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How to Film a Revolution - a tutorial - Occupy the Movie. Edward Murray: Occupy Vancouver Picks Up the Tab. The media's latest attempt to undercut the message of Occupy movements all across the globe is by touting the "cost" of these protests.

Edward Murray: Occupy Vancouver Picks Up the Tab

Many sources are reporting that Occupy movements are costing cities hundreds of thousands of dollars in police overtime because apparently it takes an entire precinct to make sure that 50 people don't sleep through the night. When an internal city memorandum stated that Occupy Vancouver had cost its city nearly a million dollars in taxpayer money, the organizers did something brilliant: they broke down the cost of what they were doing for the city of Vancouver.

Referencing a recent press release from the Occupy Vancouver Communications Committee, activist Eric Hamilton-Smith noted "...over 37,000 meals were served, $672,000 of primary medical care was provided, and 30 people were housed for 37 days at a time when beds at primary shelters were not available. " This is absolutely brilliant, and I suggest that all other Occupy movements take note of this. RoboKopter Zamieszki I. Occupy Wall Street's 'occucopter' – who's watching whom? Tim Pool's 'occucopter' is a response to the police eviction of Occupy Wall Street protestors from Zuccotti Park, New York.

Occupy Wall Street's 'occucopter' – who's watching whom?

Photograph: Keystone USA-ZUMA/Rex Features The police may soon be watching you in your garden picking your vegetables or your bottom. As police plans for increasing unmanned aerial surveillance take shape, there is a new twist. The Media Messenger of Zuccotti Park - Person of the Year 2011.