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To Me (Pre-Slash) The first time his family forgets, Loki is still a child.

To Me (Pre-Slash)

He stands of a height with his mother's waist, and he is a vibrant creature. He is quicksilver cunning, in constant motion, all wide green eyes and clever fingers and a crescent moon grin. Already, he is talented with magic. Already, his tutors exchange glances over his head and scold the boy for leaving illusions in his place to sneak out during dull lessons. He has asked Father for a book that is not in the library, told him with the excited chatter of a talkative child of this tome said to come from Alfheim, of the famed author, of the unusual spell structure discussed in its pages.

On the anniversary of Loki's birth, a feast is held in Father's hall. He proclaims the meal in honor of Thor's prowess as a warrior. The boar meat, spicy and rich on Loki's tongue, is suddenly tasteless. But the jest, if jest it is, grows long. He stumbles blindly from the hall, grateful when the noise is left behind him. Follow Me. Chapter Text The big guy’s fist drives through Steve like he’s nothing but paper.

Follow Me

Steve’s frail, always has been – physically, that is. His mind is another matter altogether. Steve wipes his mouth, getting to his feet, but his knees wobble when he puts up his fists to guard himself. The guy – six feet tall or more – snorts, reeling back far enough to end this on the next blow. And, honestly, when aren’t they? The man’s fist is flying forward again, and Steve closes his eyes, raising his hands up to his face, in hopes of the impact being less bad that way. Steve brushes off his pants. “I’m certain you would have been victorious,” the man replies almost convincingly. Four (Or Five) Reasons for Kidnapping Tony Stark (Pre-Slash) Chapter Text “Entertain me.”

Four (Or Five) Reasons for Kidnapping Tony Stark (Pre-Slash)

There was a faint chuckle from the other end of the line. “You woke me up, and you expect me to be entertaining?” Steve Rogers asked. “Even for you, Stark, that shows a distinct lack of class.” Tony Stark grinned. Steve made a noise that may or may not have been a snort of laughter. “Secondly, pull the other one, I know very well that you only sleep about four hours each night and you are currently in the weight room, pounding the hell out of yet another punching bag. “I do not. Fizzickz: The Money Shot. Title: The Money ShotType: fandomPairing: Peter/NealWord Count: ~1800Rating: NC-17Author's Note: Originally posted here.Summary: Peter is a stubborn pain in the ass.

fizzickz: The Money Shot

Peter is a stubborn pain in the ass. Neal loves him, he really does (he hasn't said it yet, neither of them have; he doesn't feel like either of them needs to actually vocalize anything), but he's just so set in his ways. He's worn the same damn suit for at least the past five years, after all. Change is not something Peter gets excited about. Unfortunately, this extends to the bedroom. Don't get him wrong; Neal loves sex with Peter. Maybe Neal is just spoiled sexually. Fizzickz: The Money Shot. ISABABY - Bam4Me - White Collar. Neal's been told his whole life that he's sterile.

ISABABY - Bam4Me - White Collar

But the thing is, after witsec, his records accidentally got changed from zero (male with an internal uteral cavity, or female with an internal, fully formed penile extension) to male. The doctors never thought to check if the internal uteral cavity worked. Two Hundred and Eight Weeks. Title: Two Hundred and Eight WeeksAuthor: Elandria LoreRating: RPairing: Neal/Peter/ElizabethSpoilers: Mostly for the PilotDisclaimer: Not mine.Word Count: 3,806Summary: Peter likes to figure things out for himself. 24 Weeks Peter doesn’t remember screaming, “Officer down!”

Two Hundred and Eight Weeks

But Cruz tells him later that he did. He stares at her a little blankly, but all he can remember is dark red blood seeping through Neal’s stupid pinstriped vest and crisp white dress shirt: the scent of iron thick in his nose, the warm, tacky feel of Neal’s blood covering his fingers as he pressed down hard enough to hurt. Cruz doesn’t say anything more. Peter’s seen men go down in the line, and he’s even been shot once himself, but nothing prepared him for seeing Neal’s eyes go glassy before they slid shut, almost a full minute before the ambulance screeched to a stop beside them. Two Hundred and Eight Weeks. Loki/Steve. Unsaid, a shameless fanfic. Delving into the word of Shameless US because well I think I've fallen in love with Mickey/Ian and I'm so desperate for season 2 so they can get together properly!

