line of NiMH chargers, some are fast and smart, others dump.

Review of Charger Panasonic BQ-CC16

This one here is a fast and smart charger. I got the charger in a blister pack. Review of Charger Xtar VC4. Charger Xtar VC4 Xtar makes many LiIon chargers, this is a usb powered quad channel charger with display.

Review of Charger Xtar VC4

The charger can charge with up to 1A for two channels or 0.5A for four channels, actual current depends on slots used and available usb power. Review of Charger LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500. Charger LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500 LiitoKala continues to improve each time they make new charger models, this time it is a 4 channel charger with charge and discharge functions (All their Engineer models have discharge).

Review of Charger LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500

It arrived in a nondescript cardboard box, that could directly be used for shipping. The box contained the charger, power adapter, car power adapter and a manual. The supplied power adapter is a universal voltage (100-240VAC 50/60Hz) with 12V 2A output. Review of Charger SkyRC MC3000. Charger SkyRC MC3000 SkyRC makes advanced charger and some other equipment.

Review of Charger SkyRC MC3000

This charger is a very advanced charger for cylindric cells of just about any type. This charger is more advanced than the usual hobby charger, but it is designed to handle four cells independently and not battery packs. I got the charger with a power supply and a mains cable. Because I got the charger before the manual and box was finished I did not get that. Review of Charger GyrFalcon All-88. Charger GyrFalcon All-88 (Enova) Enova makes many different chargers, some time ago I tested many of them, include a 8 slot charger.

Review of Charger GyrFalcon All-88

This charger here is a completely new design that is a much more versatile charger. It can charge most types of round cells on the market. The reviewed version is a pre-release version. Review of Charger Xtar VP4 Plus Dragon. Charger Xtar VP4 Plus Dragon Xtar has many good LiIon chargers, this is the new top of line model.

Review of Charger Xtar VP4 Plus Dragon

It can charge 4 round cell, a 3S battery pack and a smartphone, it can also measure capacity, or work as a power bank and it has a cell resistance and voltage meter. It comes in a cardboard box (I got the charger without a box and the pictures is supplied by Xtar). Review of Charger GyrFalcon All-44. Charger GyrFalcon All-44 (Enova) Enova makes many different chargers, this time I have got a 4 slot version of their largest universal charger (8 slot).

The charger uses the same design, but there is some small changes. I got the charger in a cardboard box with specification on it.