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An Overview of Hospital Cash Insurance Policy Plan. A hospital cash benefit insurance policy provides a particular amount day by day in order to protect the individual if there arises a situation when he/she needs to be hospitalized.

An Overview of Hospital Cash Insurance Policy Plan

This sum can then be utilized per their needs. It can be utilized for covering additional costs that are usually not secured by medical coverage or even for repaying the loss of pay suffered during this time. Let us know more about this hospital cash plan. iServeU believes that insurance is a basic need and it should be accessible to everyone. Thus, iServeU Bhubaneswar aims to provide Life Insurance and Hospicash facility at all BC Agent outlets.

Other than this, one thing that should be noted is that the policy offers a fixed sum for every day which is fixed at the time of signing up for the policy. iServeU has come up with a policy that can help people financially in case of any mishap and can provide them with additional medical expense coverage. Company Profile: A Complete Guide to Aadhar Enable Payment System (AEPS) What is AEPS?

A Complete Guide to Aadhar Enable Payment System (AEPS)

· A payment method that uses a person’s Aadhaar Card identity to complete a financial transaction· It works at the Point of Sale· Done through UIDAI or Aadhaar verification What are the benefits? Withdraw cashInquire Aadhaar-linked bank account detailsInstant money transfer online How can it be used? A bank account needs to be linked with the AadhaarVerify your identity with the Aadhaar number and fingerprintTo withdraw cash, only provide the name, bank name, and Aadhaar number What are the charges of AEPS services? If done directly by the customer, it’s freeNational Payments Corporate Association may charge between 15 paise and 25 paise per settlementBank may charge up to 1% for a transaction.

iServeU Bangalore is the leading DIPP certified fintech solution provider that offers AEPS and Aadhaar micro ATM machines at the best price. 4 Benefits of Installing a Micro ATM for your Business  – iServeU Review. The concept of a micro-ATM is fairly new in our country.

4 Benefits of Installing a Micro ATM for your Business  – iServeU Review

In its simplest form, the idea is to provide banking services such as cash withdrawal, cash transfer, and balance enquiry with your Aadhaar card number. Buying this machine should only be done from a reliable service provider with excellent iServeU reviews. For your business growth, a micro-ATM can come in handy in the following four ways: Sets your Apart from Other Businesses When you have a micro-ATM installed in your place of business, it is bound to attract people from all walks of life. Increases Number of Walk-in Customers As you gain the attention of people with a newly installed micro-ATM at your store, their curiosity will persuade them to know more about it. Makes the Payment Process Faster One of the most rewarding benefits of installing a micro-ATM is that the payment process becomes a lot easier. 4 Ways How a Microfinance Company Can Help Kick-Start your Business. iServeU Technology Pvt Ltd: All You Need to Know About the Services Offered by iServeU.

iServeU Technology Pvt Ltd is a DIPP certified FinTech company. iServeU is registered under the Start-up India program by the Government of India.

iServeU Technology Pvt Ltd: All You Need to Know About the Services Offered by iServeU

It is also supported by NSTDEB and pledges to make India a financial inclusive society. It is the only financial inclusion solution provider that is fully micro-services enabled and designed on latest technology. Following are the services offered by iServeU: Cash Deposits Unlike bank branches and CDMs, iServeU has its own cash deposit solution. Cash Withdrawal One does not have to visit their bank or ATM to withdraw cash.

Insurance Life insurance rate is still below 3% in India. Lending iServeU’s lending platform is a digital-junction of lender and borrower. E-toll Collection With iServeU, one can pay highway tolls digitally through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology. These are all the services offered by iServeU. Top Fintech Company In India - iServeU Bangalore. iServeU Bhubaneswar Fastest Growing Financial Technology. One of the fastest growing financial technology and solutions provider; disbursing services like Cash Deposit, Cash Withdraw through Aadhaar Number and Debit card/ATM, Micro Lending to Merchants and Bad-Credit masses & Insurance services.

iServeU Bhubaneswar Fastest Growing Financial Technology

Despite of government’s several steps, still there is huge gap between bank and unbanked/under banked people. We oath towards innovating a Next Generation Payment Solutions by creating a Connectivity between remotely located unbanked masses with basic financial services through our top-notch technology. We believe technology and banking services should be for everyone. Our focus is on deeply rural, rural, urban and semi-urban people, and we are moving ahead towards our mission “Redefining Financial Inclusion”. We partner with several FMCG, SMEs, Telecom Distributors, Co-Operative Banks and other distribution networks to reach un-served masses. Financial Inclusion Solution Provider - iServeU Review.