Unsaid, a shameless fanfic

As soon as he got the call from Mandy, Ian wasn't sure how to feel. Mickey was out early. And the Milkovich's were throwing him a party. Thesandpiper: Fic: No Guts, No Glory. Title: No Guts, No GloryFandom: Shameless (US)Characters: Mickey, Mandy, with other assorted Milkoviches and some IanPairings: Mickey/Ian, one-sided Mandy/IanRating: PG-13Summary: Now, he knows the Gallaghers.

thesandpiper: Fic: No Guts, No Glory

Frank’s a drunk, Lip’s a stand-up guy, Fiona’s a fox (according to Nicky, Joey and Ferg), one of the little ones is kind of a psycho and the other one is a thief. Ian? He didn’t know that much about Ian. Red hair, that was about it. Emilyforprez - these tornadoes are for you. Title: these tornadoes are for youpairing: ian/mickeyrating: nc-17summary: you wanted to be in love and he happened to get in the way. try explaining a life bundled with episodes of this – swallowing mud, swallowing glass, the smell of blood on the first four knuckles. (...) sorry about the blood in your mouth. i wish it was mine.

emilyforprez - these tornadoes are for you

Rougher Than The Last One - LizaPod - Shameless (US), Shameless (TV. “Fucking… goddammit…harder…” “Slut,” Ian grunts right in his ear.

Rougher Than The Last One - LizaPod - Shameless (US), Shameless (TV

“Can’t… get on your knees.” Mickey shoves backwards and drags his knees forward. I need the smell of summer (I need its noises in my ears) - cherryvanilla - Shameless (US. When Ian was ten years old and Frank was lucid enough to still remember birthdays and actually care about his children’s extracurricular activities, Ian played baseball. His team was pretty shitty and he was the smallest one there, mixed in with kids one and two years his senior.

One of those kids loved to burp loudly, say things to the catcher that Ian mostly heard in the R-rated films Lip watched, and sprint to the bases cockily whenever he made a run. He annoyed most of the kids on their team. Cigarette-stained eyes - Never Thought You'd Make Me Perspire, Never Thought I'd Do You The Same. Title: Never Thought You'd Make Me Perspire, Never Thought I'd Do You The SamePairing: Ian Gallagher/Mickey MilkovichRating: RSummary: Ian wants a kiss, Mickey wants to try bondage.Wordcount: 2414 Ian’s house was a home of course. He’d grown up there so why shouldn’t it make him feel complete in every way possible? A dream such as that is fine for a two people who love each other, or even roommates who occasionally have sex, so maybe it was because of that.

Maybe it was because of the lack of orgasms he was having within those walls. Cigarette-stained eyes - Me and You, Baby. Title: Me and You, BabyPairing: Ian Gallagher/Mickey MilkovichRating: PG-13Summary: Symbiotic beauty was what it was.Wordcount: 2263 Mickey knew how many times you could stab a guy before nothing could be done to save him. He knew which routes to take and which to avoid because, shit, even though he was intimidating as fuck there were still guys out there more messed up than him. He knew the best cure for a hangover: pizza rolls, taco bell, and lots of hot coffee. Mickey knew the correct baby formula to cocaine ratio to be able to get away with it and how it differed depending on the time of day, two to one in the morning, three to one at night. These things were fucking easy to remember, almost as easy as his social security number or the combination to his locker at his shit job laying pipe around the city forty minutes away.

Cigarette-stained eyes - Coming up Questionable. Title: Coming up QuestionablePairing: Ian Gallagher/Mickey MilkovichRating: PG-13Summary: Four times they held hands.Wordcount: 1036 The first time they held hands they were at Ian’s house, sitting across from one another at the kitchen table and debating what movie to watch before the rest of Ian’s family came home. They should’ve been having sex but it was way too hot to even think about fucking. Yes, even some things could stop two boys from going at it like rabid bunnies—not many things, mind you, but a few things—and the summer heat baking the walls and pounding into their heads was one of them.

Cigarette-stained eyes - Coming up Questionable. Ianmickey: Letting Go. TITLE: LETTING GOPAIRING: IAN GALLAGHER/MICKEY MILKOVICHRATING: RSUMMARY: Mickey Milkovich ponders the events that led to him ending up in Juvie. Giving in to Ian Gallagher had been the start of it all. Part 1 Mickey Milkovich woke up confused, but with a raging hard on. He'd been dreaming and for a few moments had no idea where he was.

Blinking a bit, looking around the room, he slowly began remembering. Romancandles: my life has no meaning aka Shameless US fic. I wrote Shameless fic because I have totally lost control of my life. Right now I just live and breathe this pairing and it's a good thing you can't wear out avi files because I have watched every single scene these two have like eight million times. H E L P. This is not the story I set out to write at all. I wanted all blowjobs, all the time, and sadly there is a dearth of blowjobs in this fic.

There is not even gratuitous dry humping or anyone wanting to taking anyone else to prom. Shameless USyou ought to look up more oftenian/mickey. rated pg 13 for a suspicious lack of porn.mickey’s life is a tragicomedy and every moment with mandy is another episode of the ian gallagher appreciation hour.